The Guillotine

March 23, 2011
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The guillotine’s blade slashed through the still air. The silent whoosh of the blade falling pierced through the silence that filled the cold, dark room. Kneeling helplessly, hands and head strapped in, I began to imagine the unimaginable. I knew there was going to be pain. The blade kept falling. But I kept my eyes open, kept my eyes locked with his. In my last moments, I stared into the never ending depths of his dark soul. His unmoving, dark eyes stared straight back at me. The muscles in my jaws were taut. I snarled at him one last time through my clenched teeth. And with the final, gentle sound of the air being slashed through…the guillotine closed the short distance between my neck and its razor sharp blade…
And that’s when I woke up.

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