Magic vs. Might

February 17, 2011
In the town of Brunswick, Maine there lived a girl named Soliloquy, known as Soli, but she was different from other girls. She was a warrior. Soli’s younger brother Perks had once been abducted by a warlock named Todes and she had to go a rescue him. She had also learned to harness magic and wield a blade from her new mentor Ramar and was helped through a maze by a dwarf Deyja. One of her highest hopes since returning was to be able to return and visit Ramar and Deyja and although she didn’t know it she would.

One summer’s day in the middle of July Soli sat on her bed reading an old book. This book once belonged to Ramar, her mentor; it contained spells that he thought might be useful for fight against Todes. After coming across a spell whose definition was: think of where you are going, thinking of Ramar’s hut and said “Verkehr”. A familiar shimmering distortion of pink light appeared in front of her grabbling Narglem, her sword she brought back from her first trip, and the book of spells she walked into the light.

As soon as Soli stepped in the sense of walking through honey engulfed her, as sun shone upon her face again she was standing in front of a hut she knew to be Ramar’s. Walking to the door, she wondered if Ramar would be happy to see her. Upon reaching the door she knocked a familiar deep voice said “who is it?”

“Soli” said Soli,
The door swung open to reveal a man about six feet tall with black hair and a short beard. “You’re back.” said Ramar
“Yeah,” said Soli, “thought I’d come and visit.”
“Well now isn’t a good time for visiting but its good you’re here.”
“Because Zavorazhivat? Todes’ brother came when he herd Todes was defeated in battle and started searching the area for you, when Todes died he gave Tourmaline to Zavorazhivat? but this time we fight together.”

So the two set out for the castle that had once held Soli’s brother captive. In very little time the pair had reached the castle doors, and upon entering a loud booming voice came from the hall way ahead “so you’ve returned to kill me” boomed the voice, ignoring the voice Soli and Ramar charged forward swords drawn over their heads as a figure with red hair, like Todes, stepped from the shadows. "Lethen" yelled Soli and charged with her blade raised. To her surprise Zavorazhivat? stepped to the side and scored a gash down her arm. “Get back,” yelled Ramar, “he’s immune to most spells” circling back to stand by Ramar’s side Soli muttered “heilen“ healing her wound then managing to say “Thanks for the warning” and charged again this time read to block, sparks flew from the swords as they clashed together. “Aufzug” shouted Ramar and lifted Soli into the air. Now having to block aerial attacks there was a gap in Zavorazhivat? defense taking this opportunity Ramar charged and ran his sword through Zavorazhivat? chest.

Once back on the ground Soli picked up Tourmaline, the green sword, from the ground. Handing it to Ramar, Soli said “this is yours, I believe” Ramar nodded taking the sword. “Let me guess,” he said, “you’ve got to leave” she nodded. “Next time hopefully there won’t be an evil warlock intent on ruling this area. After saying goodbye Soli muttered “Verkehr” and returned home.

At home Soli stored away Narglem and the spell book. Then wondered why do these psycho warlocks always seem to want to kill me. Once she was finished putting away her adventure gear she lied down for a well deserved nap.

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