a d.d.homecoming

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a bright sunny day in Brooklyn, New York, and in the airport of the city something happened the airport was suddenly destroyed by an explosion in the flight terminal. While a midget with an ak-47 in his arm and a detonator in his hand was leaving. You might be wondering who this man is. Well he is Joseph Dent. He is a mass murderer and was an expert at making weapons. This has helped him many times in jail. He is a part of a gang and was second in charge. He had dark brown hair and was 5 foot 2. He was the most dangerous man in Brooklyn and in the gang in Knoxville. So of course he had the best weapons of mass destruction. And he has killed about a total of 5,000 because of the airport he just blew up which police have only found a few survivors so far. Then all of a sudden his was heavy duty jeep was under attack by a swat squad and he was soon locked into combat. It was quickly over though with the through of a few grenades and a shot in the back from mister Dent. He had no Injuries and he acted like it was nothing. Because it was nothing compared to what he has been through. Finally two days later he got back to his home town Knoxville. And he entered the base his gang the Homeys.
But the past few days he has been getting strange mission like sticking up a store even though that is not his forte. But one day they said that he was too obvious in his crimes compared to others in the group and to prove that he was not he had to kill his mother without any body knowing until the weak after. Unfortunately he loved his mother but he cared more about having the rest of his life not being in pain from his friends. So He went and set out for Brooklyn with his now heavily dented jeep. It took about a day since he never sleeps on his missions and still he could not since he had to kill his mother. But on the way he decided that he was not kill his mother since he had no siblings and his father went missing in World War 2, but instead he would head into Brooklyn Then he was going to kill the entire gang of Homeys. When he got to Brooklyn everything was went wrong. The police found him because they recognized the camouflage colored jeep from the airport. And had him surrounded by the time he got up to his mother’s apartment. He never thought that this would happen since he turned on the gang which told him to do it. But He just said to himself “that’s life I guess”. He decided to make a bomb out of chili when he got to jail which was a technique his dead father taught him a long time ago. There was just one problem with that plan; they banned chili because of last time he was in jail a few years ago when he almost blew up the entire jail in California. So instead he would have to use mashed potatoes. It took Him a while to get the bomb ready because he had to use a lot of lemon but finally got it done. He had decided just to bust the wall instead of blowing up the entire jail. He rented a car and drove home to kill his friends. He marched up to his home which was the homey’s hideout with a new “toy” that he had bought, the ARK. But something strange was waiting for him the group was not there but a letter that said D.D. coming home. While he was contemplating the letter He remembered the day when his father was supposed to come home and died during the plane crash; he had said DD coming home. He decided to look outside to see if his father was there but he was not instead he found the gang doing community service. He thought the gang was on service duty from the police and he was right they had orange vests on and there was a police car just in view from the windows vision. Then all of a sudden he saw a man with a voice of hatred saying “Where is he? What have you evil creatures done with my son” while shooting all of the people outside with the oldest gun he had ever laid eyes on. He had torn clothes and was covered in dirt he had brown hair and was very slim he looked like he had been tortured for fifty years and finally released to die in the wilderness. Finally when the man turned to kill him through the window he saw that when the man saw him his eyes brightened to the point where his whole body was blinding with the light of joy. Once he saw his eyes he realized he knew this man, he knew he was a man whom he had grown up with in Brooklyn for those two years before the war he was there that disturbed killer was his father Daniel Dent. His father walked into the building saying “I told you daddy dent came home” and Joseph hugged his once lost father.

The author's comments:
it is a liitle obsurd sorry

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