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January 31, 2011
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a kid named Joe. He was a typical kid. He liked video games he loved the dirt and he always wanted something every time he would go somewhere. But in the mix of everything he had one fear, he was terribly afraid of rollercoaster’s. But one day he wanted to face his fear to try and get over it. So for his birthday he wanted to go to an amusement park and ride a rollercoaster.
Him and his family went to an amusement park called adventure land to ride the rollercoaster that he said he would never go on. The tornado, it goes around and around up and down and it had 18 loopty loops, it was the scariest rollercoaster in the park but he decided he wanted to do it.
He got in line and started to panic but he thought to himself I am already here and I’m going to ride it. But he was still panicking as he saw the rollercoaster going extremely fast into and out of tunnels and loopty loops, he also hated that everybody was screaming.
He finally made it up to the front of the line and suddenly the gates opened. He was not ready at all but he knew that he couldn’t back out of it now. He. Got buckled in and the employee said are you ready everybody but him yelled yeah as the rollercoaster took off.
Up in the air over hills but it aint over yet he said, it’s just the beginning. As he went through tunnels and loopty loops he closed his eyes saying
“its almost over its almost over,”
But yet it wasn’t over. Then he heard a distinct voice from the radio installed in the roller coaster cars.
The voice said “are you ready for the big finally”
he said “what big finally” under his breath.

He thought and thought again but he could not think of what the “big finally” was. And then it hit him he remembered the big loopty loop inside of the tunnel! He started shaking again as they got closer and closer to the tunnel with the dreaded loopty loop in it.

He closed his eyes,
Saying “no, no, no” over and over again.
He opened his eyes and it was darker than the night without a moon.
“Am I dead or did I go in the tunnel” he said.
He had to be in the tunnel cause his heart just felt like it was in his throat. As the coaster went through the loop his heart got higher and higher, it felt like it would never stop.
“Ahhhhh” he screamed
As he started to see daylight. Now it was almost over he said. The coaster exited the tunnel and started to slow down
“whew” he said
“I thought it would never stop”
He closed his eyes in relief of it being over.
Finally he opened his eyes as the roller coaster came to a halt
“wow I faced my fear ,” he said
shaking tremendously.
“But I never want to go on it again.”
at least he could say he’s done it. He told his family about how scary it was and he is never doing it again.
In the end after he got home he thought about how much fun the tornado was he decided to try out others because if he rode the scariest rollercoaster in adventure land he could ride any rollercoaster in the park.

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