The Herd

March 15, 2011
By Doug Nagie BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Doug Nagie BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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What do you think makes this country so amazingly perfect, and superior to all other countries... ever? It's the government's ability to debate, to argue the points so we the people know the points have been made. Dissent, the highest form of patriotism, leads to individual opinions, and man's freewill is the most beautiful thing, besides me, tumbling through this planet. Why then have we allowed it to be commanded, not suggested, that the infamous wolf in his case against three notorious piglets was guilty? If humanity falls into a herd, no more than simple sheep following and swaying to every beat of the media's drum, truly, what makes us more than sheep?

Prejudice, from the beginning, has been opposed by heroes; the likes of Anne Braden, Martin Luther King Jr., Eliza Simpson's mother in that episode of the Simpsons where Lisa does a project on one of her ancestors; yet none have spoken for the wolves. The boy who cried wolf? What of the calf who called man? By following their instincts, so it is believed, wolves are the primordial embodiment of evil. This world's hatred for the belief of what a wolf is and does had this "Big Bad Wolf" doomed from the very beginning.

The media does not give the other side of debate; they choose and, unto the people, force, their sadistic spin in the name of sales. What captivates one's mind more than the thought of the brave underpig's struggle against the seemingly inopposable wolf? What of the truth? What news outlet informed you of all three pigs' "former" hallucinogen addiction, of their Paris Hilton complexes?

Did you know the wolf? Did you know of his generosity, of his pacifism, of his unwavering dance with death in the name of good? The very day of his trial, he found himself morally obligated to write an apology letter to the Salvation Army detailing his cause for absence, for he would never simply stand the Salvation Army up; he’s just not that kind of guy.

This was not written exclusively for the cause of freeing this unjustly imprisoned saint. Nay, ‘twas scrolled as a call to arms! “There is a war going on for your mind. If you are thinking, you are winning.” (Flobots, by the way, We Are Winning). Look into yourself, do not agree with me. Think of what you’ve been presented, make your choice then, and if you still believe the wolf is guilty, then see if you can find why you believe that. And, if you can’t...

Welcome to the herd.

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