Two Goons and T.P.

January 31, 2011
By Shadow13125 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Shadow13125 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Once upon a time, there were three goons who like to hunt. Then one morning they went out. The fight of their life was coming to them. They just did not know. It was a coming so terrible that they couldn’t avoid it. They still manage to avoid it though.

There were three hillbillies named Steve, Luke, and T.P. The initials for T.P. will not be reveled for manners unknown. But, these three live in the woods in the middle of no where, with their smoking hot hunnies. Except for T.P., his dad scarred him for life. Anyway, these three get up real early and get ready to go hunting. The forecaster said “Nice weather in these here neck of the woods.”

So the boys jump for joy. Yippee. The plans aren’t ruined. They drive clear out to this lake in the middle of these woods. They decide to go duck hunting. So as there out on the lake. They here a storm a brewin’, but being goons they did not mind much at all, after all they lived in the midst of know where. This storm happened to come in such a peaceful manner. The rain drops felt like velvet against the skin. Since these fellas were in a blind. They did not get real wet.

“Pa, the forecaster said we would have goon weather,” Luke groaned.

“AH,Shut up Luke,” Steve hollers back. “It will pass in good time.”

“O.K. Pa.”

“You know what,” T.P. adds, “I had a dream that I had one dem dere nice wives.”

“Hush it T.P.” Luke states snobishly

“I also dreamed that I was the best rat killer in the cabin.”

“Your not good at any thing, you can not even catch a cold”

“Thanks Luke.”

“Look,” Steve hollers excitedly. “The ducks are a coming.”

As the duck get closer the guys wait. And wait. And wait. They just kept gettin’ closer and closer. Until, Boom!!! All the guns go off like a bag of firecrackers. All of the goons felt proud of them selves for shooting out in the first bunch of ducks. So they decide to call it quits when........ “Clap, Bang” Thunder came, louder than ever.

“OK, it is time to go.”

“Yes sir,” both Luke and T.P. Replied.

So they wade out into the water and star collecting the duck decoys. After they gather all the decoys, they organize them perfectly into the boat. Before they take off they notice that the boat motor was not working. So they try to fix in and just could not.

“I have a suggestion,” T.P. states.

“Not now,” Steve and Luke both scream frustrated, “You can not do anything.”

“OK, whatever.”

So as Steve and Luke both get out of the boat to use the restroom in the rain T.P. takes a look at the motor. After all he may have not been the brightest, but he did know that the boat had to be put in neutral before the motor would turn on. So when Luke and Steve both came back they congratulated T.P. on his success and they never under-mind T.P. again. Then they all lived for happily ever after, and yes T.P. got his own smokin’ hot wife.

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