foot ball years

February 28, 2011
By Marcus34 BRONZE, Oxnard, California
Marcus34 BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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Ever since I was a little kid me and my dad would always watch and play football. When I turned seven years old my dad sing me up for football. My mom thought I was going to get hurt, but little did I know mom was right again. For my first year of football I play for a team called the rhino’s. I was number 83 and played a couple of positions like tighten and linebacker and so on. I was the hardest hitting on the team and I finished the season 5 and 4 losing are first playoff game. My second year play I got the number 34 and it stayed with me for a couple of years after that but I which teams to the Oxnard knights. Most of my team came with me and my coach. My coach name is Juan and on are final game of our season he blow it by talking back to the reefer and getting us penalized for 20 yards. When end the season 3 and 5 not getting into the playoffs. Half way thought my third second my heel was dislocated form playing football. I was taken to the doctors to get this thing call a boot to wear on my foot to put my heel back in place. I sat out two games I end my season 6 and 4 losing our second playoff game. My forth year I had an even worse injure than my third year. I ended up getting a muscle spam in my back with all most paralyzed me but I was in so much pain I wouldn’t move with out filling pain in my body. It all happen when me and my team were practice hitting drills and the lowest man would win. Me and my team mate Grog were both almost driving at the floor. We both end up getting hurt, me worse. My dad was there and he took me to the E.R. in Oxnard they gave me some medicine and told me I will be all right and I would just need to go to the chiropters and get check out. When I went over to get an x ray of my spine and it was out of place. They gave me an adjustment and told me to keep coming back and I would better. After a month or so I was better and all the pain was over my football team was glad to see me back on the field and my coaches too I was glad.

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