February 28, 2011
4th quarter, were down by 2, there’s only 10 seconds in the shot clock. And we have the ball. We were up against the best team in the league. The Boston Celtics. As I dribble the ball down the court I can hear everyone cheering LAKERS! I try to put everything slow in my mind. I went down the middle of the court I spun, I stepped back and BAM! I shot the jumper. The crowd went wild. The game became tie. As the time expired I tried to set my mind to a different mentality for over time. The coach from the Boston Celtics took a minute time out. I took advantage and I took the minute and told the boys that “This was the time were we had to shine. I told them “we did not come this far for nothing”. As the ref set us up to jump the ball I knew we were going to win this game.

The ref threw the ball up and my teammate. Tipped it to me. I got the ball I drove up the middle. I swigged it to my teammate. He looked inside. It wasn’t open. So he passed it right back to me. I passed it to the other side. My teammate gave it to the guy inside. He was wide open. He made a left hander layup. The Boston Celtics brought the ball down the court. There was this guy that was on fire. This name was ray Allen. He kept shooting 3-pointers in the corner. I said to myself I’m going to have to lead this team. After they shot the ball. I took it down the court and I stepped and shot the jumper.
The game became 89-92. There was only 2 minutes left. There point guard was fast too. His name was rajan rondo. He knew ray Allen was a good 3-point shooter. He gave it to ray Allen and he made the 3-pointer again! I got so
Mad. Nobody wanted to guard him. The game became tie again with only 1 minute left. They gave the ball two me at the end of the court. I tried to put an other 3-pointer. I couldn’t. I shot the ball and I missed. They got the ball and when fast down to the other court. They passed it again to ray Allen. But this time he couldn’t do anything. I was guarding him good. But he had heart. He just turned around and SWISHES the ball! He was unstoppable. The score became 95-92. There was only 30 seconds. I brought the ball down. I went down low, I posted up they gave me the ball I turned I faked that I was going up and I shot the ball and I was going to shoot a free throw. I had the pressure. There was only 3 seconds left. If I missed this, we would lose the game; if I make it I tie the game, and go to over time. I tried to relax myself for the free throw. My hands were sweating, I looked up and all I see is fans cheering MVP. I look straight to the basket and I shot the ball and I miss the free throw. I was furious. I missed the free throw. I don’t know why I missed that free throw. We had the pasion and the desire but they had more heart in that last quarter.

End of game.

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