Family Vacation

February 26, 2011
By sadielady BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
sadielady BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
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There was a family and there names were the McLane’s. They were known by everyone in there neighborhood. They lived in the same town in the same house for over three years. Then they decided since they hadn’t been on a vacation in so long that they should go on one. So then they went and told all there friends. Then they decided that they were going to be leaving for five days. So then they rented the R.V. and got all of there things packed. Then they decided that they were going to go to a town in Kansas called dole. And they lived in carillon California. So they were going to leave the house at 1 a.m. so that they would get there at about 10 p.m. that same day. Then the R.V. pulled up the day before they left and wet and filled it up. Then it was 5 o’clock so they all had dinner and went to bed. But then they got up at midnight. Then they got ready and they hit the road. Then there mom drove the whole way with only two or three stops. The stops were only for a minute so that they could use the bathroom. But that made them a little behind schedule so they got there at 10:30 p.m... But then they had to find an R.V. park so that they could stop for the night. And after about another ten minutes they found one. Then when they all got up in the morning they went and filled the gas and went to all of the malls in a 50 mile radius. Then they went and got food to put in the R.V. so they would not run out. Then they decided that they should stay in a hotel that night so that they would have real cushioned beds. So when they got there they got everything they needed for the night. But then the daughter went out to get something that she forgot. Then when she was walking to the car she was shot and killed. When she dint come back her mom got worried so they went to check and they saw her lying on the ground near the r.v... Then after the mom stopped crying they brought her to the room and called the family. Then they called the investigators. They came as soon as they could and told the mother that the guy that killed there daughter that he was one of the guys that they had been looking for and has been on the run for a year now. And that he had killed over ten people in that year. And they will do whatever they can to help. So then they left. The next day they packed there stuff and went home. But first they went to all the places on there way home that the daughter wanted to go. Then as soon as they got there they had the funeral with all the family. Then just a few days later they moved. So there old friends never saw them again. Also the people in there neighborhood never see them unless they leave to get food.

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I wanted to go on a roadtrip.

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