Checkmate Ch.3 Rock Hard Realization

February 2, 2011
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I wake up to find Nena sleeping soundly against my chest. Finally shes not in danger and we can just rest in peace for awhile.Her head rises and falls with each breath I take. I stroke her long black hair and wish we could just stay like this forever. The sun slowly shines through the trees and illuminates her radiant skin. What i wouldnt give to freeze her in time to stay so peaceful.

N-"What are you thinking about?"
R-"Oh nothin just....wait your awake?"
N-"Of course you didnt think you could wake up before me did you?"
R-"Well, I guess not.(I lean down and kiss her) How did you sleep?"
N-"Good, I slept good.So are you ready to get going?"
R-"No not yet lets just enjoy this for a little while. We dont get much down time for just us."
She lays her head back down.
N-"No, no we dont. Its nice. Hey remember when you used you write me those poems?"
N-"Would you tell me one now?"
R-"Hmm i suppose i could try, lets see now. Two lovers journey, through harshest land. Against all odds, they make there stand. She has the beauty, he has the charm. He vowed to her, she would meet no harm. Never knowing where, the wind will lead. To mother natures warning, they try and take heed. With thier love to guide them, the fighting will soon cease. Then they can be together, forever in peace.
How was that?"
I look down and she has fallen back to sleep. I gentely lift her head up and move out from under it. I lay her back down. I think its time for me to go do some training with these new powers. I decide to go up on one side of the canyon to practice. From up there i should be able to keep an eye on Nena. I look back and she is sleeping soundly. Should be ok for a little while.

I begin my climb up the north side of the canyon. Around the other side there is a more gentle incline that could be hiked up but i want to climb. I've always loved climbing since i was a child and was always pretty good at it too. I dont know why i like it so much i mean its not easy. Maybe its the rush I get on the way up trying to find that next hand or foothold before my others lose there grip. Or maybe how i feel like im on top of the world when i finally reach the highest point i can get to. All i know is that once im up there i can live. I finally reach the top and take in the amazing view.

BP-"How you likin that view there."
R-"Oh great."
I turn around to see three Black pawns staring at me.
BP-"You dont seem happy to see us."
R-"Oh no dont take my lack of excitement as a sign of disappointment its just... i mean you guys show up so often its not really like a special occasion anymore ya know."
R-"I'm sorry guys. You just gotta admit when the magic is gone ya know.Maybe we could do something to spice it up like uhg."
The first pawns gives a sharp jab to my side.
R-"Ooh good one ya caught me off gaurd there. See you guys winning for once could be that thing we need to bring back that spark we had.Ahg."
The second pawn kicks me in the back of the leg and i kneel down off balance.
R-"Well now lets not take it to far it will lose the sense of a challenge. Besides i was thinking more like this."
I stand up and throw a right hook at the third pawn. He blocks it and lands a strong uppercut to my stomach. I fall to my hands coughing.
R-"Alright thats it no more nice guy."
I throw my back right leg out and catch the first pawn in the chest sending him flying back. But before i can get to my feet fully, the second pawn slides over and kicks me in the air. The third pawn spins and kicks me in the air towards the edge of the cliff. I skid along the ground for a few feet and stop just before the end. The first pawn is up and walks towards me. He unhooks a small blunt object from his belt. Then as he presses a button it comes out to reveal a long staff.
BP-"Its finally time you got what you deserved peasant."
He swings the staff on the ground towards me and i barely jump off the ground with a back hand spring. But he spins around and the other end of his staff catches my legs sending me back to the dirt. Whats happening to me? Why cant I fight?
R-"Your gonna regret that."
I get up and aim my hand towards him expecting lightning or fire to come out but nothing happens.
BP-"Oh whats wrong your powers all gone? Too bad."
He sticks his staff in the ground and jumps in the air. With one leg he hits the back of my legs and the other leg hit me square in the chest sending me into a back flip landing hard on the ground. Now I start to panic i seem to only have my basic fighting skills which isnt going to match up against three pawns. I need my powers but there not coming to me and i dont know why.

I have to try though. I get off the ground again and summon up any strength i have.
BP-"Oh you wanna keep going? Good."
He smirks.
R-"You laugh like your actually winning but this is hardly a fair fight. Its three on one."
BP-"Fine then they'll stay back its just me and you."
R-"Yeah but you still have a staff."
BP-"You really think im stupid dont you?"
R-"Well i was hopin."
He leg sweeps my legs and then swipes his staff down towards me. I roll to the side and place one leg on top of the staff. I kick him in the head with the other foot and he stumbles back. I pick up the staff and give three quick jabs to the stomach, chest, then throat.
The first Black pawn hits the ground clutching his neck and i turn to the other to with staff in hand.
BP-"Oh yeah."
They both run at me. I strike the with the staff but the second pawn knocks it to the ground and rolls to the side. The third pawns runs up the staff and lands a heel to my chin. I drop the staff and take two steps back before second pawn comes around with a double kick to my ribs. I hit the ground rolling.
BP-"You didnt think it would be that easy did you?"
R-"Well I ..Ahh!"
The third pawns snaps the staff against the side of my head and blood flies from my mouth. The second one slides on the ground and kicks me back to the edge of the cliff. My head just barely goes off the edge.
BP-"Aww and to think he wont get to say goodbye to his precious queen before he dies."
I tilt my head so i can look out over the edge and what i see brings tears to my eyes. Nena is no longer under the tree. I grow angry.
R-"Where is she?"
BP-"Whats it matter your dead any way?"
R-"I said where is she!"
BP-"Shut up im sick of you."
He places the end of the staff underneath my chin. I grip it with both hands but am to close to the edge to have any leverage to push against.
BP-"Your just one little shove away from losing it all.How does that make you feel?"

What can i do i feel so powerless. I cant do anything to stop them and now they've got Nena. I have to do something, but what. My tears stream burning down my face now. They seem to be being absorbed into the ground though. Suddenly i feel the ground shift.
BP-"What was that?"
BP-"I dont know."
The ground beneath turns to almost like mud and in a quick second im gone into the earth.
BP-"Where the heck did he go?"
BP-"I have no idea. You should have killed him when you had the chance."
BP-"All well lets just get out of here and tell the king he's dead."
BP-"Sounds good to me. What about number one?"
BP-"Leave him lets go."
They turn to leave. I erupt out of the ground right in front of them.
R-"Leaving so soon."
BP-"Oh? Of course not lets finish this."
BP-"Ok did you not just see him pop out of the ground like a spring flower lets go."
BP-"Shut up i'm ending this."
He comes at me with his staff and i slip back underground. I appear right behind him but just as i go to kick the third pawn the second one kicks me from behind. I hit the ground breathing hard on hands and knees.
BP-"Even with his powers hes still got nothing."
R-"I'm gonna give you one more chance to tell me where she is."
BP-"And im gonna have to answer with this."
He goes to kick my side. Just then the ground comes up and enraps over my body. I still have my form im just covered in hard rock. As his kick lands i dont even feel it. But he does."
BP-"Ahh what the?"
I stand up and the second pawn backs away. The third continues to barrage me with his staff but the blows do nothing to my hard exterior.
In one swipe i reach up and catch the staff in my hand. I grip and snap it in half. I grab the pawn by his neck and lift him in the air. I hold him over the edge of the canyon.
R-"Now. Where is she?"
BP-"You'll get nothing from me you freak."
He spits in my face and I just drop him back on the ground not willing to give in to my anger. I start to walk away.
BP-"You'll never find her and even if you do she'll be dead already. Not like it matters she never really loved you anyway. Your chasing a dead dream."

I can feel the cold sweat dripping down my face in my rocky armor. I stomp the ground so hard that it sends a quake through the ground back to the pawn. The ground crumbles from underneath him and he falls to the ground far below. The second pawn witnessing this runs away. I thrust the top part of my body forward and the rock flys off towards the pawn. It storms into him knocking him to the ground. I walk up and place my heavy foot on his chest.
BP-"I dont know anything please dont hurt me."
R-"Where have they taken her?"
BP-"I swear i dont know anything."
I place my foot over his head.
R-"Tell me where they took her."
Her looks up and quakes in fear.
BP-"Ok ok... i think i heard them talking about taking her to the top of this canyon but on the southern side opposite of here."
R-"How do i get across?"
BP-"If i tell you there gonna kill me?"
I shake my foot and some dust falls on his face.
R-"You think your chances are much better here?"
BP-"Ok there is a bridge about halfway down the canyon that you can probably cross."
R-"Thank you and dont worry they wont find out you told me anything. The rocks all fall away from me onto him unharmed."
BP-" you."
I walk away with the sun setting in front of me to get back the love of my life.

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