Running Backwards

March 11, 2011
I remembered to start running the fast as I could. Nobody was following me but, I wouldn’t follow myself either. I told myself to not look behind, just look forward. The more I ran forward the more I was running back, back to my shell. I could here the screams of people burning and being slaughtered. It was the third massacre that week. They were coming down on me and I was afraid they would finally find and put an end to me.
I slowed down a bit after I was away from the Army; I sought to look for shelter. I saw an abandoned house that nobody would look at. It was the perfect place to hide. I knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. After nobody came to the door or screamed. I assumed that it was empty and came in. I looked for food in the pantry; all there was is dry beans. I went to the sink and turned the faucet. The water was cut off. I walked around the house to see if anything was valuable to tack on my trip. Everything in the house was covered in white sheets. The people thought that they would be coming back their house. Nobody comes back.
I stepped on the staircase. It started to creak and crack. When I got to half

way up the stairs it started to crack a lot until it collapsed. I got up and looked around. There were four huge crosses on each wall, a hearth that was full ashes, a sacrifice plat form, and an odor of blood. The people probably left because they were practicing a false religion according to Harry Tornlin, the dictator of this country. He was the reason why my family had disowned me. I looked around for away out of this place. I was getting creped me out by a goat’s head on the wall. I started running my hands up against the wall. My mom practiced an illegal religion also. It was common to have a hidden door in these kinds of situations. They were difficult to find and get in and out. My dad blamed me for my mom driving to here religion. He said if I was never born she would never have been afraid of what people call a false god. As for me I believe there are no gods we evolved from something. That’s all I got so far but I’m working on it.
I found a stone that was loose. I pulled on it hoping a wall would move. The only thing that moved was the stone. Once it was out I dropped it on the floor. I saw a box it was gold covered with rubies, sapphires, and onyxes. I grabbed the box and touched the jewels. They sparkled in the light of the handy flashlight I carried around. I went to open the lid to see if anything else valuable was in there. In stead of a diamond necklace or a tiara I saw a half full vile of poison. I looked all around it. It was purple and bubbly; it could easily be mistaken as a shot of grape soda. I toke the cork off to smell it, all I could say is it smelt like death.
The people who owned this house was clever. The way out wasn’t on the wall but on the floor. I took a sacrificing dagger and used it to pry the trap door up. I placed the dagger back on the sacrificing platform and put the vile of poison in backpack. When I got outside I noticed woods in the backyard. I quickly ran to the nearest tree and looked around for anyone. I looked up at the sky to determine
what time of day. It was midday; I was behind schedule by a couple hours. I ran as fast as I could to make the time up from the house. I looked around for a fruit tree to fulfill my hunger. I found a strawberry patch that was harvested. I bent down and plucked a strawberry. I toke a bit out of the berry.
“Hey kid, stop eating my strawberries or ill calls the Polary,” An old man coughed.
I shivered at that name. Nobody would call them unless they were really stupid or something really big was happening. Eating a strawberry from someone’s patch wasn’t that big of a deal.
“I’m sorry sir I was just hungry and saw your patch. I couldn’t help myself they looked delicious, you must make great business,” I told him.
“Well not anymore. Tornlin band them after he all most died from chocking on one. I’ve tried to kill them but they just keep growing back,” the man said with his head down.
“Ooh, that’s sad,” I told him as I was heading back into the forest.
“Kid, come back. You still have to pay for that strawberry you ate.”
I started running again knowing he couldn’t catch me. I looked up at the sky for the time. It was about 2 0 clock. I was way behind schedule. I had to keep moving. If I was delayed even more my plan would fail and I would die. I try not to think about what happens if this goes wrong or this. All it does is gives me is doubt and with doubt I’m weak. On a journey like this there is no room for doubt and weakness. I sowed my pace down worrying that someone would see me ant I would loose my stealth.
It was about six when I reached the wall. I looked around for guards. I cursed to my self. There were guards everywhere and probably looking for me. I looked around the forest for guards. I kept running around in the forest for a way out with out the guards noticing her. The sun kept on setting and the guards wouldn’t leave.
I knew this wasn’t a lot of time before I would be found and turned in. I started walking back to where I started from and us the rivers to escape. I started off running but stopped when I heard a crack and looked down at my foot. I twig and my hastiness had brought my demise.
“Who’s there,” a guard called out and started running towards me. “You” I stared at him and sprinted out of the forest. I thought I lost him so I slowed my pace and as soon as I did that I was tackled from behind. I looked up and I was surrounded by guards. They pulled me and chained my arms together and toke my backpack away.
They took me to the border and started teasing me saying they could let me go and I would be free. They acted like they were going to let me go by getting the keys out and giving back my book bag. It stopped when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and saw my father wearing his general with three stars soon four when I’m gone.
“Take her inside and ill deal with her there,” He said while they lead me to my death. I dared not to try to escape. I know it would lead me to a more painful end. When we were inside they pushed me on to a chair and bounded me to it. My dad started rummaging through my back pack. He smirked and took out the vile of poison I looked at him in horror and started crying. “No, daddy please doesn’t do this. Please remember who I am. Please remember your little girl,” I sobbed.
He walked over to me and grabbed my chin and made me look at the monster I called father. He looked at me straight in the eye and said”I want my little girl but instead I got a witch.” He uncapped the bottle with his mouth and made me drink it. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and I felt like I was being lifted in the air.

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