March 15, 2011
By AAAAA BRONZE, East Rutherford, New Jersey
AAAAA BRONZE, East Rutherford, New Jersey
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"What if I told you our world isn't the only world? That there is another one. One of limitless possibilities."
"What if I told you all your ideas have power, have life."
"And what if I told you that in this other world, fairy tales and ideas come true no matter how impossible or silly."
"I have always wanted to go to this other world. Everyday I wished I could go there. Then one day everything changed. One day-"
"You got in" said another, much younger voice.
"Yes, that's right Will. I got in" said the first voice. It was much older. It was gruff with age, but had a sort of tenderness to it.
"Now I was new to this world, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. More beautiful than I ever dreamed and infinitely more dangerous than I ever imagined."
"When I got into this world, I went to the nearest inn. There I met two people"
"Gareth and Max" Will said.
"Yes, Gareth Fielding and Max Stoker. We became best of friends. We traveled to many far off lands leading the lives of treasure hunters. We were also secretly magicians. You see, in that world it was illegal to be a magician. We had many adventures. We took part of a candy cane fence from a man eating witch's fence, found a long dead queen's glass slippers and killed a werewolf that was haunting a town ever since a woodcutter opened up its stomach and rescued a girl with a red hood and her grandma."
The children in the log cabin, about seven of them aged six to eight, leaned in closer to listen to the story. This was one of their favorite stories. They were inside their grandpa's log cabin because it was getting late and their parents were going to pick them up. Outside it was snowing. It was not a blizzard, but one of those picturesque snowfalls. Inside the log cabin was a bright red, old-fashioned radio and a warm, crackling fire. The cabin smelled pleasantly of pine needles. Near the fire, there was a rug where the children sat. On a rocking chair sat the narrator of the story. he was a grandpa to all these children whether they be sibling or cousins.
"Are these stories real?" asked a skeptical Will.
Before the grandpa could answer, there was a knock on the door.
"Well, it looks like you have to go home now" said the grandpa.
There was a collective "awwwww" from the gathered children.
"Don't worry," said the grandpa "I'll tell you the rest of the story next time."
He got up and opened the door. Parents rushed in to get the children. The children put on their coats and left with their parents. Once everyone was gone, the grandpa took out a pen and a leather bound dairy and started thinking on what he would write. Suddenly, three figures appeared, seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of an intense sword fight. In reality, they came out of a medium sized mirror on the wall. It was very old and reflected things like a fun house mirror. From far away it looked like it reflected things like a normal mirror. Up close, it showed a distorted view of the world. It was framed by silver with intricate designs in it. If you looked closely, you could see things such as leopards, satyrs, and dragons.
Without warning, the third figure raised his hand and a rune, a letter in an alphabet not known in this world and forgotten in the other, appeared. It was surrounded by energy. The energy got absorbed by the rune. It glowed white, then imploded. Although the explosion was only half the size of someone's hand, it pushed the two other figures into the mirror.
"Matthias, look out" said one of the figures as he was being hurled to the mirror. The grandpa wrote something hurriedly in his dairy then his it under the coushin of his rocking chair. Once the two figures touched the mirror, they disappeared. The third figure turned to the grandpa. One of his gloved hands had fingers that ended in sharp claws. The tips glistened with poison.
"It's your time," said the third figure in a voice that was evil and distorted "Embrace it!"
The grandpa stood up and backed away. He raised his hand and a black rune appeared. It was not surrounded by energy. It turned to ashes. The ashes settled in a circle around the grandpa.
"So now we play games," said the third figure "So be it."
The third figure did the same as the grandpa. Just as the the ash settled, the grandpa raised his hand and another rune appeared. It was the color of fire. It was surrounded by a ring of energy that was the same color. The rune absorbed the energy and burst into flames. The grandpa kept it in his hands and spun around. The little fire ball attracted fire from the fireplace and became a huge blob writhing flames. Once the grandpa got enough momentum from the spinning, he threw his gigantic fireball.
"You should have never come Vrok."
Vrok laughed and lifted his hand. A rune the color of the ocean appeared surrounded by a ring of energy the same color. He spun around as the rune absorbed the energy. Water started to trail behind his hand. At the last minute, he opened his hand in the direction of the fire and water more powerful than water coming out of a fire hose hit the flames. The whole roomed was filled with steam. Once the steam cleared, Vrok was nowhere to be seen. The grandpa turned and suddenly, someone clutched his throat. Fingers pierced his throat and venom went in. His face tensed for a second, then it relaxed. Vrok threw the body on to the rocking chair. He touched the mirror and disappeared. His job was not done yet. He still needed to take care of the other two.

The author's comments:
I got inspired by Reckless, Tron: Legacy, and wanting to create a novel really badly.

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