The Day After Yesterday Which Is Actualy Today

February 14, 2011
By mooquackbahh BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
mooquackbahh BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Beep beep beep-

“Aghh” moaned Billy “morning already.”

“Let’s go! We got hunting to do!” yelled Billy’s older brother Matt

“Where’s Cletus?” asked Billy while pulling up his camouflaged sweat pants and t-shirt.

“Getting beer we’re going to meet him at the rifther” answered matt.

“Perfect” said Billy as he grabs his hunting rifle and NASCAR hat

“Ill be in the truck!” yelled matt

Billy walks out of the trailer and starts walking towards they’re ford F-150 with the five foot tall Michelin wheels and the number 88 on the side.

“Okay, let’s go” said Billy

“Hold on ima call Cletus.” said Matt

Billy over hears the phone call –ring ring ring- “ey Cletus you ready?” said matt

“Don’t leave yer house! Stay inside get all your guns ready!” yelled Cletus into the phone –screech growl, gun shots- “be ready!” –static- -beep beep beep- “dang call lost, come on lets get inside.” Said Matt

“What’s wrong?” asked Billy

“Get inside and get the guns!” yelled matt while running inside
Billy runs over to the kitchen and presses a button under a table and the wall flips open with a rack of shiny guns “not bad for a redneck eh?” he says to himself. He gets a bag and fills it with guns and ammo

-Honk honk!-

“Cletus” though Billy

“Lets go boy!” yelled Cletus from out side. As Billy struggles to walk outside with the extra 50 pounds of guns on his shoulder he notices blood all over Cletus’ monster truck sized ford.

“Get in and ill tell you on the way” said Cletus “hurry up, Matt go help your brother.”

“Where we goin?” asked Matt

“You’ll see.” Answered Cletus, In the car they all noticed everyone was leaving they’re house.

“Dang” said Cletus “we gotta go back.”

“Why?” asked Billy

“We have to be where no one else is” answered Cletus

“Why what’s happening?” said Matt

“Zombies” said Cletus with a serious voice and a straight face.

“Zombies? What the h*** are you talking about? You’ve gone crazy or something?” said Matt

“No actual zombies, dead people coming alive and eating people.” Said Cletus

“how are there zombies?”

“the white house decided to have a experiment with a small town with a virus some science guy made up. Now there’s zombies trying to eat everyone, and once your bitten you turn into a zombie.” Said Cletus

“How do you know all this? It seem like you’ve done it before.” Said Matt

“It’s a long story.” Answered Cletus

“We got time” said Billy

“Fine, remember a few years back when I was sent to Iraq?” asked Cletus

“Yeah” they answered

“Well the army actually sent me to Alaska where the same thing was happening, except America didn’t do it. Once we got rid of all the zombies up there or thought we did some smart guy came and collected DNA or something from the dead zombies and I guess they wanted to test them out on us.” Said Cletus

“Wow what do we do now?” asked Matt

“We fight until the army comes and picks us up.” Said Cletus, while driving around looking for somewhere to hide. “You guys got a radio?”
“Yeah it’s in our car.” Said Billy
“Okay, I’m going to stop in front of your house and you guys run in and get it.” Demanded Cletus
“Okay” they answered; Cletus pushed the car as fast as it could go –vrroooom-

After about 15minutes of silence they stop at Matt and Billy’s house, “okay run in and get it quick.” As Billy and Matt jump out of the truck Cletus grabs Matt’s shoulder “wait take this.” Cletus said while handing him a gun.

“Lets go matt!” yelled Billy while running to the truck. As they were looking Billy hears a crash. “what the!” yelled Billy as he shoots up someone’s trailer.

“What’s going on over there?” yelled Matt

“Nothing I heard a sound!” said Billy “lets go I found it!”

“Hurry up you hill billies! Lets get inside it’ll be safer there!” said Cletus while running into the trailer

“Barricade all the windows and doors” said Cletus “set up your guns pointing at the front door”

-Roooooooaarrrrr bark bark growwlllll-

“What is that!” said Matt

“Shh, be ready for some action” said Cletus
The trailer starts shaking as zombies are running at it and hitting it and start slowly coming in the door. –Pew pew pew boom gun shots-

“where are they coming from?” asked Billy

“everywhere there’s no end to them, if the army doesn’t pick us up the day after tomorrow we have to leave town right away.” Said Cletus

“why?” asked Matt

“Well in Alaska after a few days they got everyone out and nuked the town melted the ice and destroyed the rest of the zombies.” Said Cletus
After a few hours of zombies coming in and shooting everything got really quiet

“okay we need to take turns sleeping” said Cletus “Billy can go first because has the youngest.”

“Fair enough” Billy says while he starts to lie down
Billy wakes up two hours later to yelling and gun shots “whats happening!” said Billy while rubbing his eyes

“You know the usual, the same thing that’s been happening all day. Now that your awake its Matt’s turn to sleep.”
Matt tosses his gun to Billy as he goes to lie down. A little while later matt wakes up to the sound of helicopters. “We tried to get you up earlier but you wouldn’t get up” said Billy

“Let’s go! Its time to leave!” yelled Cletus from the car. “And get me some

“He’s cranky cause you wouldn’t wake up.” Said Billy

“I can tell” answered Matt

“Where are we going?” asked Matt while he jumped into the car

“We have to follow the helicopters to wherever they’re going.” Answered Cletus with a annoyed tone in his voice?
“And where’s that?” asked Billy

“Probably somewhere with no trees or buildings like a open space” answered Cletus

“Maybe the park?” said Matt

“No there are trees there.” Said Cletus

“What about the beach?” said Billy

“Good thinking bill” said Cletus “Where do we go?”

“Left up here then straight for a while.” Said Matt

About 20minutes later they start hearing the roar of helicopters become louder and louder as they approach the beach.

“This is it guys get ready” said Cletus while trying to get his gun and drive with his left leg.

“Stop!!!!!!!!!!” yelled a army guy in the middle of the road “any infected in there?” asked the army guy

“No just us where do we go?” said Cletus

“Straight down and to the right” answered the army guy

“Hurry up lets go guys!” Yelled Cletus as he ran to the helicopter

“ok! Ok!” Billy yelled back as he grabbed the last gun and shoots zombies running towards them

“Go go go!” an army guy yelled while him and a line of gunmen shoot zombies and hold there ground around the helicopter. “Get in! Quick!”

“Is this it? Three survivors?” said the helicopter pilot

“Seems like it” answered Cletus
As the last army guy gets into the helicopter they over here on the radio “60 seconds to drop.”

“Drop what?” asked Billy

“hehe… youll see” answered one of the army guys
As they start flying away they hear “10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- drop”

“Watch the horizon” said the army guy
-Kaboom! Explosion! Pew pew pew!”

“oh wow that’s bright” said Matt

“yeah, its over guys, we made it” said Cletus as he sits back in his seat

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