Stream of Death

March 29, 2011
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It was a dark night, with the scent of death floating through the air. Mrs
Huckletoth just sent her step children to bed. Mrs Huckletoth is a thirty-two year old woman that has just been married to a excellent farmer named William Huckletoth. She had no wrinkles, she wears jeans and a loose shirt, she has two step kids, and she was a heavy drinker. When her children went of stairs, they pretended to sleep. “Hey sis, let’s go out to the barn” The boy said. “Why Jack?” said the little girl. “Pa isn’t hear and Sadie is probably in her room drinkin’. Don’t you want to see the horses anyways?” The little girl smiles at her brother and replies back to him with a movement of her head shaking up and down. Jack opens up the window and climbs his way out with caution. He places his hands on the window frame and jumps out but still holding onto the window frame.

The bedroom door opens up slowly and Sadie walks through the door. “Hey kids I’m going to bed now” Sadie says while looking around the room. “Hey Jill, where is your brother Jack at?” Sadie asked. “Oh um, I think he is in the restroom.” the girl says. “Okay, and close that window, you wouldn’t want any strangers coming in this house now would ya?” says Sadie. “No ma’am, I’ll close it right away!” says Jill. Jill gets up from her bed and slowly walks over towards the window. She grabs the top of the window and pushes it down, she didn’t see her brother. “Good girl, now I am off to bed. Goodnight.” says Sadie. Then Jill replied to her saying goodnight back.

A loud noise comes from outside the house and from the barn. Sadie runs from outside the house with a gun. She runs towards the barn, and Jill runs after Sadie telling her to drop the gun. Sadie slaps jill and pushes her back. Sadie continues out towards the barn. When she finally arrives to the barn she walks inside slowly. She can’t see much and she was a little drunk. She heard a noise from the right side of her, and shot the gun towards that direction. Sadie ran back to the house to get a flashlight. When she found one she ran back towards the barn and turned the flashlight on.

She flashed the light towards the ground and seen the blood dancing on the ground. She moved the flashlight up a little more. There she saw Jack, lying there, with a bullet in his chest. Sadie looked at the body then suddenly Jill came running in. Jill looks at Jack’s body and starts screaming and crying. Sadie slaps Jill and tells her to shut up. Sadie then says to Jill “Now you don’t tell no one you hear? If you tell someone I will kill you. Now you don’t want that do you?”. “No ma’am” Jill says while crying. “Good, now when your father pulls up in that drive way you tell him that Jack ran away. Got it?”. Jill replies back with tears running down her cheeks”Yes ma’am.”.

“Good now go back to bed!”. Jill runs to the house and goes to her room. Sadie picks up jacks cold, dead body and buries him behind the barn. Sadie then goes towards the house and walks to her room. She later hears William pulling into the driveway. She slowly walks downstairs and unlocks the door. “Hey honey. I saved you some dinner.”. “Oh thank you dear, how are Jack and Jill?”. “Well I have some horrible news. Jack ran away.” Sadie said while looking down. William’s eyes get wide and a tear starts to flow down his face. He walks towards his room forgetting all about dinner. Sadie follows him towards the room.

She sees him lying down on the bed. “Him and Jill are all I had left. All I had to remind me of Sarah. Just them two. I remember when they were born, Sarah wanted to name one Jill and the other Jack. She loved that nursery rhyme. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a bucket of water.” says william with tears coming down from his face. Sadie wraps her arms over him and tells him everything will be alright.

Night slowly fades to dawn, and Jill got up crying about last night of what happened to Jack. Jill walks down stairs and sees her father there at the table. “Dad where is Sadie?”. “She is sleeping honey” said Jill’s father while looking at the floor. Jill sees a drop of water splash against the floor. “Dad something happened last night”. said Jill. “I already know honey” said William.

to be continued some other time...

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ellyn-bo-bellyn said...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 9:03 pm
I like this. :) It's pretty great!
thatguy1 replied...
May 2, 2011 at 11:44 am
thanks for your fabulous support miss or ma'am. 
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