The Fighter, The Soldier, The grenade

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

"You want to go?" Matthew said. Blinded by the rain he started to push his much hated oppressor. It was about midday and no one was around. Years of boxing gave him the advantage. Within seconds Matthew was on top, smashing his fists into Michael Gardeners face.

"Stop!" Michael screamed as he took all the hits that insisted on being pounded into his bloodstained countenance. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! please stop hitting me!"

"This one's for making fun of me." Matthew explained, punching Gardeners face as he talked. "And this one's for tripping me in the halls." He kept his fists flying. "Don't you ever, EVER do ANYTHING to me again. Don't come near me and never talk to me again!" He spattered while Michael kept pleading for him to stop. But Matthew wouldn't he kept going until his opponent was knocked out, bleeding on the soaked grass. Then, when he was done he walked away feeling satisfied that his job was finished.

Matthew Flint had many fights like this. Often the rival would end up in the hospital with a concussion. As a contender he fought his way through middle school and throughout High school. He didn't want to hurt anybody, but every year he would get another tormentor and something inside him told him that he had to punish that person.

He never finished high school, but enlisted into the marines. There he found out how good of a soldier he was. Top of the class, best sharpshooter, greatest determination to win. The finest warrior there could be, he was it.

"GO GO GO! Hurry take that helicopter out!" shouted the captain. Explosions were setting off all around them. You could smell wisps of magnesium in the air. The Bangs and Booms were deafening. The Earth started to quake at the amount of bombs that were hitting it.

"Right away Captain" said a soldier as he pulled out a missile launcher. "Here goes nothing." He aimed at the helicopter made precise measurements and pulled the trigger. The missile flew into the air hitting its target. The pilot had no time to dodge the speeding rocket, the flying machine erupted into flames and plummeted to the Jungles green underbrush. There were cheers all around, but the battle wasn't over yet.

"Good shot Matthew but we still got a lot ahead of us." The captain was saying, "With how big that explosion was I estimate the enemy will send reinforcements any second now. Let's move." They began their hike towards the enemy base. It turned dark. Mosquitoes flew all around, biting them in places they didn't know they had. "Ok men we made good enough progress. Let's set up camp." exhaled the captain tiredly. The mosquitoes were even getting to him.

"Finally we get to warm ourselves by a nice fire." Simmons said.

"WHAT are you DOING?" yelled Matthew, "Put that fire out!" The captain was gone with half the men searching for possible routes to the enemy base. That left him, being second in command, in charge.

"Why?" Simmons asked

Responding to this, Matthew put his finger to his mouth while pointing to several areas in the sky where there were lights searching the ground.

"You see those?"

Simmons nodded

"Everyone of those lights is little probe helicopter, they're all searching for something. Do you know what that it?"

Simmons shook his head.

"That," said Matthew "is us."

Fear flooded Simmons eyes. He sprinted to the water and splashed it all over the fire until no flame nor smoke remained. He sat down. Fear still covered his countenance.

"Everyone, I want you to get some sleep there is a huge day ahead of us we all need to get some rest" Matthew said with tired eyes. "Tanner your first one on watch duty." He retired to his tent plopped onto the ground and pulled the sleeping bag over him.

He had a hard time getting to sleep. Tossing and Turning until finally he fell asleep, only to be woken up an hour later from a nightmare. Cold sweat filled the sleeping bag. He opened his eyes, blackness filled the tent. Dark as dark could be he, sat up wondering if the general was packed tight in his sleeping bag. He stood up, this made him dizzy so he laid back down. Something like fear filled his insides. As he edged on the cliff of sleep he heard a distant scream, several others followed. These screams were the voices of men, dying, one by one.

Morning came. The sun rose above the treetops rays shone down to the underbrush. On days like this one would think that all was well and how a good of day it was. But all was not well, and it certainly wasn't a good day. Matthew emerged from his green camouflaged tent, trotted over to the pile of daily rations and ate his portion for today. By the time he realized that utter silence filled the camp he already had his gear packed and was ready to move out.

Wonder filled his mind. How could no one be awake yet? wonder turned to fear as he considered the worse. He unzipped Simmons tent and entered. Relieved to find Simmons still there and asleep he started shaking him.

"Simmons, Wake up we have to move out. SIMMONS." He checked the pulse, there was no beat. Simmons was dead. Franticly and sadly he checked the other tents. Everyone was dead. He felt like a 14 year old kid again when people would make fun of him and laugh at him. He remembered how they used to steal things from him that he loved. Remembering these occasion an old fire erupted inside of him. He was going to fight his tormentor needed to be punished. He picked up a radio and tuned in to the HQ.

"I am the last man left," He explained, "Half of the men are dead and the captain and his men are nowhere to be seen. Though depressing how it is I will continue the mission and I WILL be successful." And he would.

The base loomed ahead of him. A huge dome like structure surrounded by a wall with an outpost at every corner. Only one way in and One way out. He made his way to the back of it and set up his grappling hook. Shot it at the top of the 1000 foot tall wall and flew upward at breakneck speed. He reached the top in a matter of seconds. No one was up there. he ran to the nearest outpost opened the trapdoor and descended the stairs.

Two rough burly men met him at the bottom. He knocked out the first one with one hit from his fist and shot down the next with a blow from his silenced pistol. He bolted down the metallic hall with a determination of a rocket trying to hit its target. At the end of the hall two more men and a video camera awaited him. He shot the camera and knocked out the two men. A door awaited him. He tried to open it but it was locked he needed a key card. He went back to the Guards and found one hidden in a pocket. Back to the door he placed the card in and opened, and to his surprise he found one of his oldest enemy's. Michael Gardener and an army of 50 men with guns all trained on Matthew.

"Hello Matthew Flint. Do you remember me?"

Matthew looked around the room for a way out or for a strategy that would enable him to beat the odds. "No, I don't who are you again?" He did actually know who it was but he was buying time.

"I am Michael Gardener. Do you remember me now?"

Still looking franticly for an escape plan he said, "Yes, I seem to remember someone named that."

"You beat me to a pulp, I was in a coma for three years. Three years of my life wasted because someone got oversensitive."

"Yea I seem to remember that. Look, a lot has changed since then..."

"Nevertheless, no matter the changes you have made, I am still going to take my revenge. Yes, I am going to kill you Matthew Flint, but first I will torture you." he said then in a commanding voice to his men he said, "unleash the surprise." A wall to the right of Matthew rose a light shown down on a figure who was gagged and sitting in a chair. That figure Matthew realized was his mother. His mother whom he loved above any other person.

"LET HER GO!" Matthew said. "Don't do anything to her."

"Let her go?" Michael laughs, "Now why would I do that."

"Because," Matthew pleaded, "because if you don't you are no better than I was to you." Michael looked a little softened by this, but then he hardened back up and was worse than before.

"Kill her." A trigger was pulled. A bullet sped out of a pistol. A loudness echoed the chamber. A scream was heard. A woman was killed

"No!" Matthew cried, he fell to the floor. "Why?"

"Why? because I want revenge This is the same thing you did to me. My mother killed herself after two years of my coma. A year later I was revived. That is why you must die even as I did."

A roar of fire burst in Matthews heart. His instincts took over. he took out his machine gun and open fired at Michael and his men, all of them were dead in a matter of minutes. Then, he through the gun down. He realized that this is not what his mother would have wanted. All his life she told him never to fight and to control the fire. He fell and cried for 30 minutes.

When all was said and done he remembered he had a mission to accomplish. So, quickly he set the nuclear charges and set out the way he came. When he was out he called for a helicopter to come pick him up. The helicopter arrived, he got in.

"The base is still there" said the pilot as he lifted the helicopter.

"No it's not" Matthew Flint pushed the red button on his control pad. The base obliterated with an explosion that could probably be heard for miles around, but Matthew didn't care. He would never hurt another human being for as long as he lived. He would be the most compassionate person in the world.

"You know the destruction of the base probably just one the war for us." The pilot said.

"I'm quitting the army" Matthew said, "As soon as I get my payment I'm retiring."

"heak, If we win the war they might give you a pension that would last as long as you live."

"I couldn't care less, I will never hurt anyone ever again."

"whatever you say man."

A month later they won the war. Matthew Flint had already collected his money and retired. He went outside his house to check the mail and there was two things. one was a pension with enough money for the rest of his life. The other, was a grenade with a pulled pin.
The End

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