Checkmate Ch.4 Feelings Fly

February 2, 2011
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I walk all the way through the night till early morning. Finally I come to the bridge the pawn spoke of.There is a sign that says bridge Kicaje. It appears to not have been used in quite some time but I dont have time to worry about that now while Nena is in there hands this is my only way to get to her. I make my way slowly over each board. They creak with every step but i swiflty cover half the distance. I hear the sound of footsteps behind me.

Its the black pawn I let live from earlier.
BP-"I want to help you."
He comes to the bridge and starts to make his way out.
R-"Really? Well any help is appreciated if that is your true motive."
BP-"Yes i assure you. You spared my life and now i owe it to you."
R-"Alright then let us keep on our way."
I turn around to see a Black knight and towerman standing at the other end of the bridge.
R-"Oh no."
BK-"Thats right this is the end of the line for you. Raise your arrow and kill him."
The Black towerman strings his arrow and aims it at me.
BK-"Oh and by the way I thought you might like to know your queen is safe...for now haha.Now kill him!"
The towerman releases his arrow and i fear this could be it for me.
The Black pawn grabs a hold of me and spins us. The arrow strikes him in the back. He clings to me.
R-"No what have you done?"
BP-"I... owed this... to you."
R-"No you didnt."
BK-"What a fool he was. He didnt deserve to live."
BT-"I cant get a clear shot on him now with that idiot in the way."
BK-"Well do something."
BT-"Wait i'vegot an idea."

The towerman shifts the next arrow to the right. He fires and i brace myself for it but it passes me and slices through the right ropes holding the bridge. The right side of the bridge collapses. As i fall i hold on with my left hand and grab the pawn with my other. He fires another arrow and the left side is cut. The whole bridge flies down towards the side of the cliff. We smash hard into the rocks and i can barely hold on. My grip is slowly failing me.

BP-"You must let me go. You cant possibly bring us both up."
R-"No I will find a way. We will both come out of this alive."
He loosens his grip on my hand.
BP-"I have repaid my debt to you. Now you have an obligation to your queen."
R-"No dont do this i promise you I will get you out of this."
BP-"I'm sorry. This is how it must be."
He lets go of my hand and i can no longer hold his on my own. The black pawn falls to the canyon floor.
R-"Thank you...friend. Your sacrifice will not be in vain."
Just then i feel the bridge loosen on one half. They must be cutting the bridge loose. I swing to the side just as they cut the last rope. I jump and grab onto the canyon wall. I begin to climb up the wall. As i near the top, my body aches from smashing into the wall. I barely get myself up and over the top. I roll onto the ground exhausted.
BK-"Well well, we were beggining to think you might actually be dead."
R-"Can you guys....just give me a minute to... catch my breath."
BK-"Oh sure why not its the least we can do right?"
BT-"Yeah thats true."
BK-"I mean its only fair."
He kicks me in the side away from the canyon edge.
BK-"But then again who ever said i was fair."
BT-"Also very true haha."

I dont expect to get any kind of break in this fight. Im in no condition to beat them both but i have no choice really. You never know what can happen to tip the odds. I get up only to take an uppercut to the jaw. I take multiple punches until the towerman wants in. He takes his bow and knocks me first in the side of the mouth and then in the back of my legs. I fall to the ground spitting blood. He comes behind me and puts his bow over my head. The strings tightens on my neck as he pulls back. I gasp for air as my throat closes.
T-"Decease now!"
The Black king stands in front of us with three knights around him.
T-"I am the Black king Thead. Release him."
The bow loosens around my neck and he throws me to the side as he removes it. I look over and one of the knights is holding Nenavass.
R-"Let her go!"
He throws her towards me and i catch her in my arms. We both stand at the edge of the cliff.
T-"Its finally time to end this war so i can claim the land of Red Time. But enough banter i was never much into meaningless words. You know what to do."
The black knights approach me. They slice at me with there swords i dodge one and then the next. Then the third knight kicks but its not aimed at me. He kicks Nenavess and she falls off the edge.
T-"Will you save her or your own life?"

I dont even need to think about it. Immediatley i jump and grab her hand. I bring her close to me and hold tight.
R-"Dont worry were together."
I hold her close and can hear her heartbeat. I feel are heartbeats moving together as though they were one. Suddenly they grow much louder and we appear to stop falling.
N-"Redwan were...flying!"
The faint sound of hearts beating has grown into a the wild beating of wings in the air. I open my eyes and look to the sides to see two wings coming from my body. Were hovering right above the ground.
R-"Because with you anything is possible and when i'm with you... I feel like im flying."
We soar across the canyon floor.
R-"Its time to end this with king Thead"
N-"No Redwan please your in no condition to fight."
R-'But if not now then when?"
N-"Listen the king believes us to be dead. We can take our time now and come up with a plan to catch him by surprise."
R-"Thats true but that means if we come across any enemy on the way we will have to kill them to keep our element of surprise."
N-"Well we will cross that bridge when we come to it."

We come out of the canyon and are back in the woodlands. I glide to the ground and set her softly on the ground.
R-"I'll fly up and look around."
I try to spread my wings and take to the skies but as i let her go my wings disappear.
R-"What the..?"
N-"Its alright its better that they dont see us anyway."
R-"Yeah I guess your right."

We sit down next to the same tree that brought us so much comfort the day before.
R-"I thought i had lost you."
N-"I just woke up and was surrounded by soldiers. I tried to call your name by they grabbed me to fast."
R-"I'm so sorry its all my fault. I'll never leave you again."
N-"You promise?"
She lays her head on my shoulder and i put my arm around her.
R-"I promise you I'll never leave your side."
N-"That sounds nic...."
She falls asleep from exhaustion. I hold her in my arms not wanting to take my eyes off her for a second. Her breathing is what keeps me alive and without it I dont know what I would do. So here we are. Laying together in peace for the time being and i wouldnt have it any other way.

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