Finding the Elements Part 1: The Five Tempels

March 16, 2011
By , South Burlington, VT
“Raul! Focus the beam on the parts that I’m reading! I for my son, don’t be such an idiot” yelled Mack. Raul woke with a rush and pointed the large flashlight at the hieroglyphics. “This all is so interesting because this has never been heard of before! I’ll be rich! I’ll be famous. Then we can see your mom crawling back to us, eh?” he said, excited. “Atiara, get me some water, fast!” he yelled exhausted. “Twang”. “Atiara, I wanted water now!....” he stopped because of shock.
He looked at the ground and saw a knife on the ground. The ground bubbled from the green liquid on the blade. “Run!” he yelled.
He whipped his pistol out and two people in red clothes came and showed their blades. Their blades had a weird symbol on the side. A circle with the signs of water, earth, wind, and fire. The fire part was bolded. One of the attackers ran towards Mack. He replied with a couple of rounds of gun fire. The man was hit in the chest twice. The third bullet was a stray because the man threw a knife at his gun.
The wounded one took a lighter and put it to his wounds. His wounds disappeared in seconds. Mack was worried. “Atiara! Raul! Run! get help from Greg, you’ll find him in the rising Sun Tavern, Run!” he yelled. Atirara grabbed her brother and ran. They weren’t at least a mile away until they heard a scream and the tempel burst into flames. They ran until they found the nearest town.
“What happened to Dad!” said Atiara, scared to the fullest.
“I don’t know, but we need to listen to Dad. He said something about a man named Greg at some tavern. The rising sun. I think that’s close to here!”
They ran to the end of the street and around again to find out that they were standing in front of the Rising Sun tavern all that time they were talking. They walked inside and it was a pig sty. The music was blaring and everyone was drunk.
“Where can I find Greg?” yelled Raul. Everyone stopped and the whole place was quiet.
“You can find Greg down there,” a man said, pointing towards the ground.
“Oh, he’s dead?” Raul said The whole place bursted in laughing.
“No one can kill Greg, not even me, I meant he’s down here he said as he pointed to the same spot. He bended down and picked up a piece of a false floor. In the false floor was a ladder leading towards the ground. They both walked to the entrance and climbed down. There was a fight going on in the basement. A man that looked American versus a large Turkish man with a muscular build.
“Hey Greg, these kids want to see you!”
“Oh, okay hold on!” he said, rushing to get out. As he came out he whispered something to us. “Thanks kids, I needed that.” he said relieved to get away from the fight. “so, what do you guys want?” he said, pouring water all over himself.
“We wanted to talk to Greg because our father, Mack, wanted your help. He said that he wanted you to help him and come to a temple he uncovered just recently. Some men took him or killed him or something!”
“Wow, that’s new. I guess I can help. But you kids have to do something for me,” he said.
“What!?!” we said in unison.
“You guys need to get out so I can change!” he said sarcastically. We waited a little so he could change. “So, how do I look?” he excitedly said. He looked like Indiana Jones.
“Really? Are you really serious?” Raul said.
“What? to much?”
“Yeah.... a little too much.” He came out with a white shirt and jeans with a satchel. we started walking towards the same place. It took us a little while until we were there.
“Where’s all our stuff!” yelled Raul, looking around. The whole place was clean. Nothing was there.
“looks like the mystery people vanished with your stuff. When did they appear?”
“When father said he was going to tell the world about this.”
“Well, lets see what he was talking about.” and with that, Greg started to read the hieroglyphics. “Well, this is interesting. I guess I’ll tell the world about this.” he said aloud.
“What!?! you cheat, you stealer! you...” said Raul
“Wait!” Greg said as he tried to dodge one of Raul’s punches. He looked around and he looked at the kids. “Well there’s nothing....” ‘Twang!’ There was a knife same like the other and the grounds was bubbling like last time. “Well, now I can see who is trying to kill me, this is a first.” Greg said. The first man ran towards Greg with a knife, Greg dodged the knife and pushed him to the ground. The other man ran towards him with a larger knife and nearly slashed Greg in half. Greg rolled to the side and reached into his satchel. He picked up a knife from his back pack and a bottle filled with liquid. The bottle looked like a bottle of booze but there was a cloth in the top. Molotov cocktail. Exactly when he did, Raul backed away from Greg.
“Your not really going to throw that, are you?” said Raul, going more farther back.
“Maybe......” he said, voice trailing off. The second man came back and again, tried to slice Greg but he took his own knife and slashed him. He yelped an moved back and looked at the cut. He took out the same lighter and put the flame to his wounds. The first man ran towards Greg and the started fighting. The wounds of the first man instantly healed as the flame touched it and he put the lighter away. He started walking towards Greg and he was cornered. He took out the Molotov cocktail and lit the cloth and threw it at the people. The flame hit the alcohol and fire bursted all over them. They did nothing. They stood there and then they walked towards Greg. Raul knew that Greg might die, and he started to throw things at them. Rulers. Pencils. But finally some affect happened when Raul threw a water bottle at them. The bottle burst (It was of cheap quality) and water got on the first man. He screamed and acted as if it was acid, not water.
“Greg, get more water and give it to me!” Greg said, inspired. Raul started ruffling throughout the bags on the floor and found a water bottle. he then threw it to Greg and it fell on the floor.
“What kind of throw was that!” he yelled, mad. The water was all over the floor. Greg took the man by the back and threw him into the water. He disintegrated in the water. Greg put his hand on the water and went towards the other man.
“What is going on here! why were you just attacking us! you guy’s ruined my favorite shirt, you know that?” Greg rushed in the questions. The man said nothing. Greg started inching his hand closer and closer to the man’s face.
“AAAAAAAAHHHH, keep that away, keep it away!” he yelled in plea.
“Why were you trying to kill us!” yelled Greg.
“Because you were going to reveal our secret.”
“What secret? The hieroglyphics on the wall? That is what you are protecting! Jesus Christ!” exhaled Greg.
“Hey guys, whats up?” said Jesus, popping out of no where.
“Oh, hey, sup Jesus, nothing much. Hows god?” said Greg.
“He’s fine. I’ll go then.” “Pop” and Jesus was gone.
“How do you know Jesus?” said Raul.
“We’re tight, sooooo, back on the topic. What is going on here?"
“You were going to find out about the elemental’s society. The society that was..... wait why am I telling you people, I’m out of here!” and he burst into flames and vanished.
“Well, that was weird. So, we know the name, lets google it!” said Raul.
“I don’t know if..” stammered Greg
“Too late! lets see..... The elementals are a society of people long forgotten and they are said to have possessed power over what element they choose.”
“Really? All that from google?”
“Nah, that’s just my guess.”
“Well, I know another place we can find information!” said Greg.
“The old Tibetan library made in 5 A.D. ?!?”
“I was thinking Wikipedia or yahoo but that works.”
They later went off and to Tibet, to find answers. About five days later, they made it to the ancient Tibetan library.

Excuse me, but where can I find a book about the ancient society called The Elemantals?”
“Why you ask about the elementals.....”
“So you know them? Who are they? Where are the locations of them?”
“I never said anything about elements, I just ask why?”
“ Never mind, do you have a book about it?”
“About what?” said the man.
“yeash, what is it you say in America.... oh yes, don’t have cow, man. I see what I dig up.” he said.
“Yes we have book.”
“Great! can we see it?”
“NO! is restricted. You cannot see book.”
“Where is the book now?”
“It is in my hand but I saw the restricted sign on it.”
“Right here, see?” and with that, Greg snatched the book out of his hands and ran. Five seconds later, Raul said to his sister,
“I think we should run too.”
“oohhhh. Right.” and they ran as fast as they could. After a couple of minutes, Greg found them running and decided to run with hem to see if they would stop. About five minutes later, they found out Greg was right next to them the whole time.
“So, lets read this. So it says...”
“Wait, how do you know what it says?” said Raul.
“I took classes. Now, it says that they are quote “The elementals are a society of people long forgotten and they are said to have possessed power over what element they choose.””
“I knew it!” yelled Raul.
“But their is another thing. It says that these people are very dangerous. In all five tempels. It says the locations of the each elemental tempel. The first one is the fire one, the one your father was taken to.” said Greg.
“How do you know that?” said Raul.
“Because the people were wearing red clothes, the fire part of the sign was bolded. Jeez you guys aren’t observant.” said Greg.
“Now we need to go find our father” said Raul

To be continued...................

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