Today We are Friends, Tomorrow We are Lovers -Act 3-

February 21, 2011
By ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"While ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

It was dark and cold in the dream land.

Yuki looked around and rubbed her arms with her hands quickly before getting up. She donned a cloak and with it, a katana strapped onto her back. She wore boots that climbed up onto her knees and her shirt was built for the snow and ice. Her pants clung to her legs as she walked forward into the icy wind. Her shirt clung to her body, showing her curves as her cloak flew backwards behind her. She got up and walked on the barren ice land, and all she heard was the icy wind and the crunches that her feet made. Nothing seemed natural about this place. She knew it was the Fate Master’s idea of fun, but she wasn’t sure. It had frost rolling off of it in waves, just like the ocean. The ice was a light blue hue and nothing grew on it’s soil. She walked on the barren ice land for what seemed like a lifetime before a voice caught her attention.

“Going somewhere? I thought you’d be properly dressed to see an old friend.”

She jumped inside but only turned around to face the voice that pulled her out of her thoughts. The man stood in front of her, his dark right wing and light left wing billowing out feathers behind itself. His eyes were such a crystal blue that it looked like he had crystals for eyes. He donned an old, expensive cloak that had beautiful designs with black butterflies over the designs. His hair, all clad in its blue/white, billowed behind him, giving him a mystical look. He held a staff in one hand, and a time turner in another. The staff glowed a faint blue and the time turner had sand moving very slowly in it’s bottle.

“Fate Master.” she bowed, making her hair fall forward without grace. She stood up and her clothes faced the wind backwards, making the grace fall somewhere else in space. Her eyes held no merriment, only confusion. “Why are you here? I thought you blamed me for my fathers death.” His jaw tightened slightly as she spoke of her father but her eyes caught his softening.

“No need to be so formal, Yuki-chan. I am here to deliver some news about his…passing.” She perked up and paid close attention. He went on. “He has been interrupted in his passing and is here on your mortal world. Help him out and I will return your strength back to you.”

“Fair deal. Tell me where he was last seen and I will help him. But who stopped him?”

“Your grandfather.”

“Mothers grandfather!?”

“No, his father.”

“Aa, that makes sense.” She crossed her arms and looked around. “Such nice land you have here.”

He nodded. “Yes, beautiful isn’t it?”

“I was being sarcastic.” She glanced at him and saw he was laughing. “What’s so funny?”

He looked at her with merriment held in his eyes. “Your sarcasm has gotten so little progress. Come child, and talk with me.” She nodded and the scene changed dramatically. From a icy h*** to a forest, the birds and other forms of life started to wake up from the icy h***. Yuki’s clothes changed as well. She now donned a kimono like dress that stopped at the mid-thigh. The sleeves covered her hands and the base color was a dark blue tinted with a midnight purple in it. The sash in the front was a snow white with just a bit of dark blue mixed into it’s hue. A smaller bow was tied above it and it was a pitch black color. The tips of the bow was a bloodly crimson. Yuki had a red string tied around her right leg and the red string clung and climbed up her leg until her knee. Her feet had no shoes on it and her hands had crimson fingerless gloves on it. Her long hair swished as she turned on her heels. “Did you pick this out by yourself or with my parents?”

Fate shrugged his shoulders lazily and she noticed his clothes didn’t change. “You could say that.”
Yuki gave him a skeptical look and she swished her tail.

“No matter. Lets race.” Yuki smirked and he sighed.

“You know what the end result will be Yuki-kun.”

“I’ve gotten faster old man!”

“Old man?! Oh now your dead!” He growled and lunged for the girl. She laughed and rolled out of the way. She got up and ran into the forest and he ran soon after.

The girl was like a shadow-- Soundless. Her footsteps made no noise as they touched the bark. She laughed silently as Fate looked for her with blind rage. Oi, my dear. Want to show him what we are made of?


Lets go then~!

And with that, Yuki jumped silently from the tree tops, her red string fluttering silently behind her foot. She landed and she accidentally landed on a twig, causing a SNAP sound to rebound through the whole area. Oh no! Yuki tensed up and held her breath as Fate looked around. Fate narrowed his eyes and stomped forward. “Must be myself..” Yuki heard Fate mumble. Yuki released her breathe silently and relaxed a bit. She jumped and observed Fate for a little longer before she jumped onto a tree branch above Fate. She jumped up and unfurled her four feet black wings and she hovered silently above him.

She rolled her shoulders and she shook some feathers out. The black feathers descended slowly and she saw Fate look up in awe. “Why hello there. Told you I had four feet black wings.” She descended slowly and her feet touched the ground soundlessly. “So, what now?” She rolled her shoulders and cracked her back.

Fate frowned at Yuki as she cracked her back. “That’s not good for you, Yuki-kun.”

She threw a sideways glance at him. “Since when have I listened to rules?”

Fate groaned. “Ugh, your hopeless.” If that came from someone else, it would have made her keel over. But she smiled and laughed as she took in the joke.

She poked his chest. “You haven’t been following rules as well, Fate-sama. You keep screwing around with fate and your red strings so I can end up with Layne, Ev’mont and Basil.” Fate cocked an eyebrow as she went on. “A woman has also been following me. Mind telling me who it is?” Fate sighed.

“Alright, if you insist…”

Yuki stayed silent and backed up a bit. She crossed her arms and wore an understanding expression as he spoke.

“The woman who has been following you for most of your life is named Fuyu. She is your father’s sister and she promised your father that she would watch over you, to keep from you from harm. But, Fuyu is scarred for life because she saw your injuries.” He looked at Yuki’s obscured scar that stretched from the middle of her chest and wound right until her small of back. He went on. “Fuyu couldn’t handle it and she killed the man.”

Yuki grabbed his collar quickly. “What do you mean?!” Fate widened his eyes as he realized who the man was.

“Don’t tell me..”

“It was my BROTHER!” And with that, Yuki let go of Fate and ran away from him. She ran away despite Fate calling her name over and over. Fuyu had taken the life of her brother.

This calls for war.

She woke herself up by making her body stab her arm with her own claws. Yuki woke up and gasped from the sudden pain. She stopped stabbing her arm with her claws and healed herself. She got up and stumbled a bit from the dizziness. She heard the guys talking and she opened her door. She peeked outside of the door, and then she stepped out of the threshold. “Morning..” She yawned and stretched. She noticed the gaping stares from Ev’mont and Layne, but Basil gave her a look that said, What’s going on? She shrugged it off and smiled. “Thanks for letting me use the bed.” She smiled again and laughed inwardly as Ev’mont almost had a nose bleed.

“Oh-- Uhm, no problem.” Ev’mont looked away. Yuki realized that her clothes were no longer her armor, but what she had worn when she talked to Fate. She rolled her shoulders and heard a CRACK. She drew in air through clenched teeth and smiled through the pain.

“Don’t worry, its only the morning stress.” Yuki said. Basil motioned her over with the slightest nod of his head that only Yuki noticed. “Excuse me for a minute.” She slipped in between Ev’mont and Layne, moving towards Basil. After they stepped outside, she asked Basil. “What’s wrong?”

Basil narrowed his eyes and put his face close to hers. “There’s something your not telling us all. Why do you have strange clothes on? What happened to your arm?” When he noted her arm, she put it behind her back. “Where is your armor? Why is there anger, betrayal and grief rolling off of you in waves? Your shoulder cracking is not “morning stress” if your not telling us something.” Basil leaned back a bit and listened as she spoke.

“My armor? It is with the Fate Master. My strange clothes are from the Fate Master as well, we talked in my dreams. He manipulates my dreams for it to become reality to a certain extent. If I cause pain to myself, I will wake up. The-- how do you see that?” She paused.

Basil sighed. “If you look close enough, you can see the auras rolling off of you like fine sheets of paper falling.”

She settled for that answer for now and continued. “My arm was stabbed by me when I learned that Fuyu took my brother’s life. I learned from the Fate Master that my brother is dead, that Fuyu is my fathers sister and that she has been watching over me ever since I was born.” She let out a audible breath leave her nose. “Satisfied, or do you need more?”

Basil shook his head and he hugged her. Yuki hugged back and closed her eyes. She gasped as a loud THUNK hit her back. She gasped and heard Basil cackle. “Finally got you to open up so you could be killed.” She clawed at his face in anger.

Yuki! This is not Basil! If it were, he would of fought it off!

Well, obviously it’s not Basil! Or maybe he’s being suppressed…

She heard Sora grunt in frustration. Just aim for the legs. Do you see the bump? That’s what made him go… Sora looked for a word appropriate for Basil. Insane.

Huh, you don’t say.

No time for sarcasm!

Yuki jumped back and exhaled through clenched teeth as she pulled out the object of pain out of her back. She threw it to her opponent’s leg and kept an emotionless face as the opponent screamed in agony as she made it lit aflame. “Sorry.” She muttered and she limped towards Basil. Basil looked at her, one eye a brilliant green and another a deep burgundy red. “I’ll revive, you I promise!” She shouted as she jumped up. She felt like the world was slowed down as she was in the air above Basil. Time seemed to speed up as she turned her arm, swinging it in an arc instead of down. She felt the piece of metal hit Basil’s chest, making the evil spirit leave. “Gotcha!” She yelled as she caught the evil spirit. She dug the metal into it as the evil spirit fizzled away.

She walked over and started to revive Basil using her scrolls. As she started to revive Basil, a new voice entered her mind. Why revive the soul that kills you? Is it for your own redemption, or is it for his?

Yuki frowned and ignored the new voice as she revived Basil.

The voice spoke again, louder than ever. Listen to me. You know who I am, and you have fears that you keep from even yourself. Heed my words, and heed them well. If you revive him, you’ll never be able to help me over the threshold of Heaven. Can you live with that?

Yuki stopped in shock. She laid herself on Basil’s chest and started to cry. “Why does this happen to me?!” She screamed as loud as she could. Sobs tore out of her like a heart being torn out of it’s body as she cried on Basil’s chest. She felt hands, she heard noises, but she could not place them with names or faces. She gradually stopped sobbing as she was placed into a bed with someone.. A man.. But who?

Rest child. No one can hurt you now..


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This article has 4 comments.

on Feb. 28 2011 at 9:38 pm
ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
7 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"While ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

Thanks, I'll fix that when I have the time. I'll look at your story when I can grab some time away from school and home {Maybe on the weekend?}. 

on Feb. 28 2011 at 9:37 pm
ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
7 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"While ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

Thanks, I'll fix that soon. 

on Feb. 26 2011 at 10:29 pm
blackest_rose, Poulsbo, Washington
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments
that was cool you need to do some editing. hey will you look at mine see what u think?

MKimmi said...
on Feb. 26 2011 at 11:20 am
MKimmi, NY, New York
0 articles 0 photos 103 comments
Soem of it doesn't really make sense, but it was good overall, some grammar mistakes though...


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