What Did I Do?

February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Smash, the glass window was busted and I was in. Not long after that the blazing alarm rang out. I made my way towards the safe. Knowing it wouldn’t be long until the police would be here. Moving fast was my only option. By now my palms are sweating as I try to pry open the safe door, which was not easy, it wouldn’t budge. I’m beginning to realize I’ve made an awful mistake, as I start to hear the sirens rounding the corner. I make a bigger mistake, I run. Jumping out of the window I had busted, the only thing on my mind is where I could hide. There’s an old vacant house two blocks from here, I think. The white rundown house is in my view, just at that moment a helicopter appears out of nowhere, a light beaming down towards the ground. Sirens become loud and I sprint for the house. My sudden sprint catches the helicopters attention and before I know it the helicopter has the light on me. I’m starting to feel like a mouse trapped in a box with a flashlight shining down onto me. My direction changes towards a fire escape on the side of an apartment building. On the roof there is nowhere to go. The police cars surrounded the building by now; the helicopter is still hovering from above. As the police approach me with caution, handcuffs in hand.

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ZBarnni said...
on Mar. 5 2011 at 2:38 pm
Great story! I really enjoyed it... Wonder what happens next.


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