Secret Agent: William Jefferson #1

February 6, 2011
By Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
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My arms wired down. My feet dangling aimlessly in the air as dark red blood trickled down my legs. I was helpless. Whoever was behind that tiny wooden door at the end of the hallway; is going to be in a world of trouble.

But that happens later in the story. Let's get to the present. My name is William Jefferson. But you will call me Will. You hear me? Of course you did. And you will follow everything I say to you, if you want to stay alive. This city is dangerous, and it's full of enemies. That's why we need to be careful. Now listen; I don't know you that well yet. So I can't tell you all of the secrets this city holds; nor the secrets about myself. Because I have a lot of them, that not even my family knows of.

Ok so lets get to the basics. Tonight we're sneaking into the old and abandoned Wal-mart down on Willows Road. Don't ask any questions. Just pay attention. Ok. Listening? Good. Now. When we get there I'm going to ask you to stay quiet. Not a peep out of you. Got it? Good...

Alright, wake up sleepy-head. We're heading out. Let's go. We walk slowly down Willows Road, avoiding any eye contact with people in passing cars. Ok sleepy, we're here. Let's get inside. I break down an old plank covering a small hole leading to the janitors closet. We crawl quickly inside. Ok. Now listen. I was gonna tell you what we were doing earlier today, but I figured you would chicken out and run away. Now. What we're about to do is kill the 'The Loco's'. A gang of five 17 year-old juvenile delinquents. Who are thirsty to kill. We might not make it out of here alive. Lets roll...

The author's comments:
I will be posting the article in different sections to make sure readers will come back for more and not have to read a huge story all at one time.

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