Escape from the Depths

March 14, 2011
I stepped out of the shadows into a dark alley. New York, I thought. I had escaped the fiery depths into a pathway that led me to the Big Apple. No one was around, which is bad because I needed to kill a human before I could assume the appearance of one. I walked four blocks before I saw a homeless woman pushing a shopping cart.
My killing instincts kicked in, and I immediately crawled on the side of the building next to her. She stopped, sensing something was out here, and turned. When she saw nothing, she turned back around. At that moment I leaped off the wall and crashed into her. She toppled to the ground, and I was immediately on her, holding her down. She tried to scream, but my demon tail covered her mouth. This had to be unnoticed.
I tore at her throat, crushing her windpipe. She gasped for air, but to no avail. The air wouldn’t enter her lungs, only blood entered them. I knew she was already dead, but I was having too much fun. I slashed her torso, spilling her insides onto the street. I ripped the arms off and chucked them behind me. I took one of her legs and cleaned it, making a toothpick of the bone. I don’t eat humans, per say, I just needed a toothpick to get the remnants of my previous meal. I won’t say who or what it was, but let’s just say he didn’t go down easy.
With toothpick in hand, I walked away from the mangled corpse on the road. I walked past a window and inspected my new body. I was tall with black hair. I wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I also saw my eyes flicker yellow and my canine teeth were unnaturally long. Oh well, can’t be perfect. Even so, I looked awesome but not enough. I need to kill some more. Like the old saying, “The more you kill, the better you look”.
I keep walking until I find myself in the fancy part of the city. Rich people are easy prey and they come with parting gifts. I want a high up apartment with a balcony because I want to spread my wings. Yeah, you heard me. In addition to my wonderful demon tail, I also have black, fifteen feet wide wings.
I’m a half demon, half archangel, if you haven’t noticed. I just escaped from the Big Man, no not the one upstairs, the one downstairs. I’ve got assassins coming out of the woodwork looking for me because I made the Big Man mad. I mean, all I did was steal his girlfriend. Is that so bad? Wait, yeah it is. Well, anyway, I have to find a place to crash for the day; it’s almost dawn. I won’t be able to stand sunlight until after a couple more kills.
This looks like a good place. The building has some high class apartments with ones that have balconies at the top. I take the elevator to the top floor, step out, and walk down the hall. I stop at the door at the end of the hall and knock on the door. After a couple of minutes, a young woman maybe twenty years old opens the door. She sees me and tries to shut the door, but my foot blocks the way. She’s scared now.
I open the door wide, walking in, and then shut it again. She starts to scream, but I use my speed and I’m behind her in a second, covering her mouth. With one quick motion, I snap her neck because I’m too tired to rip or slash now. Her body crumples to the floor. Have to dispose of it otherwise this place will smell. The smell won’t bother me, but the neighbors might get nosy. I explore the apartment, and it’s a good size for one person. I slip into the bedroom, take off my clothes, and crawl into the bed. I slowly drift into my nightmarish dreams as the sun starts to peek over the horizon.

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