Chilling and Thrilling Ride

January 27, 2011
By Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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It was a chilly November morning. Snowflakes where spread out all over the ground. Glistening in the grass. The clouds where circling the bright blue sky. A small brown bird flew over to a tree branch where its nest lay. The leaves on the trees started to disappear slowly. Red brick buildings where surrounding the city. Cars where tiptoeing down the roads. Delaware was a busy city until mysterious things started happening. A young woman named Jenna Marka was sitting quietly in her lonely brick house.

“Ugh.” Jenna mumbled to herself.

Jenna is a local detective in the city of Delaware. She hadn’t solved a mystery in a while so she stayed home most days. Jenna decided that she needed to get some fresh air. So she went on a walk. While on the walk Jenna was thinking about everything that has happened in the past few months. People keep disappearing and the police keep finding dead bodies.

“What is going on?” Jenna thought to herself.

Jenna snapped out of her thoughts and saw that her friend Lily was walking towards her with crystal like tears running down her face.

“Oh Jenna, please help me I can’t find Bobby! He is probably terrified!” Lily cried.

“Lily it is okay. I thought I saw him run into the candy store just check there! How about we meet for coffee later?” Jenna questioned.

“Oh thank you! Yes coffee sounds great! noon?” Lily wondered.

“Sounds good!” Jenna smiled.

Lily took off over to the candy store. Jenna decided to go home and rest before she went out to get coffee with Lily. When Jenna arrived home she hung her jacket on the rusty hook and shut the door. Jenna sat down in her leather chair and found that there was a voicemail on her cell phone.

“Hello Jenna, it is Sheriff Johnson. I was wondering if you could come to my office and help me figure out what happened to Mrs. Raff. Just give me a call back. Thanks.” Sheriff Johnson explained.

Jenna pressed end and closed her cell phone. She walked into the kitchen and found that there was a small note on her birdhouse outside.
Jenna grabbed her coat and walked out to the beat up wooden birdhouse. She picked up the cold note.

“What the heck is this?” Jenna asked herself quietly.

She opened the note and saw that it said, “Ha, I know you are trying oh so hard to figure out what is going on but my dear stop trying! I know what is going on and I will give you a hint not everyone can be trusted! – M.” Jenna had no clue what to think! So she ran back into her house and tried to comprehend what was going on! “M, not everyone can be trusted, and stop trying?” Jenna mumbled to herself.

Why does this have to be so hard why can’t someone just tell me who is behind all this and writing me these notes.” Jenna screamed to herself.

Jenna walked down to Sheriff Johnson’s office and walked right through the fingerprinted glass doors. She decided not to share the note with him. While walking in she saw Mike a friend of hers standing by a desk.

“Hey Mike, what are you doing here?” Jenna asked.

“Sheriff Johnson wants to see me soon.” Mike replied.
Jenna nodded and stormed right into Sheriff Johnson’s office. To her surprise he wasn’t there. Jenna saw a small piece of paper on his desk. It was some sort of address. Jenna picked the paper up and grabbed a pen. She wrote the address on her hand and walked out of the office. When she got outside she noticed that it was almost noon. So she walked down to the coffee shop and ordered a latte. She waited for Lily and finally she showed up with tears running down her face and shaking her head.
“Lily what is wrong?” Jenna quietly whispered.

“Bobby wasn’t in the candy store, I have looked everywhere for him and he is nowhere to be found!” Lily sobbed.
Let’s go back to my house and call in some help.” Jenna replied.

The bill came to the table and Jenna noticed a little sheet of paper in it. She opened it up and it said, “Ha, so you see I know where the boy is and this time I will give you a hint. Go to the address that is written on your hand and that should help you plenty. But don’t tell anyone about me! - Love M.” Jenna was shocked, how was this happening? Jenna and Lily walked back to Jenna’s house.
“Okay I know exactly who to call in he used to be my old boyfriend and he is a great detective!” Jenna smiled.
“Sounds good!” Lily laughed.
Jenna picked up her cell phone and dialed his number to her surprise he didn’t answer. She was so disappointed. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door. Jenna was hoping it wasn’t someone coming to deliver another note. But to her surprise it was her old boyfriend. Detective Rocky.

“How did you know?” Jenna asked.

“Well whenever anyone calls for help it sends a signal to my office and I get right on it.” Detective Rocky smiled.

Jenna introduced Detective Rocky to Lily and then she told them where they should look first. The three of them took off toward the address on Jenna’s hand. When they arrived they found that it was an abandoned gray creepy building and it had an awkward smell like death.
“Let’s go!” Jenna bravely announced.

They all ran into the building they checked every room. But found nothing except for chairs and desks. Finally they came upon a room all light up. Jenna looked over on the wall and found another note that said, “X marks the spot! -M.”

“Get your butts back in that seat! I might just have to kill you if you don’t! Haha.” A mysterious voice screamed behind the door.

Jenna looked at Detective Rocky. Detective Rocky counted to there and then kicked down the door, as he prepared to aim the gun at whatever lay ahead.

The room smelled of saw dust swirling in the air. Three wooden chairs lined up against the red brick wall. In the first chair was a young woman with bleach blond hair; she had a terrifying look on her face. The other two chairs held two young boys, one with blond hair and the other with brown hair. It was Bobby; they both looked frightened. Jenna searched the room and in the other corner of the room stood…. Sheriff Johnson with a glare in dark eyes and a smirk on his face and a rope in his hands!

“Omg! I can’t believe you! Whoever was writing me those notes was right!” Jenna cried.
“Jenna not everybody is perfect, it’s too late you can’t stop me!” Sheriff Johnson mocked.
“Whatever, we can’t!” Jenna laughed.

Jenna jumped up onto Sheriff Johnson’s back and covered up his eyes until his head bounced off the brick wall and he fell unconscious. She snatched the rope out of his grip and tied his hands up with the rope.
“My baby boy!” Lily cried.

Lily grabbed Bobby; while he squeezed her tightly.

“Oh Bobby I missed you so much! I thought you disappeared forever.” Lily told Bobby holding him tightly.

“ I missed you too mommy. Now can we go home? That mad man didn’t let me sleep very much!” Bobby asked.

“Of course darling.” Lily smiled.

Lily and her son walked out of the dark building. The young woman that was tied up with the other children, grabbed the blond haired child and ran out of the building. Jenna and Detective Rocky picked up the Sheriff Johnson’s hefty body and carried to the jail. They told the head officer the bizarre story of what happened. The head officer put the Sheriff behind bars. Jenna thanked him and then walked Detective Rocky home.

“Thanks for your help Detective.” Jenna laughed.

“Anytime, maybe we can talk sometime.”
“Sounds good!” Jenna replied.
Jenna waved goodbye and was on her way home. When she got home she found that there was something lying in her mailbox. It read, “A job well done! -M” Jenna smiled and plopped herself down on her leather brown chair. There was a knock on the door.

“Hello.” Jenna greeted as she opened the door.
“Hey Jenna, I just want you to know that I think you are beautiful and will you go out with me?” Detective Rocky pleaded.
“Yes I will.” Jenna replied as she ran up and kissed him.

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