The Boy with the Red Tie

February 7, 2011
Kyle was fearless. Kyle could do anything. Kyle was not just a secret super hero, but also a high school student. His fellow classmates knew him as Kyle, but no one knew his secret identity, and that was “The Boy with the Red Tie”, or Red Tie for short. Like most traumas that he found himself involved in, he often faced the same issues being in high school. Everyday involved courage. He secretly did things that actually saved lives. At school he stepped between fist fights just to keep someone from getting hurt. He would carry an injured child on the playground to the school nurse. Not only did Kyle need courage, but he also needed skill in both areas of his life. He used his skill at school to dodge bullying comments and glide past the slow people in the halls when he was trying to get to class on time. Kyle used both of these traits amidst the worst situations. Being a super hero, he needed the courage and skill in order to rescue suffering teenagers, burning high schools and broken Ipods.
Even though Kyle was a super hero who was famed for taking on the scariest of situations, there was also another area that people considered him to be a “life saver”. One of Kyle’s biggest traits as a hero was strength- God’s strength. Kyle was blessed with God’s strength. He could almost lay a hand on a shoulder and have that person saved. Kyle was not just a super hero who could perform amazing stunts to save teens, but he also managed to bring people to God. Kyle, or “Red Tie”, could do almost anything God let him.
Kyle wasn’t respected. The thing about being a secret super hero was that no one knew he was the infamous “Red Tie”. No one at school respected Kyle as a person because no one knew he had saved numerous lives. Kyle knew that all these peoples hearts could be changed. He began to pray daily that people would be more respectful.

2 weeks later....
It was Monday morning when Kyle walked into school. God had been speaking to him. God had told Kyle that today, he would have to save a life physically and spiritually. Just as he was thinking this Kyle walked past Katia, the girl of his dreams. Katia would never date him. She would if she knew that he was Red Tie, but not just plain old Kyle. And Katia wasn’t a Christian. She thought Kyle’s attempts at trying to get teenagers saved was down right prude. Kyle’s heart dropped to his feet as he watched Katia give him no more than a second glance. Today was going to be a heck of a day, especially since he knew the red tie would be put on.
During fourth period Kyle sat with his friends in the science lab. They joked around just like any other group of high school guys. Kyle’s friend, Jake, snapped his head up. Jake announced that he smelled something burning. The rest of the group also began to notice. They all shook their heads in agreement. The boys didn’t think anything of it. After a few minutes had past the smell got stronger, and with that the fire alarm blared. Elementary. middle, and high school students were told to evacuate the building. Kyle knew he should do something. As the students watched firemen crawl in and out of the burning building, a fireman shouted in his walkie-talkie that there was still a student- a girl- caught in the burning school. Kyle wasn’t sure what to do. He heard God encouraging him to go back inside, and put another before himself. Kyle bit his lip and tried to fight the urge to become Red Tie. Then Kyle heard the cry. This wasn’t just a cry of someone caught in a burning building. This was a cry of a girl who needed to meet Christ for the first time. Now he couldn’t take it. He had to do it. Kyle didn’t know who this girl was but that didn't matter. He needed to save a life.

Once Kyle had transformed into Red Tie, he entered the building. He navigated through the burning beams and found a helpless body curled up. The girl heard Red Tie’s footsteps and snapped her neck in his direction. She saw Red Tie saving her life. He saw the love of his life laying helplessly before him. It was Katia. Red Tie knelt down next to her and asked if she was okay. She snapped at him, asking if being caught in a burning school seemed okay. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to ask if she knew Christ. She stared at him, her eyes blank and her face expressionless. She then began to sob. Red Tie couldn’t help but cry also. He knew that she wanted to know God, but no one would introduce her to Him. Through her tears she told Red Tie that secretly she admired his love for God, then she asked if Red Tie could pray for her. Amongst the burning remnants of the school, Red Tie laid his hand on her shoulder and asked God to save her. When Red Tie heard a loud creak behind him, he scooped up Katia and evacuated. They emerged from the fire, covered in ash and drenched with the Holy Spirit. Everyone found them and asked if they were okay. Firemen were checking for wounds, but miraculously there were absolutely none. Kyle’s eyes welled with tears as he proclaimed that Katia had accepted Jesus into her heart. Then with much thought, he also revealed that not only was he Red Tie, but he was also the same Kyle that everyone bullied in the hallways. Every student gasped. No one could believe that they even tried to bully him to the point of madness. Not only had Kyle won Katia’s love, but gained the respect of his school mates. Kyle truly was a warrior of God, using all his courage, skill, strength, respect, selflessness, and love to lead someone down Christ’ path.

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WillowFalls This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 9:10 am
Awwww, this is really sweet! Good job!
MidnightFire said...
Feb. 8, 2011 at 6:41 pm
AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! :) i l-o-v-e loved it :)
xxHelloKittyxx replied...
Feb. 8, 2011 at 7:04 pm
thanks so much!
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