February 12, 2011
By tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
~ Maria Robinson

“RUN!” I could still hear Gideons voice in my head 2 days after the scourgers had attacked our camp. We had been staying their for 3 weeks. Longer than we had ever stayed in one place, but we didn’t have much of a choice due to Gidoen’s broken leg. We had been eating dinner. That night I had caught it, roast garst. It was tastless and dry, but it filled our stomachs. I had just made a rather large belch and Gideon was laughing his head off when we heard a screech. We recognized it at once, I scourger. We knew we were in their territory, but the nearest human settlement was 2 days away so we were going to wait. Apparently the scourgers had heard us. The moment we heard them, me and Gideon both quicky grabbed our weapons; me with my slingshot and Gideon with his broadsword. Then the scourgers appeared. More of them than we had anticipated; Gideon immediately knew we couldn’t take them. He threw me his sword hilt first and I caught it. He yelled out to me, “ RUN!” so that is what I did. But as I was running, I looked back and saw Gideon being torn apart, limb by limb. I had to fight back my tears. I decided to do what Gideon had told me. I ran; I never turned back again. I had gotten ill and been staying in a cave near the Human settlement of Farren. I had been seen by the town physican, but he couldn’t figure out was wrong with me. He figured I had some foreign disease. But I knew the tuth, I had lost the will to live………….

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