January 14, 2011
By FrostbiteMark SILVER, Lake Oswego, Oregon
FrostbiteMark SILVER, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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You know the shows on TV?
I don't watch TV.
Yeah, but you are aware that there is an invention called television. And, on this invention they show shows, right?
Did you see the size of that gun he fired at us? It was bigger than him.

Hesitant to grab it for the fear of a trap, he just stood there traumatized at what he has just found. Not even knowing how to get out of this labyrinth. He grabbed the golden idol.Heading to the open area hoping just a chance to get out of here, a rumbling sound came from above. Not wanting to know what it was he jumped on top of the pillars for a chance to get to the next area. Starting to topple over like a domino effect the pillar infront of him was already falling. So was he.

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Tresure is about a guy who falls into a pit while walking around an island. When he is there he finds a golden idol and try's to escape.

Tumbling to the ground he was slightly bruised and a few scrapes on his knees. There was no escape from this area it was meant so no one could ever steal their precious artifact. It's been here for at least five hundered years. The overgrown vine's all around him would be his only escape. Climbing up hte vin's he jumps to the ledge to his left making inch by inch to the side. The next ledge to the next open space was easily five feet away. Jumping with whatever strength he had he jumped to the ledge. Losing his grip on the lege he quickly swings his feet over hte ledge to get up.

The next room didn't look like it had any traps. There was light on the other side his last chance of making it to the other side. Running towards the light he heard a triggering sound. An arrow was heading right to him. He rolls getting out of sight of the arrow. There was only ten feet left. Jolting as fast as he could arrows flying behind him. Looking back he failed to notice the arrow infront of him. He got hit in the right shoulder. Screaming failure can not be this close to winning. Unable to move much faster he crawled out. Not one was hitting him. The trap was designed to hit the chest. He crawled out calling, and screaming for his freind to help him off the island. He now lives ona small island in the Bahamas. Living on the fortune he made that one day.

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