Snowy Car Crash

January 26, 2011
By , City, MN
Jerry Frederickson- Optimist

Driving down Highway 22, I was happy that the work day was done. As I headed to the club to play basketball with some buddies, the traffic became worse as the snow came down harder. I began to contemplate the big game coming up tonight to decide college football’s champion. They were discussing it on the radio and the two talk show hosts were arguing about who would win. As they began to get more in depth about it, I began to get more upset with one of the host’s views on one of my favorite teams. He was saying that they stood little chance because their defense was very weak. I on the other hand feel our defense is very strong, so they more he talked the more upset I became because I was very optimistic about our chances of winning. Every point he would make I would yell back at the radio, thinking he might hear me. Then suddenly one time after looking down at the radio I looked up at the road and saw a car sliding out of control at the car in front of me. The car in front of me slammed on its brakes and I slammed on mine. I slid out of control in every which way, praying that I would not run into anyone. Suddenly the car in front of me slammed into the other car and I barely bumped a car as I came to a stop. More cars from each side slammed into each other. I was happy that I was okay and after seeing everything I knew and hoped there would be no serious injuries.
Tom Brindle- Construction Worker

As I sat in my seat, I was frustrated with the driver that had gotten out of control and in general mad at people who are just terrible drivers. I sat in a bit of shock making sure everything was okay. I then slowly took off my seta belt and opened the door of my car. I stepped out and almost slipped and quickly realized how slippery it was out. I went to my back seat and put my gloves on so I could walk around and help people. As I walked around to all the cars, I counted about ten cars that had made contact with other cars. As I walked around to the other cars, there were no serious injuries, but there were two cars stuck in a ditch. The ditch had about five feet of snow in it and looked like anyone trying to get through it would simply sink into it. I then noticed a mom and her little kid struggling to get out of the car. I quickly headed down the ditch to help them out. As I headed down to the ditch, I sunk into the snow, but continued knowing they needed my help. Every step I took I sunk into the snow even more, with the snow going into my boots and pants. I had been just working all day at the construction site and was very cold from that, but these people obviously needed my help. As I got to the car, their door was stuck shut because the car had sunk into the snow and the snow was keeping it from opening. I pulled with all my strength, but the door would not budge.
Sam Donaldson- Teenager

As I walked around in the snow, I became more and more upset with the cold weather because I had forgotten my jacket at home. My mom kept yelling at me because she had told me to grab it, but I told her I would be fine in my sweatshirt. Luckily for my mom her car had not been hit, but every car around us had and we were stuck in the road. The day was getting darker and you could hear the ambulances coming from miles away on their way to help. As I looked around to see what all the other people were doing, I noticed a man in a ditch trying to open a door of a car stuck. I thought that I should probably go help him, but I didn’t really feel like moving and it wasn’t my problem to deal with. As I was looking over there my mom noticed me looking over there and began to yell at me to go help the man out. I reluctantly agreed and began to walk over there with my feet dragging behind me. As I walked up to the man, he didn’t notice me behind him and he was pulling with all his strength to shake the door open. I softly asked if he needed any help and he looked at me and instructed me to try to move some snow out of the way of the door. I helped him do this and after a couple more tries, we were able to get the door open. I felt happy because I was able to help the lady and her kid out. Just as we walked away the police were arriving to clear up the road of the mess.

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