What a Ride

January 24, 2011
I inspected the tall poles reaching towards the clouds as they wiggled underneath my scrutinizing eyes, not to far from now I will be up as high as those poles. Here at the bottom, a greasy looking hick strapped me in to the seat. There wasn’t much to it. Just ten buckles and one safety bar. From far away the two poles looked like a mere small challenge, I can be shot up that high no problem. Now sitting here at the bottom I realized my mouth should have been sealed. How was I expected to sit here and wait for the launch?

Sweat rolls down the nape of my neck sending off a cool sensation. The once cool metal is now slipping between my airtight grip. My hands can feel every lump and every curve in the bar, even the chips in the bright yellow paint. The sun beating down on me is like a heat box in prison; and I know what got me in trouble. All of this was do to my big mouth, my sense of being a smart butt. Well I know things can’t get much worse.

A bright red sign stares me in the face and as I read the words “fries and hot dogs.” The smell wafts over my way and something strange happens. Nausea greets my stomach with a big squeeze on my inside. I quickly avert my eyes toward the cement till I realized the ground was moving. I can here my friend sitting next to me with her high pitched exited voice but the ringing in my ears is keeping me from hearing her words. Then suddenly I pass out.
What happened to the blue skies? I remember them they were pure blue and not just one cloud. There was even a green area for golfing. Hole number 14 was on my left and it had a big willow tree. Its branches swooped down to greet the earth. Its bark twisted upward in a strange way, almost like a helicopter ready for take off. Where did it go? Where is the fries and hotdog stand? Its bright red paint contrasted deeply with the white words. I felt like they were trying to sell coke with the colors and food with the words. Why did the world leave me? Where the h*** did that hick go?! Where is my family watching in the silver bleacher? Where is my best friend? She was sitting next to me, right next to me. I miss her.

Her blonde hair reaches down to brush her mid back. If you walk behind her you find your self envying the way it shines. Each time the sun hits it you want her hair more and more. She has bright blue eyes always filled with excitement. You find your self having a good time as soon as you see her look at you. Her face is angular with small freckles kissing her skin. When she does something she does it with grace and all of her heart. She won’t give up on something she sets her mind to no matter how difficult the subject may be. She is my better half and I need her more than anything.

When I look in the mirror I see dark brown hair with a round face. My eyes look sad and can never decide what color they truly want to be. Some freckles spot my face but they don’t kiss my skin. They lack the beauty that my friend has. As I look down I am average. I can’t complain about it because I feel all of this is a part of who I am. I am undecided in life and the things I do aren’t with grace and maybe aren’t even meant to be done. My body matches me and here body matches her. Why can’t I go back to the world now?

A bright light blinds me and I look to my left. As my eyes adjust a small yellow flag is blowing in the breeze; the number 14 largely printed in black lettering. Just a little ways away the large willow tree stands proudly. I had easily under sold it in my black vision. Its branches did not reach toward the ground but moved towards the sky with each breeze that came through. It looks as if it is hundreds of years old just waiting to come to life and tell you to dance with the color of the wind like in Pocahontas. The smell of hot dogs fills my senses again and makes my mouth water; I can dance with the wind later. It’s time now. I look to my right and right where I left her is my best friend.

She was sitting there just enjoying the breeze and the sun. I watched her look up at the poles and down and her buckles making sure everything is okay. Then she turns to me with a smile on her face.

“There you are sleepy head.” She said

“I’m so sorry I must have fallen asleep.”

“Oh no problem they had to fix the engine anyways.”

“Oh. Well after this let’s go run with the wind. I want to go crazy”
A voice clicks on the intercom and scares me half to death. I’m ready to go now.

“Five, Four, Three, Two, One, GO!”

Life can be unexpected and will take us on crazy rides but when I got off the ride I laughed. I can do anything now, no matter how crazy, just as long as I have my best friend right beside me.

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Macx14 said...
Jan. 27, 2011 at 6:37 am
Beautiful writing. What really sticks out to me is the imagery, it is obvious you worked very hard and I am here to tell you it has paid off. Wonderful!
Alexandria32 replied...
Jan. 27, 2011 at 12:03 pm
Thankyou so much. :) This writting actually went through 4 drafts and im happy to hear that it paid off.
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