Finalizing Darkness: First 3,000 words.

January 24, 2011
Chapter 1: The Shadows Appear

It was a normal day. It was just a plain old normal day in the USA, until some ultimately shocking news broke out. 1/3 of the entire U.S.A (the east part to be exact.) had just vanished. Well, not exactly vanished, but shrouded in a dark, immense, endless fog. There was only one thing that was above it. It was a face, one of indescribable horror. It was… the mark of a very dark and horrific being. The president called in his top secret, supernatural case solving family, the Invenire. As the family went out for their mission, the president kept his fingers crossed, and hoped for the best. “Lora, I need you to penetrate this threat.” said the head of Homeland Security. “We need to know what kind of threat we’re facing, and it’s not military or biological. When it comes to the supernatural, you and your family are the best we’ve got. “Don’t worry sir, we will get to the bottom of this.” replied Lora. “The helicopter is waiting for you and your family outside. Gather anything you might need to take. You have one hour before departure.” said the head in a worrying voice. Meanwhile, in the heart of Pennsylvania, a man was standing in what seemed the heart of the storm. “My power grows with every passing moment. Soon, I will be able to release all of my hatred and pain, and take control of the world! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

The Invenire family’s helicopter was over the drop zone. “I hope you’re ready for this, kid!” said Tom to his two sons, Michael and Steven. “We know this is going to be tough, but we know what not to forget”. “5 minutes till drop!” said the helicopter pilot. “OK guys, it’s go time.” The Spes family had entered the fog, and was horrified by what the saw. They had seen many horrors in their past, but none like this. It seemed like the storm was growing, changing, into one giant weapon. The family parachuted into the area, and everything was gone. They weren’t on earth anymore. They had entered the nightmare of death. “Where are we?” asked Steven. “I don’t know.” replied Michael. “But what I do know, is that if we don’t stop this horror, there won’t be a place on heaven or earth safe for mankind.” The family walked through what used to be a suburban area in Pennsylvania, and they didn’t know what to think. “This isn’t earth anymore.” said Lora. “Someone made this disaster, and we have to find this person before they take over the entire human race.” They searched for any civilians, and found only one man. A man at was seemed at age 34. He said he lost his family, and was alone. That was only the beginning of his deception.

The man led the Invenire family to what seemed like a shrine. But, before they did anything else, the 34 year old man uttered just three words, “Revenge is mine”. Suddenly, the family was tied to wooden poles with dark tentacles from the dark idol. The man kept true to his word that he lost his family, but not in the darkness. He and his family had been accused of many dark rituals, blamed for many of the disappearances in town, and hated by everyone. Most of the residents had plotted that they would finally kill him and his family. He got away, but not his wife and kids. So he unleashed the darkness, laughing at all the people that made him suffer, as they suffered. He finally got revenge, and he planned to get revenge on the entire U.S. The Invenires knew one thing; they had to stop this madman. The Spes family had finally broken free from the dark tentacles, and was ready to take the man in. “If you do this, you’ll only be destroying yourself!” replied Tom. “I don’t care what happens! I want revenge on those who put me through my misery.” replied the mystery man. “My name is no longer Goober Penutfitz; my name is now Death, Destroyer of Worlds MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” “Your name is Goober Penutfitz?!” asked Steven. “Oh, dude, that is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard! Oh man, your parents must have been idiots!” “Shut Up!” replied Goober angrily. “It’s time to send you to depths of your worst nightmares!”

It felt like the dark fog was spreading, growing even. The ground started crumbling beneath them. The darkness was going to swallow the entire U.S. the family tried to rush the man doing this, but darkness had shielded him. He, unfortunately, had become one with the fog. In one word, he could obliterate the U.S., and everything in it. “I have all the power to control the universe! No one can stop me now! All the Invenire had were some very high powered flashlights. Then, they had an idea. Thankfully, they had some smoke pellets leftover form their dark ninja case. So they made a quick diversion, while one of the kids set up multiple mirrors and lenses. Then, all the Spes focused their flashlight on the lenses, bouncing off the mirrors. It weakened the man, but it wasn’t enough. Before the man left in a shroud of darkness he uttered the words, “all bringers of light shall pay.” The shadows left the area, but the people living there didn’t return. But the shadows weren’t gone for good. They had moved, half way across the country to be exact. The next mark appeared above Iowa. The Invenire had tried to get there in time to save the families, but it was too late.

Chapter 2: What Goes Bump in the Night?

The Invenire family yet again jumped into the danger zone. But, they also witnessed what happened to the innocent people that lived all in the area. Goober had set up a dark vision window, for the Spes to see for their torture. “Now, see the fate of all who appose me!” said Goober through the darkness. Many people just faded into darkness, never to be seen again. Others, survived, but were trapped inside the dark idol. The rest became servants of the dark, relentlessly searching for souls to capture. “You madman!” said Tom angrily. “How could you put all those innocent people through the torture that they’re in!?” replied Lora. “I had warned them not to mess in the matters my family and I were in, and now you shall meet your doom, like all the other insignificant insects!” said Goober “We have to stop this before it reaches the white house” Said the mother. “But how?” questioned the son. The darkness was being emitted from the idol. They knew the only way to free the people and save the world were to destroy that idol. “How are we going to get rid of that giant hunk of rock?” questioned Michael. “Oh I just remembered something!” said Steven excitedly. “I still have and extra stick of dynamite from out West Ghost case!” “Good. However you’re going to have to time your throw.” said Tom. “You only have one shot, so you have to make it count.” They found the man that had deceived them, waiting for them to return. “Well, well, well” said the dark man. “I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.” “Why do you want to destroy us?” said the father. “Because you took everything that meant to me!” replied the man. “It was on that night that you killed my family!” “I was the one trying to stop the riot!” replied the father. “NO! I will destroy you, and all the ones who dare appose me!” replied the man in anger. “Is the stick lit?” asked Lora. “The dynamite is ready.” replied Steven. “OK. 3, 2, 1 … here we go.” He launched the dynamite to the idol, and right when it was in front of it, the stick exploded. “Yes!” However, the smoke revealed what had happened. “What!?” exclaimed Michael. The idol didn’t move, not even a scratch. “Let me tell you about the game I play: in order to destroy the idol, you have to destroy me!” replied Goober “Dark forces of evil destroy this pathetic family and all others like them!! MWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The family was sucked into the idol, along with others like them. They had been trapped.

Chapter 3: Breaking out

“No! We’ve been trapped inside this idol!” said Lora worryingly. “Oh man, I think I might go nuts!” “Snap out of it Lora! This place is supposed to drive you insane!” said Tom after slapping Lora to calm her nerves. “Thanks; I needed that.” replied Lora. “How are we going to get out?” asked Michael. “I don’t know.” replied Tom. “Look!” said Steven. Above what seemed to be a totem pole, there were a series of golden words.

In The Nightmare Realm, the only way out is in. Face your worst fears, or be trapped forever in eternal torture!

“Well, we might as well.” said Michael. “Like we have another choice.” replied Steven. “Just remember, the door will be on the other side, but we will face these nightmares alone.” said Tom. “We accept the challenge!” cried Lora. Then, four dark doors opened. Each family member walked inside, ready to face the nightmares ahead. First was Tom, and his nightmare was the night of the riot. “No!” screamed Tom. “Wait, this isn’t real the door is the houses front entrance.” As Tom walked up to the door, a horrifying figure awaited him. “Hello Tom. Have you come to kill me?” said the past Goober guarding his family. “No! No, this can’t be happening!” said Tom in a panic. “AHHHHHH!” screamed Tom “The darkness is closing in on you, Tom. Soon you will fade into oblivion.” said Goober. Tom was starting to lose his mind. But, just when all was lost… “Dear God; please help me!” said Tom in a last cry. There was a flash of light, and Tom found him self back in Pennsylvania. “I’m alive!” said Tom happily. The rest of Tom’s family escaped easily. “Is everyone OK?” asked Lora. “Yeah, but I think we have bigger things to deal with.” replied Tom. “Then we had better get going.” said Steven. “I know, so let’s get moving.”

Chapter 4: Moving on

“Where do we go now?” asked Steven. “Well, in terms of the shadows travel route, I think that we should go directly to Alaska; since the land is rich in oil, know to me as dirty water.” “Man, adults have weird names for modern objects.” The Invenire family tried to escape the fog, again, but alas, they couldn’t escape. “Is this fog really endless?” “Apparently, bro. But, there has got to be a way out of here. You got any ideas dad?” “Wait. Did anyone notice that giant figure in the distance?” The figure was actually an oil well. “Wow. It looks like the idol transported us to Alaska.” The family stood in complete awe in where they were, and pondered how they got there. But that thought was soon interrupted. “So, you three got out.” “Goober! We know you’re here! Now get out and put your hands where we can see them!” “I have a better idea. Why don’t I blast you into oblivion, and take over the world!” Death then released fog from his hands, which seemed to chase after the Invenire. “Kids, run!” “Your mother’s right! Get out of here!” “No! If we go down, we go down as a family!” “Yeah! This isn’t what happened with Grandpa Alegri or Uncle Fredrick!” The fog began to choke and kill the family from the inside. Then, a helicopter came out of nowhere, along with the paramedics, to rescue the Invenire from the foggy prison. “We’ve got the Invenire! Now get us out of here!” The helicopter left Alaska, going to a hidden organization in Hawaii. “Hey, Tom. Wake up. You need to see this.” said Michael trying to wake up his father. “Ugh. Where am I?” “From what it appears, it seems that we’re in a top secret HQ in Hawaii.” “What makes you say that?” “There’s not black fog.” “Well, look who finally decided to wake up!” “Mr. President, Sir! Sorry, about the doze; be reminded that I was being chocked from the inside out.” “Back to the matter at hand. Mr. President, what’s the state of Goober’s fog?” “Well, the fog has spread as far as half of Kansas, and as far as we know, none have escaped. This epidemic is growing into a very troubling matter. I’ve already sent out a nationwide state of emergency. But, we may have found a way to get some inside information.” “How so, Mr. President?” “Well, we’ve discovered where Goober used to work, up until the untimely incident. According to our scientists and global researchers, Goober used to work for the Fujon Shuki Chemicals Company in Osaka, Japan. He was in the mental division that worked in the US, but quit out of mental loss and total insanity. That and we think that the chemicals he burned could’ve destroyed a majority of his sense matter in his brain.” “Wow. He went down harder than I thought. What happened then?” “We think that the fog is a bunch of underground chemical bombs filled with a mist made from the chemical that Goober was trying to, and may have, perfected.” “Then, how do we find out information from the inside?” “We’ve sent all of your resumes into the company database, and should get results in about three hours.” “Three hours?! How can you expect to get the resumes back in three hours?!” “Because the Japanese are geniuses, and they don’t hire based on accomplishments, they hire based on IQ. Be reminded that the average IQ of your family is 150.” “OK then. So our job is to spend about three months at the chemical institute, find any information, and possibly develop a cure?” “Exactly. However, you’ll have a shorter time than we had originally planned.” “Well, how much time will we have?” “You’ll only have one month before you lose full contact with HQ Honolulu. Which reminds me; your plane is here.” Then, the door that looked like a wall (like in all secret bases) opened to show an SR-71 Blackbird. “We’re taking a Blackbird?!” asked Tom “Yes; I mean it is the fastest thing that’s air legal above Japan.” Then, for some reason, Steven and Michaels eyes got really wide. “Steven; you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Oh yeah, Michael!” “Mach 9 flight speed!!” said the two brothers in overwhelming excitement. “Hey you two. No speed past Mach 7 without authorization first.” “Oh, go ahead and let them; they are the ones who saved me from that psycho ex-soldier.” “Oh yeah. When did you two learn how to shoot a Colt so accurately?” “Remember summer 2003?” “Oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhh.” “Well, you need to get going, and don’t forget your parachutes.” The family then boarded the Blackbird, sky bound for The Land of the Rising Sun.

Chapter 5: Samurai, Sushi, and Sumo… Oh my!

The Blackbird had finally gotten past China, after flying at Mach 9 for three hours and getting chased by Hungarian, Belgium, and French air resistance. “This SR-56 inbound to Osaka ready for drop off. We are beginning our slow down.” “Wait, do we have all our parachutes?” asked Lora in a shocked panic. “Don’t worry. I have all of them right here.” “Captain, we’re going too fast! We won’t be able to slow down to the appropriate speed!” “This is your captain speaking. All deploy passengers, please get to the bubble cannons and prepare for impact!” “Great! This is going to more fun than up front going Mach 11!” The family got into what seemed like gigantic tank tubes. “3…2…1. Fire.” The Invenire were then shot out of the cannon pods, but the speed of the Blackbird forced the family into the opposite direction. “We’re going the wrong way!” screamed Lora. “Don’t worry. Look where we’re heading!” The family was closing in on two enormous towers connected by a giant walkway. “Look, the Umeda Sky Building!” “Everyone, Michael and I have an idea! Get into a straight formation, and thrust to the left when we give the word!” “We’re going to rebound off the towers?! You’re insane!” “Maybe, but at least we’ll get to the chemicals company!” Using dangerously close precision and brute force the family rebounded off of the left side tower (and gave a few people a good scare.). “Sir, we have four projectiles incoming. They look non-hostile, and trajectory projectors suggest that they bounced off of the Umeda Sky Building without causing as much as a smudge on the glass.” said one of the scientists. “Then prepare the adhesion net. We need to catch them in case they harden.” “Are you sure? I mean the possibility of it actually being harmless is about” “Wait! Get a fix on the image. It looks like there’s something… or someone inside it! Quick, bust out the tractor beam!” “But sir, it’s still in the prototype stage!” “I don’t care!” The company roof suddenly opened to reveal a gigantic laser. “Dad, what is that?” asked Michael in a worried tone. “OH NO! They’re going to annihilate us!” “Fire tractor beam!” “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” There was a great flash of light, but the family’s expectations we’re somewhat slighted. “Huh? Why aren’t we dead?” “Look!” The family was getting closer to the Fujon Shuki Chemicals Company.” “Sir, the tractor beam is fully functional, and it seems like the things in the projectiles are the new family we hired.” The family closed in on the company’s heliport, and finally landed. “Ah. Konichiwa, Invenire family.” said the head chemist. “Hello Mr. Takamora. Nama Ste.” “Sir, two members of the family are children. Are you sure that you read the resumes right?” “Of course. In order to make sure of myself, I checked the children’s accomplishments, and they have done quite a lot for teenagers. Invenire family, if you would follow me, I will show you your work stations.” The Invenires went into the chemical company to get started on their part time jobs. “If you would look to your left, you will see that we have an institute that is for medical purposes, like cures for cancer that aren’t also life threatening.” “What chemicals are you using?” “So far, our most promising combination is potassium nitrate, frozen carbon, and salt!” “Salt?” “Yes. From our tests, it’s proving to be a great wound closer.” The family kept moving on to see the cleaning department, the acidic department, and finally, the department they were going to work in. “Here we are; the mental department!” “Wow! This place is huge!” “Of course! This is our largest and most important department. We create amnesia reversals, truth serums, and anything else that we can think of.” “We have a question to ask you about an old employee; Goober Penutfitz?” “Oh, he was one of my best workers. He was so happy. But one day, while he was working in the metal division, when he got a little too curious and started spending every day in there. He started working on a hypnosis serum. We had planned for it to be used to cure fears and other mental problems. Goober, however, wanted to use it as a weapon. After testing it on Osakan people, we finally sent him to work at his home in America; a permanent exile. After that, we lost contact, but from what we’ve seen from the strange happenings in America, we believe that Goober had perfected Serum X. What the effects of Serum X are, we only have theories, but we believe that, if turned into a gas, it can allow a person to take over the minds of many with only one cup. He was also in a department that he created in America: The Torture department. He supposedly went mad from the illegal chemicals he used, but we think he was successful in making the world’s most powerful hallucinogen. We’ve been able to collect some samples from some secret works in his office. From our experiments on mice and rats, its liquidated forms are highly toxic, but the gas has a very different side effect. We put the gas in an encased area with no ways of getting out, and the effects of it were sudden loss of consciousness, hypnotization, and in some cases, going into a total coma.” “Wait, did you say coma?” “Yes. Why?” “Give me some of the serum you found. Also, do you have any samples of his neuron serum?” “Yes. Do you have an idea?” ”I do, and I think that we’ll see the desired result.” said Tom. “OK, watch what happens when the two are combined in liquid form.” The liquid, after a few seconds, became as hard as rock. “What? It just hardened! How is that possible?” asked Mr. Takamora. “That explains the tentacles.” “But dad, what about the people disappearing right before our eyes?” “Michael’s right dad. That just can’t be possible.” “I only tested the liquid combo. Now, watch what happens when the two are combined and sprayed as a gas. I’m going to need two canisters and a bi-nozzle sprayer.” “Of course. Mr. Chonju, if you will.” Mr. Takamoras assistant went and brought back a sprayer from the storage room, as well as the canisters. “I hope it’s not too out of date.” “Don’t apologize. It’s perfect.” Tom screwed the canisters with the two serums into the sprayer, and sprayed it onto the titanium desk. The effects were soon revealed. “The table! It just melted! How?” babbled Mr. Chonju. “It seems that Goobers serums created a dangerous acid that could only form from the two chemicals mixing as a gas. The gas resonated with the materiel around it, and quickly hardened. However, it became so brittle that it broke anything and everything around the area within three miles deep.” “So that’s why the people vanished. They were being trapped in underground pits.” “Exactly Michael. Mr. Takamora, I can see that you know our true purpose now, but if you will let us stay and try to make a cure, we would be honored.” “Mr. Invenire, I’ve known ever since you arrived. Your headquarters called me before you got here. I would be honored to have such genius work here for a month.” “Then I guess we’re wasting time.” “Ha ha! I love this man!” “No problem.”

Chapter 6: The Chemical Conundrum

The Invenire family quickly went to the Combination department to try to find a cure for Goobers dangerous neurotoxin. “Mr. Invenire” “Call me Tom, Mr. Takamora.” “OK, Tom, we have all the technology required to make the cure. The problem is finding a counter to the acidic melting gas.” “Well, we need to get cold, liquefied CO2, some mercury, and liquefied uranium.” “Quick, get the required chemicals.” “Dad, why are you using a substance already so unstable, and making a liquid?” “If you remembered your chemistry exam, uranium has a density greater than that of lead. So, if combined with the other two substances…” “It will create unbreakable, quick drying super cement!” “Very good, Michael!” “Tom, allow me to get some studies on how quickly the mist will travel over the world. I may be able to find a way to reverse it and repair the damage that it caused.” “Very well, Lora. Michael, I need you to start finding antidotes to the toxin that the gas produces so that we can cure the people in the comas.” “You got it dad.” “Steven, gather any and all information on Goober you can find. Search the databanks, hack the system, even go into his toxic lair called a lab. I don’t care what you do, just get info fast!”

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