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March 11, 2011
By realkool24 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
realkool24 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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I wasn’t a normal kid growing up, actually I was pretty poor. My mom left home on the day of my fifth birthday, and my dad committed suicide a month later. I was put into a foster home till the age of fourteen when a middle class man adopted me. His name was Oaken Little, he was blonde haired, six foot nine inches, and had this room in his house that only two people can go in him and his boss. Oh ya, my name is Jacob O’ Riley but everyone calls me Jake. I was below average ‘till the day it started.

As I was just about to leave school something struck me sending my flying ripping my hit man death squad sweat shirt. This made me furious I got up and saw it was the most amazingly beautiful girl she had brown hair, blue eyes and, a smile that can color the world. Her name was Sam Elizabeth Smith, and all she wanted was to travel the world. I reached into my back pocket and found a necklace I found this morning. It was red as the sun and had diamonds in a heart formation. As I went to put in her hand a big jock came up and shoved me on the ground. His name was Jason stood at six foot and didn’t care if he got in trouble. Jason won’t get into trouble because he is the all time scorer in the whole state of Montana. I dropped the box which had the necklace inside of it. Jason quickly snatched it up from the ground and immediately started to shake it to figure out what it was. Then all of a sudden in one fluid motion he threw it landing on a giant rock that was right in the middle of the death pond.

Death pond was nicknamed for the three people who were killed by the lake because they were dared to swim across they got sucked in by the mud. Nobody knows how they died for sure but the cops think they got sucked in by the mud and got killed. So I started to jump rocks to reach the necklace when I got to the necklace I yelled “got it”. As I said that a fish jumped out of the water when I jumped trying to avoid getting hit and knocked in. I slipped on a rock falling backwards hitting the back of my head off another rock and I started to drown but all of a sudden time stopped and at a blink of an eye I was at my house but the time was strange 11:00 p.m.
My dad was drinking like everyone night so I didn’t bother saying a word to him. I grabbed all the money I had in my room. Quickly climbed out of my window and started running down the street. When I reached the city limits I reached into my pocket of my torn wet jeans and found the necklace the red heart shaped necklace. I quickly ran to her house she was in her bedroom because I seen her crying. So I threw a couple pebbles at her window took the necklace and put in plain sight in the middle of the swing. I lived in hiding but still trying to learn how I control it. So when I was about eighteen I was poor had nothing so I robbed the biggest bank I could think of ended up with more than nineteen million dollars. At the time I didn’t know they were hunting me, they gave then the name of the “door keepers”.

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