Stupid Hero Chronicles: Melting

January 13, 2011
By the_suzinator BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
the_suzinator BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Having super natural powers sounds great right? Flight, strength, lasers; you know all the good ones. But ever thought of giving one that hurts more than it helps? I mean come on! Melting! Could it be any worse? It sounds all cool at first, but once you meet the heat, step over the sewer, or find out what it really means to be frozen on a winter day, you finally know what it’s like to be me, Professor Coagulate.

I was just in my lab, experimenting, when an earthquake suddenly decided to start. (Did it have to happen then?) I dropped my test tube on my white robe, which was perfectly white and pressed until this moment, when I just spilled on the ground…literally.

“This must be a dream,” I said to myself. I wanted to slap my face to wake me up but unfortunately, I didn’t have any hands. Do you know how weird it feels to have no limbs. No, of course you don’t. But anyways, at that moment a man, dressed in black…taped together clothes walked in. I wanted to take a better look, so I inched my way over when suddenly his big, probably size twelve and a half shoe, stepped on me.

Oh he was in for it now! NO one stepped on a professor. I squirmed up his leg and was reaching his waist when he suddenly broke into millions of pieces. At that moment I officially named him, Mr. Dispersion.

I quickly held tight to the pieces I still held of him and faced my biggest challenge yet, how can I defeat him while still melted? Mr. Dispersion then took hold of me and started pulling me apart from the rest of my puddle. I quickly looked around the room, frantically looking for the thing I needed. Then, just as I was being dragged away, I saw it. The vacuum. I know it may sound weird, a vacuum come on, but if dogs are scared of it, it must work. I quickly reached for the switch, got myself behind it, and turned it on. Mr. Dispersion was sucked into the vacuum. One problem down, one more to go. How do I return back to normal? Hum…

The author's comments:
I hope everyone has a laugh over my super hero power wish.

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