President No More

March 1, 2011
By Anonymous

    He looked through his binoculars scanning the crowd. It would be safer to take the shot before he went on stage. Of course he could wait till gets off the stage and track him through the crowd but that could be up to 2hrs and he might leave right after the speech. Everyone thought of him as a hero. The entire governmentdid for that. Only his own CIA and there alliances in this case (The NSA andthe FBI) knew the truth. That he was a terrorist project 52 years in the makingthat came out lucky. He knew that the charges were being planted in the nuclearplants and government buildings that minute. Finlay he found him standing inthe middle of the room. He started checking. Black Tie suit, his hair slicked back, surrounded by S.S. agents with no idea what was about to happen. The women posing as the first lady pretending to be in love with him walked up tohim. He was told that she would not be present tonight. She must have changed her mind. He would eliminate her to. He saw a U.S. flag being raised above the stage and a S.S. agent signaling him to wrap up his conversation. He would have to hurry. He pulled out a range finder. 150 yards. He checked his wind-measuring device. 25 miles per hour. He loaded 3 shots in his .50 caliber sniper. He would only need two. He could smell the gunpowder. He adjusted his scope. Four dots to the right and two dots up. He had a clear shot. He took one last check on the man and his fake wife. They were both wearing the specialseal. His on a tie hers on her necklace. It was them. He fired one shot swiveled and took the second. He heard screams and saw cars pulling up. Hejumped out the 5 story window and landed in the dumpster below. His gun in handhe climbed out and ran toward the motorcycle. He strapped in his gun and tookoff in the direction of the assigned safe house. When he arrived he ran to aradio in the corner. “Target alimented. Move in.” S.W.A.T. Teams everywherewere moving in on government building and nuclear plants to take over and disarm the charges that were about to destroy the U.S.A.

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