Fredrico's Island

March 6, 2011
By mat123116 SILVER, Topsham, Maine
mat123116 SILVER, Topsham, Maine
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-Jason Hutchison and John Benfield

It was a dark and stormy night, and Fredrico was just settling in to his cabin on the SS Shipwreck and was about to watch a movie, but before it had played a minute a bang like that of cannon fire rent the air. Screams filled the air as soon the blast died down. Fredrico jumped up, bolted from his room, and sprinted to the main deck to see a pirate ship coming out of a cloud of mist; another blast sounded and this time he was able to see a round, metal cannon ball coming towards the ship and with a loud Clang and shudder the ship began to sink. Thinking fast, he ran as fast as he could towards the nearest life boat jumped in and pulled the release lever.

Once in the water the objective was to row out of the enemy ship’s range so Fredrico and one of the other members of the crew grabbed the oars and rowed as fast as they could away from the two ships. Now outta reach of the ships, the castaways properly introduced one another and took stock of their supplies. On the boat, was Soli Rhodes, Meghan Lowe, and Alex Smith, and the supply box contained two emergency blankets, a world map, and a water purifier, one flare gun, two flares, and mouth supply of dehydrated food.
“Well, flares are out of the question.” Said Fredrico casually,
“Why?” asked Alex,
“Well think about it, we don’t know where we are and the only other ship we know of is the ship that sunk the last ship we were on.”
“Oh, point taken”
“Why don’t we start heading for an island or some area of land because I don’t feel like living in this dingy until we get rescued?”
“Good Idea, we’re going to get sick of the boat before long.”

And with that Fredrico and Alex started rowing away from the area where the SS shipwreck went down. Hours past with no sign of land and the sky cleared and lightened to the point where it must be near morning. By the time the sun was just starting to rise the group had started on a meal of recently rehydrated chicken and rice. After their meal and an hour of rowing the came across an island that was covered in dense forest except for the beach which was sand as far as the eye can see.

Once on shore the small group decided to explore their surroundings. The woods consisted of trees every kind and in the center of the forest was a cave with a lantern sitting in front.
“So there’s someone here?” asked Soli,
“Used to be” Said Fredrico,
“I-i-it l-l-looks dark in there” stuttered Meghan,
“There’s a lantern” said Fredrico,
“And no match” said Meghan,
“I’ve got one,” said Alex, “I’m a smoker but didn’t grab any cigarettes when I left my cabin.”
“Ok then light that lantern and let’s go.” Said Fredrico.

The group entered the cave and walked down the stone corridor. The corridor ended on a room with one table. On the table there was a map of what looked like the island, leaning against the wall a .22 rifle, a box of ammo a shovel, and on the wall a black flag with a white skull and cross bones.

“S-s-s-so they’re pirates” said Meghan her studded returning.

“Looks like it” said Fredrico grabbing the rifle and loading it.

“And by the look of it their treasure is here.” Said Alex studding the map.

“Well if we can find it before they come back it may be our ticket out of here” Said Soli picking up the shovel.

So after three hours and four false holes a wooden chest was unearthed. “Move” said Fredrico as he aimed the rifle at the lock and fired. Opening the chest revealed an assortment of coins, gems, rings, and other jewelry. After hauling the chest back the beach and having lunch, the group relaxed until a wooden hull appeared in the distance once it had landed on the beach a group of three men in tattered clothes came striding towards them, Fredrico aimed the rifle.

“I’m the captain of this ship and I think you have my chest.” Said the tallest man.

“You can have it if you sail us back to the Florida Keys.” Said Fredrico

“Fair enough but the US authorities aren’t very friendly with us so will take your dingy and let you row back when your close enough.” Said the Captain.

“That’s fair” stated Fredrico as he and his group boarded the ship.

After sailing for what seemed like ages the Captain told his “guests” that their boat was ready and that they were to hand over the chest and rifle then leave the ship. After payment had been exchanged the group of castaways entered their dingy and rowed towards the shore, docking around dusk. Once back on the main land the group promised to keep in touch and went their separate ways.

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