Daniel the Fruit Slayer

March 3, 2011
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The enormous pear lunges toward Daniel. He nimbly sidesteps left, barely dodging the gigantic fruit. His mind is racing. What should he do? Then a ray of sunlight shining through a small hole in the roof of the cavern glints off a small sword, he can’t believe his luck. He starts making a dash towards the sword. The pear notices him heading for the weapon and attempts to cut him off, but Daniel is too fast. He rolls right, jukes left, and continues right, sprinting around the pear. In a spectacular feat he lunges forward, grabbing the sword, jumps off the wall and plunges the sword deep into the juicy flesh of the pear. A gut wrenching screech comes from the fruit. It staggers and falls to the ground, dead.

After peeling the fruit he takes a bite of its exposed flesh. It is cool and moist. It is the best tasting pear that has ever passed his lips. He feels the energy rush into his body. Extreme strength pulses through his veins. He almost feels invincible. He then proceeds through a small crawlspace into another section of the caverns of killer fruit.

He was sent here on a quest from his village leaders, for he was the most powerful warrior in the small town that lies down the mountains from these caverns. The fruit from these caverns had been terrorizing the town for months, destroying buildings, killing livestock, and stealing the women and children. Daniel was very quick to accept this assignment because no longer than one month ago a giant killer kiwi came and stole Daniel’s wife. She was never to be seen again. He was heartbroken by the loss of his wife, for he loved her eternally, but she had been cruelly taken away from him. He wanted nothing more than to get revenge for the loss of his sweetheart. Now came his chance to let the fury of his revenge down on the evil fruit.

Before entering the next section he wisely remembers to turn back and pull the sword out of the carcass of the pear. He carries it on with him to the next chamber.

As he enters, it’s eerily quiet. He takes the time to survey the chamber. It’s a large chamber of about fifty yards long and fifty yards wide. The high ceilings are almost 100 feet tall. Shadows cascade along the edges of the chamber, making it impossible to see what is hiding there. He sees a gaping passageway on the other side of the chamber. He decides to take it slow, cautiously navigating through the rocky terrain. Then he hears a small pebble fall thirty or so yards to his left. He freezes. Completely still he waits, listening, his muscles tense, ready to dive into action.

Then with a thunderous roar four of the largest grapes he’s ever seen come careening out of the shadows, screaming bloody murder. Each of the four grapes is approximately the size of a car, more like a hummer than a prius. Their ugly faces were twisted into a grimace as they flew toward Daniel. At first he is awestruck and doesn’t know what to do. Then his warrior instincts kick in. He starts sprinting backwards and turns just enough to hurl his sword at one of the grapes. Running it clean through and coming out the other side, the razor-sharp sword comes clanging to the ground.

Now Daniel’s in quite a predicament, left weaponless with three killer grapes rumbling toward him, thankfully sees the exit not thirty-five yards away! Finally a stroke of luck! He sizes up the grapes and thinks he can make it. So off he goes, running for his life. No farther than twenty-five yards away a feeling of dread washes over him. He’s not going to make it. Now he must make a decision. Turn and face the three grapes or run off and attempt to find some sort of weapon. Then he remembers taking a bit of the pear. He decides to take a huge risk. With his newfound strength from the pear he starts charging towards the three remaining grapes. The distance between them rapidly becomes less. Twenty yards, fifteen yards, five yards, then, when about six feet away from the killer trio he takes a mighty bound, jumping almost seven feet in the air, flying clean over the grapes.
On his way past he latches on with an iron death grip to one of the stems of the grapes. His body mass carries him over. His arm almost rips his arm out of its socket, but he remains steadily holding on. Then in one pull of extreme strength he rips one of the grapes insides out. There he sees a seed, just one seed about the size of a marshmallow. On the side of this dark colored small seed is a picture of an eye with a line coming out of it. He’s not sure what this means, but a small voice in his head tells him to eat it. In the time it takes for the other two grapes to regain their composure after their friend was slaughtered, he chomps down the seed. He feels some sort of feeling he’s never felt before wash over his entire body. Then it all stops and his eyes feel hot.

Right then the remaining two grapes came charging at him, set on avenging their fallen comrade. He feels his anger for the two grapes build inside his body. Building stronger and stronger, it’s almost uncontrollable. Then a bright red laser beam flies out of his eyes, illuminating the entire cavern. Each of the beams zap a grape. In a blinding flash both of the grapes are reduced to a pile of ashes.

He cannot believe what he has just done. He is inhuman, no, above human, super human. He charges into the next part of the caverns, with confidence in his newfound strength and laser vision pulsing through his veins.

In his jubilation he isn’t careful; he runs through the pitch-black passageway, straight off of a cliff. He feels a falling sensation. How could this happen? He could he be so stupid? He can’t believe what is happening. It was all for nothing. His quest to avenge his wife failed in this act of pure carelessness. He senses the ground rushing towards him. He decides to fire his lasers one last time to feel the sensation. When he does it once again; it illuminates the entire chasm. In the flash of light; he notices that the walls of this hole are lined with thick sturdy outcroppings of rock. He reaches out, attempting to latch on to one and pull himself up to safety. He catches one, but it slips from his grasp and he continues his steady decent to death. Then again, another failed attempt. His time is limited. One final try for his life. With the strength of ten thousand men he plunges his hand deep into the rock face. It begins sliding down, shredding the rocks, firing small pebbles everywhere. Then he comes to an abrupt stop. He uses his laser vision to blast a whole in the rocks. He did it!!! He pulls himself up. He uses his laser vision to fire his way through the walls and eventually returns to the surface.
After three days and three nights of travel he finally returns to his village. He returns with the news of his epic struggle. He remains in the village zapping away other rival villages and the occasional giant fruit daring enough to come out of the caverns. His village flourishes under his defense, and they soon conquer all other villages around and Daniel becomes supreme ruler of all in this area. Although, it was not becoming supreme ruler that pleased Daniel: it was the fact that he had gained revenge for his lost wife. This had been his lifes goal ever since the day he had his heart ripped out. And now he had finally done it. He knew it wouldn’t bring his wife back, but it gave him closure. He was content.

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