The Emperor's Tomb

March 2, 2011
By Anonymous

“Seven brave explorers went in search of the Emperor’s Tomb,” The T.V. announcer said. “But sadly, none of the explorers made it back. Since then, no one has dared go in search of it, for fear has overcome even the greatest of explorers”
Alex had watched that news broadcast over seven times on the plane. He was going in search of the tomb, but now had second thoughts. “Come on, Alex. Those explorers were probably just armatures. Don’t let fear overcome you.” Joseph told Alex.
“I know, I know, it’s just that, why do you think they went missing? Did they get lost or something like that?” Alex asked.
“Like I said, they probably just tried to be amazing adventurers but were not trained or taught at all. We’ve been training for three years, nothing bad could possibly happen. Unless, of course, the curse of the Emperor strikes us or something,” Joseph joked.
When the plane landed, Alex and Joseph immediately got into a jeep and started driving toward the Sahara Desert. They had been driving for a few hours when a small sandstorm kicked up. Luckily, Alex and Joseph were prepared for this and put on protective clothing.
Through all the sand, Alex could make out a faint object in the distance. “Hey, Joseph, head over towards that thing way over there.” Alex said as he pointed the way. When they got closer, Alex and Joseph could see that the object was a giant statue sticking out of the ground.
“Lets check this thing out.” Alex said.
The explorers got out of the jeep and walked over to the statue. They saw that it was a statue of the Egyptian god Anubis.
“Why would someone build a statue out here in the middle of nowhere?” Joseph asked.
“Well, I have no idea.” Alex responded.
Joseph walked right in front of the golden statue. When he leaned back on it to think he hit a red jewel sticking out of the statue. The jewel moved in like a button but nothing happened.
“Alex, come over here!” Joseph stammered.
“Why, whats over there?”
“Just, come quick!”
Alex ran over to Joseph and saw what he was doing. He pushed the jewel in and out over and over again.
“Why would the makers of this statue have a jewel be able to be pushed in and out?” Joseph questioned.
“Look! A few feet above that jewel there’s another one!” Alex shouted. “Maybe if we push them in at the same time, something will happen.”
Alex got on Joseph’s shoulders, since he was the smaller of the two, and reached for the jewel. “On three,” Alex said, “One, two, three!” Immediately, Alex and Joseph pushed the jewels. The statue began to shake, then sink into the ground. Alex fell off of Joseph’s shoulders and landed on his back.
By now, the statue was completely under the sand revealing a small hole. Joseph looked in and yelled, “I can’t believe it, Alex! This is it! This is it! We found it, we found it!”
Alex and Joseph threw a rope down the hole and attached it to the jeep. Alex climbed down first, but Joseph was right behind him. When they got down, they saw a long corridor with hieroglyphics on the wall. Joseph was so excited that he burst down the corridor, not caring what might happen.
Once Joseph started running, Alex noticed something on the wall. In every hieroglyphic there was a small hole. Alex realized that Joseph was in grave danger. He called out to Joseph, telling him to stop, but it was too late. Arrows started shooting out of the hieroglyphics with every step Joseph took, just barely missing him.
“Joseph, look out!” Alex shrieked.
Joseph stopped in his tracks and looked back. He saw dozens of arrows on the ground. Luckily, Joseph was standing at the end of the corridor, so no arrows shot out.
“Alex, please don’t tell me what I think you’re going to tell me.” Joseph whimpered.
“Um, yeah, arrows almost killed you. But don’t worry, they’re gone now. I hope.” Alex said.
“How are you going to get over here?”
“That is a good question. I’ve got it! I will just crawl under the hieroglyphics! This plan is fool-proof!”
Alex got down on his hands and knees and began to crawl. Arrows immediately began shooting out, just barley flying past his head. Alex reached the end of the corridor and began to stand up. Joseph and Alex began walking forward again, being careful not to hit any traps.
After a few minutes of walking, the adventurers saw a giant set of golden doors. Joseph pushed them open and just stood there in awe. The room was filled with mounds of gold, jewels, and a chariot. In the center of the room, a golden sarcophagus lay on the ground.
“This has to be the Emperor's chamber.” Alex said.
Alex and Joseph kept staring in awe until they saw them. Seven skeletons were laying on the floor around the sarcophagus. All seven of them still wearing clothes. Clothes they knew belonged to archaeologists.
Seven brave explorers went in search of the Emperor's tomb, Alex remembered. But sadly, none of the explorers made it back.
“This is not good. Not good at all.” Joseph murmured.
“How did they- you know- die?” Alex asked.
“I have no idea. Well, let’s get to work. I’ll call home and get a crew out here to help us. But until then, I want to know what a mummy looks like.” At that, Joseph walked toward the golden sarcophagus. He got close to it and began grunting loudly as he tried to lift the lid. He finally slid it off and stood still. Alex could see a strange neon blue mist float out of the sarcophagus. The mist floated into Joseph’s mouth and nose, and Joseph gasped and wheezed.
“Joseph!” Alex screamed. “What’s happening?”
Joseph turned toward Alex and pointed. “Though mortal fool knows not the limits of Emperor Tsar's power. Tough shall perish before me, screaming for mercy.”
“J-Joseph, are you okay?”
“Who is this ‘Joseph’. I am the great Tsar, and now you will die!” The possessed-Joseph jumped at Alex with great speed. He pushed Joseph to the ground with his feet, and jumped back. Alex stood up, but was knocked down again. The possessed-Joseph had amazing speed and ability.
Alex surveyed the room for anything he could use to fight with, but could only see gold and jewels. Alex jumped up and ran to a pile of gold. He picked up a gold coin, turned around, and chucked it at the oncoming enemy. It hit him smack in the forehead and he fell.
“Well, that was pretty easy.” Alex said to himself.
But the fight wasn’t over yet. Possessed-Joseph stood up and ran to the chariot.
“Evil beings of this tomb, aid me in this battle! Bring me assistance, and I shall let though roam the world to do anything though desires.”
The room turned dark and dreary. A small twister of black goo swirled through the tomb. The goo morphed from a tornado into demonic horses. The horses were made out of black and purple goo and had glowing red eyes. They ran to the chariot and some black goo morphed into rains for the horses. Possessed- Joseph had conjured up a sword made of the goo.
The chariots charged at Alex who was petrified with fear. Possessed-Joseph raised his sword, ready to swing. Alex realized that he needed to move. He jumped into the gold pile and burst through the other side. The chariot crashed into the wall and black and purple goo splattered everywhere.
“Ole.” Alex muttered.
Possessed-Joseph had smacked into the wall but was not defeated. He lifted his hands and the goo turned into a twister again. It twisted around and around and stopped. It was morphing into something big. It seemed to be a giant chicken.
A chicken? That’s the best this guy can do? Puh-lease! Alex thought. But Alex was wrong. Yes, it was a chicken, but when it opened its mouth black goo sprayed out like a fire hose. The spray hit Alex in the arm, and he felt a painful sting. The goo felt like fire against his arm.
Alex knew that if he kept fighting like he was, the goo would keep changing. He needed to find a way to destroy it for good. Then it hit him. The goo was being controlled by Possessed-Joseph. All he needed to do was defeat him!
Alex charged into the chicken and goo sprayed everywhere. Alex kept running until he reached possessed-Joseph. He smacked him hard across the face and saw some of the blue mist come out of his mouth. Alex smacked him over and over, each hit releasing mist. Finally, all the mist was out and Joseph fell over in a slump. Alex felt his pulse, Joseph was alive.
Three months had passed since Alex and Joseph went on their adventure, and ever since they came back they had become huge stars. Movie companies wanted to make movies about them, talk show hosts wanted to have them on their shows, and dozens of books were being made about them. Alex and Joseph didn’t care about that, tough. All they cared about was that they had done what any other adventurer could not. They had discovered the Emperor’s Tomb.

The author's comments:
This is another article I did for my G.T. class.

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