The Quest for the Eyes of Medusa

February 20, 2011
By hutsontyler BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
hutsontyler BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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SNAP!!!!! Finally the huge branch gave way and it came tumbling down. Rick Rider had only seconds to react. Instantly he jumped out of the way of the branch and into the Amazon River. When he entered the cold, frigid waters everything was calm. Then as he surfaced, a deluge of water came rushing at him. As soon as his head popped out of the water he felt his body being pulled by some force. He looked to see what the force was and ahead of him there was the biggest eddy he had ever seen. He started to swim away but the current was to strong. As he was engulfed by the water, he let the current take him to the bottom of the whirlpool. It was quick; as soon as he was under, he was taken by another current and then he floated up to the surface. Before anything else could happen he got out of the water and on to dry land. “Man that was close.” he said to himself, “I heard that the Amazon had rough waters but that was insane. At least I can still continue my quest for the Eyes of Medusa.” He had heard that the Eyes of Medusa looked like the eyes of a serpent and that they were the only weakness of the evil dracens. The dracens are evil serpent women that want to destroy the world. With their scaly bodies they want to use the Eyes to conquer and destroy our planet.
Once he had gathered himself, he continued his search for the Lost Temple of Medusa, which is where the Eyes of Medusa were hidden. Luckily, only a few yards away was the cave entrance to the temple. However it was blocked by two dracens. “Great! Now what?” he said dismally. Then he got an idea, “Maybe if I made a distraction, I could sneak by them.” He then took out a smoke bomb and set it off by him. BAM!!!! The dracens saw the smoke but didn’t move a muscle. “Shoot!”
Even though his first plan didn’t work, he always had a backup plan. So he took his portable fan and blew the smoke over by the dracens. When it was on them, he swiftly ran into the smoke, past the dracens, and into the cave. What lay in front of him was a huge serpentine staircase and at the top of it was a platform with the Eyes of Medusa on it.
Quickly he ran up the stairs to grab them, but when he got to the top there was a huge dormant tiger sleeping by the Eyes. Therefore he ran straight at the Eyes, jumped over the tiger, and grabbed them. But once he had touched the Eyes the tiger woke up!
Though as soon as the tiger’s eyes meet the gaze of the Eyes of Medusa, the beast was turned to stone. “So that’s what they do,” he said in surprise, “I thought they shot lasers.” As he started for the exit and he said “Now it’s time to go save the…….,” he never got to finish his sentence. As he stepped outside he saw that there wasn’t just two dracens waiting for him but about one hundred of them. “Awe man! Why can’t I get a break?”

The author's comments:
This was a school project for my writing teacher. It is about my character getting his special object and the trials he has to go through to get it.,

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jjwil82 said...
on Mar. 1 2011 at 8:44 am
jjwil82, Yuma, Arizona
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This story pulls you in from the very first sentence. I felt like I was in the movie version of this story. Way to go!


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