Gokan Chapter 2

March 12, 2011
By HamzahQ SILVER, Carteret, New Jersey
HamzahQ SILVER, Carteret, New Jersey
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Gokan looked down from the huge mountain. He saw the purple headed long tailed Frieza walking calmly looking for someone to hurt. Frieza was one of Goku’s strongest enemy’s. Frieza was as strong as a super sayain. Gokan was only a descendant of Goten. Goten was the son of Goku. He only reached super sayain 2 while none of his descendants even transformed once. Right now Gokan was the strongest of all besides Goten himself who had now been dead for a couple hundred years. As he stared down he couldn’t take any more. Gokan jumped down and went to whack Frieza straight in the stomach but just as he almost got there Frieza kicked up but Gokan saw it and blocked with his two fists crossed together. Gokan jumped backward and landed on his two feet about 5 yards away from Frieza. As the evil thing stared at Gokan he got scared. Frieza was now trembling in fear. Gokan was wondering why. Finally Frieza spoke. He began begging for mercy, he said please spare my life son Goku. Then Gokan realized Frieza thought I was Goku the one super sayain that defeated him. Gokan took advantage of the moment and kicked Frieza in the face. As he flew backward Frieza was angered and blew up in power. He had transformed into his fifth stage. When Goku defeated him he could only go to his fourth form. Now he had gotten stronger, He had achieved the form that only his brother Cooler could achieve. Frieza looked at Gokan and said, See Goku now you will die, not me. Gokan looked at Frieza and said I am not Goku. I am the great, great, great, great grandson of Goten who was Goku’s son. He said my name is Gokan, Goku and Gohan put together. Finally ran up to punch Frieza but he blocked it and then whacked Gokan back. He walked up and blasted him with a Planet Destroy ball. It practically crushed him. Gokan tried pulling the big thing off of him but it wouldn’t let him move. It kept pushing him down through the crust of the earth. Finally Gokan realized that this blast was called Planet Destroy, meaning that this thing would eventually blow the Earth into pieces. As it pressed harder down on Gokan he kept pushing up but still wasn’t able to even move it back an inch. He was now a couple hundred feet down. He could feel the temperature rising. Was this the end of him and his Planet? Was this all the great, great, great, grandson of Goten do?

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