The Fire Pit

February 8, 2011
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My name is Akusa and I am from an Indian tribe. Akusa is a name our tribes’ chief gave me. Akusa means “Soaring Eagle”. I am a boy that is 14 starting today. The age 14 is the sacred number of our tribe which means TONIGHT is the big ceremony. The ceremony is when you must leave your parents house and make a house for yourself in the tribe grounds. The best part about the ceremony I get to take on a role of my tribe. I’m thinking of what my role will be. I hope it’s either a council member or warrior. I look out of my window at the sun, which is now setting. “Akusa! Can you help me with something”, a voice said? I walk towards the voice. “Sure, mom”, I said entering the kitchen. “SURPRISE” screamed my 5 year old little brother showing me a cake. I smiled and looked at the cake. “Thanks, Taton” I replied picking him up. “Wee” he said happily. “Happy Birthday, Son”, my dad said. I put Taton down and he ran out of the room and came back with a little pouch. I looked at the pouch. It was tan with a string wrapped around it. “Open it”, mom said looking at me. “ “Yeah! Open it” Taton chimed. I did as they said. I held up a necklace that had a charm on it. It was a smooth carved tan eagle. I put it on with a smile on my face. “It is a perfect fit,” I said. “One more thing” my dad said handing me tanned hide boots, pants, and shirt. I put everything on. “It is a family heirloom,” he said. I looked at my mom. “Well it is starting to get dark out so you better get going” she said. I nodded. “We built you a cabin to live in,” my dad said. I nodded again. At this time my throat felt like it was swelling. I took my first step out of the front door. “Well this is it,” I thought to myself. I looked at the path and started walking. “Don’t go” Taton said running to me. I knelt down and gave him a hug. We both started crying. “I have to” I said to him. “Please… don’t go,” he said again looking up at me. “I…have to” I replied to him. I kissed him and starting walking down the path to the Grounds. I looked back and saw Tatum waving goodbye to me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and waved goodbye. I kept walking. As I was walking I was thinking of Taton and how we used to play together. I never forgot his laugh or the way he smiles at me as if he has nothing to worry about. Soon I made it to the Grounds where I saw our tribes’ chief. “Come” he said. I did as I was told. “Pick an object,” he said pointing to what seems to like 150 items. I walked over and looked at the items. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a staff. I knelt down by it and put it on my lap. I couldn’t help but notice that it reminds me of Taton and how we would playfully fight each other with sticks. I burst into tears. The chief walked over to me and knelt down. He put his hand on my shoulder and spoke in a hushed voice. “It is hard to do this, I understand,” he said. I nodded wiped back the tears and stood up. I handed him the staff. He took it and tossed it in the fire. I stared at the flames. “I can see that you are very protective about your brother and your love to him and others shows, Akusa, you are fierce when you need to be and loving to all… you treat others how you wanted to be treated… you are what we need, Akusa” he said. “What is that?” I questioned him? “We need a loving… warrior” he replied. “Oh great ancestors of our tribe gather around and witness Akusa the Soaring Eagle take his place as one of our tribes warrior!” he said. I looked at the fire and a saw the fire grow tall and then it began to calm down. I looked at him. “Here”, he said giving me a huge book. I dusted off the book and it read: For The Eyes of a Warrior Only- The Past and Present of our Tribe. “What is this for” I said. “This is the book that belonged to your father” he replied. “My father was a warrior” I exclaimed? “ Yes indeed, he is now 45 so he has been decommissioned” he said. “Why” I asked. “When you turn 40 you must quit your role, unless you’re the chief”. “So how am I supposed live now?” I asked. “Don’t you remember, your father has given you a cabin for yourself” he replied. “I shall take you their now”, he said. I nodded and followed him. As I was following him I looked down at my necklace and for some reason it was glowing. I ignored it and started looking at the stars. “ So. Are there other warriors with experience that can teach me?” I asked. “ There is one out of 60 that can” he replied. “ Why only one” I said. “ Oh I forgot to tell you that you are the head warrior and you shall do training with Plach,” he said. I thought a moment. “ Plach means “Open”, I exclaimed. “Yes it does,” he said. “So what is the head warrior supposed do?” I asked looking at the ground. “ You give the other warriors advice, get them ready for battle, but most importantly you need to teach them to love one another” he said. “Thank you so much, chief” I said with a smile. “Please Akusa, you can call me Yoratin,” he said. I thought again. “Yoratin means seven,” I thought to myself. I looked around me and there were a lot of trees. “I cannot go farther” Yoratin said, “go through the trees and you will reach the warriors camp which is just right outside of our village”. I nodded and slowly walked. At this point things are running through my minds like a tornado. I sigh and walked up to a bush. I pulled back branches and bushes and walked through. To my surprise everyone looks at me. They stop doing what they were doing and to my surprise they were bowing down to me as if I was king. I paused and said “Warrior when I am the head warrior do not bow down to me treat me as if you would treat your family and friends”. They got up and welcomed me. I smiled and said “Thank you” to each one of them. I thought for a moment. “Why did they bow down to me where the other head warriors like that” I thought. “Things are going to change,” I said softly. “ Can someone please get me a smooth stone, a hammer and a chisel?” I said. To my surprise they rushed over to me with all of the things I needed. They smiled. “Thank you” I said again. I placed a huge smooth stone in the center of the camp right where the campfire was and I started chiseling. I could notice that they were over me watching what I was doing. Finally I finished and stood back. They all crowded around it and looked at it with amazement. One of them came up to me and said “ Thank you brother I agree with you, my name is Plach”. I smiled and told him to gather every one up and send them off to their barracks we have a long day tomorrow. He did as I told him to. “ Thank you” I replied, “can you show me my cabin, Plach”? He nodded. “One second please” I told him. I walked up to my carving and it read: Treat others how you want to be treated… We are family… I will always accept you into the family… and this is how it is going to stay. I thought for a moment and walked to Plach. “I am ready,” I said. I followed him to a cabin. He stopped and smiled. I smiled back and walked into the cabin. I looked around. I saw a comfortable bed and laid down. It looked like any other cabin with a closet and a small kitchen. I took the book that Yoratin gave me and slid it under the bed. I pulled the blanket over me. I felt nice and warm. So I layed there listening to the wind blowing the tree branches. I loved how the room smelled like pine needles. The aroma got me drifting off to sleep.
“Hey! Akusa! Wake up…” a voice called out. I open my eyes to a squint. I saw a dark figure that was holding something. It was a spear! I sprung out of bed and grabbed a spear that was hanging on the wall. I turned around and stood my ground. “Lower your weapon Akusa, it is me, Plach”, he said. I did as I was told. “You are pretty quick on your feet”, he replied. I smiled and put my hand behind my head. “Sorry Plach”, I said, “I thought you were an enemy”. I looked outside and to my surprise everyone was up and talking. “We are low on food, we need to hunt”, he explained. I saw him put a bow and arrows on my bed. “I will wait for you outside with the others”. He walked outside and started talking to some of the warriors. I yawned and stretched. “Time to start the day”, I thought. I grabbed the bow and arrows. The bow and arrows came in a small quiver. I put the things in and swung it around my shoulder. I yawned again and dragged my feet across the cabin floor. “Wait a moment… I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HUNT WITH A BOW!” I thought. “It couldn’t be that hard to shoot an arrow”. I opened the creaky cabin door to join the others and tried as hard as I can to hide my sleepy look. As I was scanning over the people my eye caught something. I looked over these two guys and tried to hear their conversation. (Even though my parents say it is not polite to eavesdrop on other people). “ I hear the Jou-tails are returning for revenge” one whispered. “Who are the Jou-tails”, the other asked. “ The Fire Pit wielders…”, he answered. “I better not get in their conversation”, I thought to myself. I will just look it up in my book. I turn around to go into my cabin but Plach caught me by my tan shirt. “Where are you going, we have to go hunt”.
“Where are you going brother?” Plach asked. “ I thought we were hunting?” he tugged me back away from the cabin. Darn looks like I will look when we get back. “Come on”, Plach said impatiently. He tugged again pulling by my necklace. I turned around and stared at him. He looked at the necklace. “Is there someone precious to you?” he asked. I paused a moment as a tear ran along my cheek. “Yes… his name is Taton, he is my little brother”. “It’s hard, I understand very well Akusa,” he said with grief, “Taton means loved”. I nodded and wiped away the tear as I was holding the fine carved eagle. “Let us hunt” I said,” gather three more warriors”. I sat on a rock with my face in my hands. As I sat upon the rock I looked around at the others. In a far distance I saw what seemed to be a man with dark eyes with an evil essence feeling. I stood up and squinted at the man. He made an evil smile and disappeared in a flash. “I must be dreaming,” I whispered. Looking back again I saw nothing… “What ever that was, it’s gone now,” I thought. Scanning for any trace of it I saw Plach walking back with three others. Two guys stood beside Plach while this girl seems to be behind the scrawnier one of the guys. The other one is the exact opposite, with the look that is very intimidating and a look says this guy could probably kill me. With me starting to shake I walk and meet them half way. “These are my friends”, Plach said, “very skilled in hunting”. I smiled a friendly smile. “What are your names, I must know if we are hunting together” I replied. Plach stepped backwards out of sight behind them. They all looked at each other in silence. The scrawny one of the three stepped forward with excitement in his eyes. “My name is Narro” he exclaimed. I thought a moment… Narro means mind. I nodded and he took a step back. The tough looking one that seemed twice my size stepped forward. “ My name is Varri, which means gentle”. My eyes got big. “He looks like a gentle guy, who could rip my arms off!” I thought to myself. “Okay so we have Narro and Varri, what is your name,” I asked pointing to the girl. She slowly took a step forward. “ My…name is… K’lara.” She whispered. “Meaning ‘life’ ”, I said blushing. She blushed too and stepped back looking at the ground. Plach gave me an awkward look. Narro and Varri raised an eyebrow at me. “Shall we hunt now?” I said trying to change the subject. Plach gave me a little smile. “Sure follow me”, he said giving the same little smile. I let out a sigh of relief and follow right behind Plach. “So what do think of them?” he said. “Well, Narro seems fun to be around, and Varri scares me”, I replied softly. “And what about K’lara” he asked. I pause and pretend to ignore him. “Isn’t it great to be in love, Akusa, Considering you like K’lara?” “I am not in love”, I insisted. He rolled his eyes and got back on track. I closed my eyes, and inhaled the aroma of the pine, and oak trees. In the distance I heard the sound of a swamp. I let out deep breaths one at a time. I open my eyes a little. WHAM! I smacked into a tree repelling and falling to the ground. The others looked at me with curiosity. Narro looking like he’s about to laugh, walks over and helps me up. “First lesson to becoming a warrior, be aware of your surroundings”, Plach whispered. I shot him a look and continued walking in front of them. They all shrugged and followed. I continued concentrating on the sound of the swamp. Walking around to what seemed to be like half a day, I stopped spotting something in the distance. The others stopped cautiously. I scanned over the distance, trying to make up the images. “Its two grown deer, both male, and they are fighting, and there is a little one too away from the fight”, I said. Narro and Varri took their bows out of their quivers and slowly walked closer to get a better shot. I watched with anticipation. They pulled back the bows and letting them. I tried to keep my eyes on the arrows but they moved to fast instantly hitting both the grown, male deer. I looked over to the little one. He seemed paralyzed from watching the blood shed. Varri stretched out his bow again aiming for the little one. “NO!” I screamed, “Do not hit the little one”. He put his bow down slowly. As he turned around he started glaring at me trying to make me scared of him, I assume. I glared back trying to change his mind. The silence lasted for a few seconds. He gave up and walked up to the scene of the bloodshed. Every one else followed including me. “I wonder how we are going to carry the deer”, I thought. All of a sudden Varri takes both of the deer and carries them on his shoulder. He is pretty strong! I have never seen someone who could carry that much weight on one shoulder! I look to the corner of my eye to see the little one still paralyzed. I slowly walked towards it. I come close to it and sit down. It is shivering so much like it’s vibrating. I slowly stroke its fur as it starts to calm down. Plach turns into my direction and smiles at me. I give a quick smile back and look around me. A few feet a way from me is a bush with red berries on it. Walking towards the bush, I keep an eye on the little deer. I picked the berries and sat back down near the deer. Then I heard bickering coming from Narro and Varri. They seemed to be arguing about the little deer. “We should have killed it!” Varri exclaims. “Akusa was right for not killing it!” Narro exclaimed. I feed the little deer the berries and motion it to follow. It stood up and followed me to the group. “He is going to stay with us”, I say pointing to the deer. I looked their faces. K’lara giving me a smile along with Plach and Narro, while Varri just stared at the ground. “I don’t see why we don’t kill it, we are Indians we deserve to kill it! He said looking at the deer. “But it deserves to live, we can’t go around shooting everything in sight with out thinking”, I answered. “I deserve to be leader of the warriors not this spineless fool!” He exclaimed. “You want to know why I am the leader… because I’m the opposite of you”. “If I’m spineless so be it, but I will always have a heart”, I replied. “Stop fighting you two”, Plach interrupted. I let out a deep breath and stroked the fur of the deer. “What should we name it?”, K’lara whispered. “It’s a girl so lets call it…” I said with a pause. “What about Chime?” she asked. I nodded in agreement. So it is now official the deer should be called Chime (not old language) I though to myself. As Plach started walking we followed with the deer. Soon we were back at the campsite and every one vanished and I was left with Chime. I stood facing the forest. “You do know that you still need to learn how to use a bow”, Plach said walking up to me. “Yeah I know”, I replied. “Meet me after dinner”, he said softly and walked away. I stood with Chime and watched the sky and the clouds flying by. I lay down on the hill still watching the sky. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw K’lara. She lay next to me on the hill and stared at the sky. “It’s a beautiful sight”, she said. I nodded. We stayed watching the sky with sun turn into the stars. I let out a deep breath and turned to see Chime sleeping. “Akusa… what is that?” she asked pointing to a man that was familiar to the one I saw earlier. I jumped up waking up Chime. The guy gave that same evil smile and walked closer and closer slowly. My heart started to race. He held a short spear from his black cloak. My heart pounding so fast… “Grab Chime and lets go find the others”, I commanded. She did as I told her and ran off with Chime. The guy still walking closer and closer… I couldn’t seem to move for some reason.
“Don’t try to move”,
the guy said. I ignored him. I have to get out of here. “Why can’t I move”,
I said struggling. “The girl was lucky for getting away or she would’ve died to”,
he replied. I hear feet stomping on the earth behind me. I look at the guy again.
He held up the short spear and was about to attack. “Akusa catch”, Lakota said of in the distance, throwing a spear.
My heart beat loud as the drums or the roaring sea! “It is time for you die”, the evil man whispered. He brought down the short spear with great force. In a split second
I caught spear that was thrown and struck the torso. It pierced in the man. It went deeper and deeper until I pulled it out. The man fell to his knees. “Prepare for a war you will never forgot”, he said faintly. He fell to the ground with a thud. I fell as well, on the ground next to him. I woke up to a nice morning in my bed with bandages all over my upper arm. I look towards the small kitchen finding Varri, Narro, and Plach cooking. Lakota walks over to my bedside. “Lay down, You need all the rest you can get” he said. I did as I was told. “I have missed judged you Akusa”, he said, “Please forgive me”. I nodded. He walked back into the kitchen. Plach then walked over to me. “ You were unconscious, that Jou-tail was very determined to kill u but likely u caught the spear in time”, he said looking at the floor. “ Before I fell unconscious he said ‘Prepare for a war you will never forget’”, I replied. Plach went big eyed and ran back to the kitchen whispering to the others. “Is that bad?” I asked sitting up. “Very”, answered Narro. “When the say something like that they don’t lie”. I stood up and picked up the old book I was given. Flipping through the pages, the others hover over me. I found a page that faded: The Fire Pit Wielders. I scan through it and shut the book. “Gather every one…NOW!” I commanded. They had puzzled looks on their faces. “Just do as a say, please, for the sake of our tribe”. “ Narro you go get every one, Plach gather them by my cabin, Varri gather the weapons. With no questions asked, they ran off out of the cabin. I walked slowly around the cabin. Grabbing a stone knife, A sharpened spear, and face paint; I sit down on the front stair leading into the cabin. Taking the stone knife I slowly cut the my pant legs into shorts. Taking the paint I carefully paint a design on my face. I stood up with the spear in one hand I watch the sun set. Many feet and whispering off in the distances, I take a deep breath and watch the band of warrior approach. “As I read in the book”, I started. “The Jou-tails will attack tonight.” I hear gasps through out the crowd. “How do you know”, someone asked from the crowd. I paused a moment. “ As head warrior it is my job to tell you truth and only truth”, I answered. Every one rushed to get spears and face paint. “This is it, they attack soon, and we will be ready to protect out tribe” I yelled across the crowd of warriors. The crowd goes wild. I watch the sun come down slowly. The others watch too. The sun finally is down and… it begins, a huge flame bursts out over the trees. “LET IT BEGIN”, I shouted at the top of my lungs. The warriors run to sight. Screams of a familiar voice shout. My eyes widen and rush as fast as my legs could carry through the thick woods that separate us from the tribe. I make it passed the woods and into the scene where I heard the familiar scream. “TATON”, I yell even louder than I knew I could ever! “AKUSA! HELP ME!”, Taton replied. I scan the area… all I saw was the enemy and the warriors battling it out. I see him in the distance. I ran swinging my spear around me to a position. Their in front of me was an enemy holding Taton. The enemy had its back towards me. I rush up a pushed the spear into the enemies heart. I swiftly take it out and he falls to the ground. “Akusa, you saved me”, Taton said with tears in his eyes.
“ What happened Taton? ” said Akusa.
“ They kidnapped me.” He said between sobes.
“thee attach..”
I feel warm blood as I give my brother a hug. Than I see the enemy with a dart shooter. Then I began to give chase to him. He was trying to have me catch him, when the next thing I see him flung up by a tarp of are hunters.

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