The Night After

March 22, 2011
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We’re outside of a Laundromat in the hours of night. A shady-looking man in a trench coat walks down the street, looks around suspiciously, then enters said Laundromat. Camera zooms in after shady man through the open door into
We see shady man quietly conversing with guy at the counter, and then counter guy points to an employees-only door in the back. Shady man nods his appreciation, tips guy, and goes through door into
The door opens into a bustling room filled with people drinking at makeshift tables or just standing around, conversing quietly. There is a large bar against one wall, with one bartender and an abundance of bottled alcohol. Shady man walks past a large, muscular man talking hurriedly to some other guy, and we now zoom in on the pair of them.
Look, I’m telling you man, this is a hundred percent genuine!

What would I possibly want with a fricking book man?! It’s just on paper, that ain’t
worth the dirt on your stupid face!
You don’t understand, Jerry, our last job was at this fancy sumar-a-something relics auction! It’s gotta be pretty valuable, the guy said it’s the necromi- Hey! What the hell, man?!
Oh sorry
He is trying to light a cloth hanging out of a beer bottle with a match he is holding, which Fergus doesn’t see.
Hey, you want some help with that? Here, use my lighter.
GARRET flicks the match away and takes the lighter from FERGUS. GARRET then proceeds to light the cloth on fire just as the door swings open and cops enter the room.


Freeze!! GO, go, go!!
Police swarm the room and FERGUS looks at GARRET with pure hatred as they are tackled by several cops. The scene then fades out to black.
We pan around a plain room, three walls are lined with benches and the other cell bars. In the corner, GARRET is standing in the corner with his back against the wall, hair hanging over his face. FERGUS is pacing in a little circle, cursing to himself and holding his head in his hands.
Oh God, Karen… Oh, Jeez…
FERGUS collapses on the floor, head in his hands, and Garret raises his eyes to look up at him.
Why are you on the floor?
FERGUS ignores him, continuing to ramble under his breath about Karen, until GARRET walks over and kicks him in the side. FERGUS continues to ramble, so GARRET kicks him again, harder. FERGUS turns over abruptly and exclaims:
What do you WANT!?
GARRET continues to stare at FERGUS for a couple more seconds, then asks again-
WHY are you on the floor?
You don’t understand, I could be in here for the rest of my life! Thirty years or more! I’ve got a family to feed, don’t you get it?
Don’t get what?
You don’t understand-I work for the mob. That’s why I was at that speakeasy tonight! We pulled off a major heist at this auction house; they were selling some really weird stuff-valuable stuff-stuff I can sell for real money! My wife doesn’t even know, she thinks I’m a plumber.

You… (Suddenly very tense) work for the mob?

Didn’t I just say that? Moron…

(Silently) My entire family was killed by the mafia.
When I was but a wee child, my family and I were having a wonderful picnic at a park. It was great, everyone was enjoying themselves-until the gang arrived.
FERGUS is silent.
They were hanging around, bothering my parents. It wasn’t so bad, but they attracted some members of a rival gang, who showed and yelled at them for a couple of minutes. They left, and we thought we were okay, but they showed up in a car a couple minutes later and shot em’ all down. My family was in the crossfire. None of them survived.
I’m so sorry, I didn’t know-
GARRET suddenly jumps on FERGUS and starts clawing at his face. We see a shadow move on the ceiling.
What the hell?! Get off-I wasn’t even there-
Are you two ladies done yet?
GARRET and FERGUS freeze on the spot, GARRET literally sitting on FERGUS.
What the hell? You hear that too?
Sure did. Where’d that come from?
Both men look around trying to pinpoint the voice they heard, but they could see no one on the ground around them. They then look up and find a girl sitting on the ceiling, legs crossed and arms folded.

Now that I have your attention. (She glares down at the two menacingly) I’d like my book

back please.
The two men are stunned at how she is sitting on the ceiling, and stare at her. FERGUS is still being smothered by GARRET.
Get off me I can’t breathe, you big oaf!
GARRET looks down at a rather purple FERGUS and stands up straight, then both look back to KAIRI who is somehow moving towards them.
Thi-this book?
FERGUS removes an antique-looking book from his coat pocket and holds it up for all to see.

Yes that one. If I don’t finish reading it how can I ever be expected to use my magic?
GARRET scoffs at her words and FERGUS looks and the book with growing admiration.

I have an idea, Miss-what is your name?
KAIRI looks around and with what looks like a snap of her fingers has fallen from the ceiling and lands on her feet in front of the two men.

My name is Kairi, and clearly, I can do magic.

Wow, what the hell are you, you freak?!

(dismayed) That’s not very nice. (hastily) I don’t like you. Stop talking.
KAIRI closes her thumb and pointer finger and drags an invisible line in the air. GARRET jumps back and tries to talk, but clearly his mouth is glued shut.

Clever, girlie, but now I have a proposition for you. (whispering) If you get us out of here

and past those guards-
We can see two cops sitting at a desk; one reading a paper, the other throwing playing cards around.
Back to KAIRI, FERGUS, and a very confused and disgruntled GARRET, all standing closer together.

(continuing) I’ll give you back your book, no fuss or nothing’.
KAIRI ponders for a moment, then nods her head and reaches out for FERGUS’ hand. He takes it, and the two shake hands. KAIRI turns toward the cell bars and in an instant they turn red, as if they were burning, then start melting away like they turned into water. FERGUS and GARRET look at each other, then back to the cell bars, then shrug it off.
.They all step through the now-busted cell wall, and quietly move towards the officer’s desk. The police officers on duty don’t notice the prisoners walking stealthily down the hall towards them.

(From behind the guys) Make sure you keep quiet so they don’t hear you and sound the

FERGUS and GARRET stop mid step and look up at the guards, who are staring straight at the three people who came from the holding cell. Wasting no time, GARRET jumps at one cop and elbows him in the face, giving a devastating blow and knocking him out. FERGUS goes for the other one, and with a few punches of his own has the other cop down in no time.

You know, that wasn’t all that hard.
GARRET and KAIRI nod as their escape from prison took only sheer minutes, and they were walking towards the front door.
The three people exit the police station as if nothing has happened. GARRET first, then let’s the door fall on FERGUS and KAIRI. FERGUS takes out the antique book he had stowed away in his pocket and shows it to KAIRI.

I hope you know I don’t feel too great about this, I have a whole family I need to feed and

this book would have paid for a few good months. Though a deal is a deal… I guess…
FERGUS hands KAIRI the book and she is clearly excited. GARRET can not take being quiet anymore and rudely shakes KAIRI so she would notice him.

Oh, I suppose now that you want your mouth back to working, yeah?
GARRET nods and KAIRI snaps her fingers. GARRET can now move his mouth and nods his thanks,.

Well It’s about time.
GARRET is clearly annoyed with KAIRI for taking away his ability to talk, and is seemingly frazzled from the whole prior experience.

I guess I’ll…uhh… see you guys later? Gotta scram before them coppers wake up.
He nods to both KAIRI and FERGUS before running away quickly, clearly wanting to get away from the police: he runs off screen. FERGUS chuckles slightly and drops his hands back into his pockets before turning to KAIRI who shrugs.

Not really one for goodbyes, so I’ll just say farewell. And thank you for my book back.

A deal is a deal, even if I need the money; I’m just glad to be out of that cell.
With a smile and a nod KAIRI turns on the spot with her book in one hand, and disappears in an instant. FERGUS is slightly stunned, but clearly very tired and yawns, but stops suddenly as he feels something in his pocket. He pulls out his hand only to find a huge wad of cash in the same coat pocket he had kept the book in.

I sure hope I ain’t dreaming.
FERGUS walks slowly away from the police station, counting his bills as he eventually walks off screen just as the sun can barely be seen in the distance. End scene.

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