encountering littlefoot

March 11, 2011
By rileycook BRONZE, Fonda, New York
rileycook BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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Riley cook group: I?
One day, I went over to Tristan’s house. He was medium height and he had straight dirty blonde hair. He never gave up when things weren’t working out his way he kept trying and liked the outdoors. I am on the shorter side with long scraggly hair. Also I am always happy. It was the middle of august, it was bright and green with vegetation outside. Everyone was yellow with joy because it was so nice out.

We were walking down the road going to the stream by his house, the woods were bustling with noises and there was a raunchy smell in the air. We got to the stream and started wading up the stream. We got to the hole where there was a lot of fish. We got out our nets and started catching bass by the dozens. We took a couple of fish and put them in a havakark trap so we could catch squirrels or something. We started to walk through the woods and caught glimpses of little creatures that looked like miniature big foots. They had a bald chest and a bald face, the rest if their body was covered with brown and black hair so they would blend in and not get eaten. They had two toes on the end of each foot and they smelled like burning hair. Despite their terrible smell we wanted to catch one to bring home. We were chasing those little fellas all over the woods they were running pretty fast for things that were only one foot tall.

We got the radar out to see how fast they were running and they were running upwards of 120 miles per hour. I told Tristan that we were never going to catch one but he wouldn’t give up. I finally got him to give up. So we went back to walking in the stream , and perched up on on the cliff on the sides of the stream were thousands of them. They were clinging together to hake a bridge across the stream so they could cross.

Apparently water killed them, because the ones that would fall in the water would just stop moving and float down the stream. We went back to our trap and there were three of them in it. I was so happy I was grinning ear to ear. We carried the trap back to Tristan’s house and put all three of them in the bunny cage. We went inside to tell his dad about them he said they were little feet .he went on to say that water killed them as if they didn’t know. He said they drank red bull and ate flesh.

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