Devil's Trade: Historic Present Friends - Prologue

March 1, 2011
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I made a deal with a stranger this one day. I did not know whom the stranger may be, only that, somehow he was “safe”. He gave me a wardrobe, not any regular wardrobe, but a magic wardrobe, he claims. I saw nothing of the “magic”, but it looked like a priceless antique of the 1600s.

His part of the deal was that, and I in return had to give him $2 and 10 cents. He also added that if I were to journey to the 1600s, to get the object of royalty. I knew absolutely nothing of what he said.

When I returned home, I found the lovely piece of antique already place in my room. It was magic, and now I believed it, at least part of what he said.

As I opened it, I found it to be empty, but clean. I felt the sides and every part of the wardrobe to see what was so “magical” about it. Still, it was worth my two dollars and ten cents; I could sell it for a BIG fortune. Money filled up the wardrobe but I knew it was my imagination.

As I reached out to make sure it was an imagination, because it could have been a magical trick of the wardrobe. As the tips of my fingers touched the money, I lost my balance. It wasn't on purpose, it felt as if something or someone had pushed me. Probably my sister or my other sister, they're going to pay for it as soon as I balance myself. The back of the wardrobe became a black background that descended upon me. My head hurts. My sisters are going to pay for sure.

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