Today We are Friends, Tomorrow We are Lovers -Act 4-

March 15, 2011
By ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Fuyu woke up in a start. Her hand flew to her heart, which was beating rapidly. She took deep breaths as she calmed herself. Her ice grey eyes darted around with a frantic air around them. Her eyes closed slowly as she calmed herself. Her ice grey eyes flittered around startled, looking for a savoir; An angel of some sort. Her eyes closed slowly as she ran a pale hand through her silver hair. Snow fell off of her head and landed on the ground with a soft THUD. She sighed and she got up. She opened her eyes a bit and looked at the snow. She frowned at the snow, saying,” Kore wa nan desu ka..?” She shook her head. I’ll see to it later.

“My dear, is something wrong?” The voice was older, a more experienced voice. Fuyu looked over her shoulder and saw an old lady with short, cropped white hair. Her eyes were a beautiful, inhuman forest green and she donned a long, light blue kimono. Her sash was a beautiful dark purple and the bow was a light green.

Fuyu frowned on the inside, but she smiled gently on the outside. “No ma’am, but thank you for your concern.” The old lady smiled and nodded her head. She walked away and when she disappeared into the landscape, Fuyu’s smile fell and her hand stopped waving. It hit the snow with a soft sound. Her hand gripped the cold, hard and unforgiving ground. It was no coincidence that I almost screamed when I woke up-- Yuki found out about the murder. I’m screwed for good now… Fuyu groaned in frustration and stood up. The snow on her shoulders, her sash and legs all fell into a large heap as she walked away. She wore a long, black kimono with red sakura flowers sown onto the fabric. Her sash was a dark midnight blue with white birds sown into it as well, and the bow was a pure snow white. Her boots were snow white too, blending into the scenery.

She walked on for what seemed like an eternity in the barren snow wonderland. She took another step before a new, younger voice stopped her in her tracks. “Not so fast, Aunt.” The voice snarled “Aunt” and Fuyu felt her blood turn into lead. Her heart sank into her feet as she turned around slowly to meet the voice.

It was Yuki, back for her brother’s murderer.

“I can explain--” Fuyu began, but Yuki cut her off.

“I don’t need your lies! I don’t need your empty nothings whispered into my ears, lying to me! I DON’T!” She yelled as she threw a giant ball of fire at her. Fuyu jumped out of the way and she gasped as Yuki turned into a wolf. She had piercing golden eyes, both leaking out tears. Her right eye was hidden by pitch black hair that looked like Yuki’s human bangs. Her fur was a pitch black and the only other color on her tail was the light grey underside and the snow white tip. Her claws ached for blood, her fangs ready.

“YUKI NO!” Fuyu screamed out, but it was too late. Yuki threw back her head and let out a howl so mournful, so angry, so betrayed that Fuyu feared that her heart may break. Yuki grinned wolfishly and, to Fuyu’s horror…

The dead began to rise.


Yuki stopped and barked at the dead. “Show no mercy!” She barked out. She walked away as Fuyu screamed for help as the dead ripped her limbs apart. She grinned and left her for dead.

Yuki, late at night after the murder, stumbled upon a lake with a giant koi fish that swam in it’s great depths. She smiled sincerely and walked towards the lake. And as she walked towards the lake, she sang a song to calm to koi fish into letting her into the water.

“Yoru no kono machi akari ga tomoru
Kishimu haguruma to sharin no oto
Hibi kasete aruita
Yuku ate mo naku
Umaku aruke nakute mo
Watashi wa naze umareta no deshou
Naze shinzou wa gin no iro nano
Tooi mukashi ni ano hito ga itta
"Kimi wa tokubetsu na ningyou" da to
Odori utai kare ni homerareru you ni
Ima mo utatteru zutto
Kare ga me o samasa nakute mo utaou
Watashi wa naze umareta no deshou
Tada eien ni utai tsudzukeru
Itsuka wa nemuri tsuki
Ano hito no iru suteki na basho e
Negai wa kanawanai
Hitori utai ikite kowarete...
Toki ga nagarete
Uta mo wasurete
Ano hito nemuru basho e to isogu
Hibi wareta karada o hikizuri nagara
Nando koronde mo
Umi no mieru basho ni hana o soe
Saa nemurasete
Ano hito to tomo ni
Negai o kanae mashou
"Kimi wa juubun hitori de ikita"
Ano hito no koe ga kikoeta chikai soba de
Yume no naka de nandomo kiita koe
Yasashiku mune ni hibiki wataru
Odayaka na hikari
Watashi o tsutsun de
Waratteru... ”

Yuki stepped into the water, still humming the tune as the koi fish nuzzled her leg. She went underwater, her hum louder than ever. She did a routine of flips, handsprings, and spins as she played underwater. She shot up from the bottom and flew into the air, spinning. The water flew off of her like leaves in an autumn day. The moonlight caught the water drops and turned them into shimmering stars that fell from heaven. She spun for what seemed like an eternity, suspended in air by nothing. She spun back into the water elegantly and landed on the bottom of the lake. Her eyes were closed and her hair was flowing around her. The koi fish nudged her up to the surface with it’s head.

Yuki heard it’s voice in her head as it nudged her up. You must leave and return to your family..

She swam back to the surface and met the bright light of the white darkness.

Layne slammed his fist on the table in the dawn‘s light. The plan was not working for the upcoming battle. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “I’m going out for some fresh air. Don’t follow me.” He slammed the door behind him and ran out to the forest. He jumped and for what seemed like and eternity, he found the lake he loved so much.

He was shocked to see Yuki in it, swimming like a graceful mermaid. He watched for long, lazy seconds. It was like the beginning of a show, a hushed quiet. Yuki went to the bottom and sprang up, shooting herself up and out of the water. Her hair was like black feathers in a double helix, her arms in graceful circle around her. Her clothes moved in the graceful circle with her, spraying water everywhere. The sunlight caught the water droplets and made them shine with exuberance.

Layne got up and climbed a tree to get a better look. He sat in a tree branch, watching the young wolf girl. She fell from her graceful pedestal in the air and she leaned back. As she leaned back, she put her arms in a tight pencil above her head. She landed in the water with a small splash. Yuki disappeared under the water, and Layne jumped over to a tree branch right above the lake. He watched as she did a number of flips, back hand springs, front hand springs and moves that she knew that she could not accomplish here on the land.

She opened her eyes and swam up to the surface. With a great deal of water that was thrown around, she reached the surface. Layne watched like a guardian angel, watching her every move. She got out and started to run at a tree. Layne studied her legs. She’s limping. He saw that tiny and miniscule limp as she put weight on her right leg more than her left. She screamed out a battle roar that seemed to awaken the savage beast within her and she slammed her leg down onto the ground. An earthquake!? From her leg slam?! Layne widened his eyes as he watched what happened next.

Yuki had split open the ground surrounding the area where she was standing and a man was lifted up out of the crevice. Layne leaned forward to listen.

Yuki kept a poker face on as she stood before the man. “You’ve made me commit something I would not do.” She snarled slightly at this. “Are you satisfied?”

The man crossed his arms and a devilish grin spread across his face. “Yes.”

Yuki narrowed her eyes. Sora…

No. Wait…


Yuki grabbed her hidden kunai in her sleeve. In a flash, she screamed out such a feral roar Layne wondered whether she was really a human. He watched in horror as the man lifted his arm up and then slammed his elbow into her face. She quickly dodged it though, and jumped. She spun in a quick circle and the knife edge of her foot caught his face. Yuki had a dark shadow that stopped at her cheekbones and stretched across her face. “THIS IS FOR ALL THE S*** YOU’VE PUT ME THROUGH!” She screamed and stabbed the kunai into the man’s heart.

“Pitiful little girl!” He yelled, and he pushed her back with demon-like force. Layne gripped the tree branch and turned into the azure dragon that had saved so many lives. He roared and jumped, spreading his barbed wings out. Yuki looked up in surprise. Fury soon replaced surprise as she got up quickly.

“GO! LEAVE, DON’T FIGHT HIM!” She yelled out.

Layne ignored her words as he dived down at an alarming rate. He roared a feral roar so loud it shook the trees around them. He pointed the barbs at the man. Yuki ran in between them as time moved slower.



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