Crazy trip

February 15, 2011
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Hector, Hector, Hector get up it is 4:00am and we have to be at the airport at 5:00am my dad said to me.
I hurried up and got my bags and closed my door and went down stairs. My parents were running all over the house getting stuff so they didn’t miss anything. But my sister was taking forever to go down stairs. My dad was yelling because she didn’t hurry up so my said “you are all ways the last one out the house.” She said back to him “im just fixing my hair and I will be down in second.”

Okay hurry up because we have to be at Newark airport by 5:00AM. My mom and I were helping my dad put all the bags in the car. So finally my sister came out the house and my dad and I said to her “you finally came out.” So when we were almost there my sister said we might be in Kansas around noon. So when we were checking in the man said the plane will be leaving at 6:AM so my dad said “we came at good time because it is 5:00AM so we start to walk to are gate. So I told my dad “just think the seats are really small and we have to seat in them for 4:00 hours in till we get to Kansas” He told me back.

So when we first walked they look like big seats but then they told us those seats are first seats and they cost more money then what you payed. So we walked to the other half of the plane and they were to small seats I stared to laugh when I saw my dad because we bet. The whole plane ride I fell asleep ones we got to Kansas my uncle and aunt were happy to see us and my uncle was to my dad and I were taking you guys Great Wolf Loge because hector’s birthday. So that night my sister and I didn’t sleep at all because of thinking of great wolf loge. The next day my cousins and I were all happy because great wolf loge is one of the coolest places because there is an indoor water park. When we went in we checked in and went up to the room and when were about to the water park all of my cousins were calling to say “happy birthday” So after I talk to them I was able to go to the water park. So after that we would just wonder around Kansas. It was rally fun and that same week we were in Morristown and it felt like it was just a dream.

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