Stupid Spies Ruined My Life

March 16, 2011
By MadisonKagura BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
MadisonKagura BRONZE, Chattanooga, Tennessee
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“Liana, I think you need to see this!” My best friend Kat called to me from the living room. I watched the popcorn spin around the microwave for the last seconds until I heard the BEEP BEEP BEEP. “Hurry up Liana!” She impatiently yelled at me. I opened it up took the popcorn out and screamed because I burned my finger. “Hurry UP!!!” she continued to rush me. I hurriedly pulled out a zebra striped popcorn bowl dumped it in. I ran down the hall holding the bowl trying not to spill it but, sadly I failed at this.

“What is so important that you made me rush down here and spill the popcorn? Did Jacob take off his shirt? Is that what’s so important?” I asked completely annoyed at her.

“It’s this e-mail you got. I checked your e-mail for you and it was this strange message.” She babbled showing me the message on my computer.
One of your parents is a traitor to the U.S. You must figure out who they are and put a stop to it.

“Ok that is just freaky.” Kat said even though she had already read it. I could not respond to what I had just read. It had told me that one of my parents is a traitor to the country I live in.

“I don’t believe it at all. It’s probably Eli playing tricks on me.” I said definitely not believing one word I just said. “Either way though we need to tell my parents.” I dialed my parents’ phone number on my phone.
“Hello.” My mom said when she answered the phone.

“Mom where’s dad at, I need to talk to you both now. It is extremely important that I talk to you now.” I told her probably scaring her into speechlessness.

“Ok we’re on the phone so what is it.” My mom said hurriedly.

“Well I got this message that one of you guys is a traitor to the U.S. and it freaked me out. So I called you to tell you.” I told her trying to hurry so I could investigate this message. I could hear them discussing in the background what to say when I heard the word ok.

“This is not a real message sweetheart. It is just one of your friends playing a trick on you.” My dad tried to tell me rather fast so it made me believe that he might be the traitor. I thought about what I needed to do to find out who the traitor was and how to stop them. I finally reached a conclusion to come to their house to investigate them.

“Well can we come stay with you for a little bit? It really would make me feel better about this situation here.” I asked with glee that my mother made me take all those acting lessons.

“Well ok hurry on over dear. We’ll be waiting for you and your roommate.” My mom told me and then hung up the phone.

“Kat pack a bag because we are going to see my parents.” I told her rushing in to my bedroom to go pack a bag.

“Ok I’ll be ready in 15 minutes.” Kat said running down the hall to her bedroom across from mine.

“Hi mom, Hi dad. It’s so good to see you. Thanks for letting us stay here while this blows over.” I said hugging them both. They hugged me back tightly because I hadn’t seen them in a while.

“Oh we would have you come stay with us anytime, sweetheart. Its just the circumstance are extreme now.” She reassured me with that motherly voice she has. I thought about what I would do if it was her. I would probably tell her to stop and turn herself in but that would make me feel bad for her. I shook those thoughts out of my head and pulled away from them.

“Where is our room so we can go unpack our stuff?” I asked my voice all most cracking while saying these words.

“Down the hall to the right sweetheart. And while your unpacking I’ll start dinner.” Mom told us hurrying into the kitchen which is to the right of the living room.

“I’ll go help her. You girls have fun unpacking things.” My dad said quiet oddly to us. I turned to Kat giving her the signal to rig this place like there’s no tomorrow. On the way to my parents’ house with stopped at the spy store to buy tiny mics and cameras that are super easy to hide. We hid the cameras and mics. In about 3 minutes we had hid every thing set up. We went to our room and locked the door to unpack and to discuss the problem we are facing now. I opened my suitcase to pull out the laptop that was connected to all the cams. I opened it up to the kichen cam. My mom was looking at my dad over the food she was making. “ I think that they know our secret honey, they are going to get you caught.” She ended with her turning off the oven. “Come on guys, dinner’s ready!” My mom changed tunes really fast. We got up, whispered words to each other, and went out there to eat. I got my food and sat down and after really fast Kat asked my mother, “Will you show me how to make the rolls; they are awesome!” “Sure honey, come on into the kitchen.” She led her into they’re oversized kitchen. “Dad give me some answers!” I demanded once they had left. “I know that you’re the spy for Russia!” “Tell me why you are doing this to us!” I yelled at him while flailing my arms. “Listen to me sweetheart I…” I interrupted him by storming off to my room. I sat there for what seemed like forever, before I heard a knock. “Come in” I told the visitor. It was my dad. “As I was saying…what did you hear us saying in the kitchen?” I turned to face the door. “I heard mom say that you were going to get caught by someone.” I said with tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. “I’m going to get caught for harboring a spy against America.” He said. I didn’t understand until it clicked with me, a few seconds later. My mother was the spy!? I felt a prick in my arm. I looked down to see a needle in my arm. I fell down on the floor, but not before getting a sight of my mother standing with an old fashioned dart tube in her hand. Laying next to her was my friend Kat. My dad leaned down to tell me that he loved me and I passed out. I woke up in a strange room where I then figured out that I was in Russia with people around me. “Stupid spies that ruined my life!” I whispered to no one in particular, but myself.

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