Vamps like to BITE part 1

January 17, 2011
"Okay...the Phantom of the Opera?"

"Possibly, authors in the 1900's were more intelligent than they got credit for. The Phantom himself could have been an acquaintance of mine; fictional characters often portray our kind."

"Rhett Butler?"

"Never; too much spunk to be a Vampire. Any of us would have sucked Scarlet O'Hara dry before she left our sight--too annoying to be left alive. Rhett had patience, which we lack."


"Definitely. A sponge with fangs, the towns people would run in fear. He could hold massive pints of blood..until he coughed."

"Mr. stoic actually knows how to smile? I'm surprised."

"If it wasn't for our current situation, you might be pleasant. Procrastination will not save you from death."

"Tell me how you found me, then I'll talk."

"Obviously I had to track you, and not by scent. That prize you guard is truly useful. You weren't very original with your hide outs. After the third basement laboratory in London I knew I'd caught your trail; next time, sweep. When the coven sent me to find you I was distraught. I disagreed with their intentions. Creating werewolves, the very same breed we vanquished only decades ago, to do our dirty work was something I'd never support. You cannot control them. Our clan has tried repeatedly, and failed. But apparently, Dr. Jekyll, you have something that can discipline various beasts. Does it not resemble catnip? Its main ingredient being poison ivy? An itchy leaf to humans? What of the other elements Doctor? What chemicals proliferate the intoxication?"

"I must say, velvet does bring out those black eyes of yours Edgar. One large continent, one small fish, and you caught it. Or have you? May this light blind you."

"Teleportation? Is it possible?......"

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communicativedistractions said...
Jan. 25, 2011 at 6:01 pm
sorry about the "quotequote" things! I don't know how they got there! They SHOULD be quotations!
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