Slushie Adventures

January 12, 2011
By Lizziepuff GOLD, WonderLand, Virginia
Lizziepuff GOLD, WonderLand, Virginia
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The Adventures of Slushie

What has happened so far...

*Slushie, a blue eyed dog, is now with a new family.

Slushie is living in a new house in Washington D.C. with a mom, a dad, and two children. Their name is the Lopez family. The parents’ names are Jennifer and Marc. They have two kids and their names are Jolie and Matthew. Jolie is 8 years old and Matthew is 4. Slushie really likes this family because they are rich. He spends a lot of time with them, especially the kids. They buy him lots of cool dog toys. The backyard to the house is really big and that’s something that Slushie admires. The Lopez’s like to take Slushie out to play in front of the White House.

Even though Slushie enjoys this life he wants to follow his life long dream. He wants to travel the world. So Slushie decides to run away as he has previously. He took a bag of food and started his wonderful journey. He took a train, a plane, a fairy, and a subway and, he finally made it to New York.

In New York, Slushie found himself amazed at all the lights in Time Square. He saw a lot of people at night. It was filled with tourists and lots of shows. It was different from Washington D.C. In Washington, when they went out at night there where only business people out, but in New York it was filled with fun happy people.

Slushie spent the whole day sightseeing and watching all the people go by. At the end of the day he was very exhausted. He went through a dark alley that was pitch black and on the other side of the alley, there where dogs. Slushie slowly crept in silent as a mouse. He was about to turn back when out of no where a fox-dog type thing jumps out and screams, “Hey y’all looky looky. Look what the cat dragged in!”
Slushie was in shock at what he saw. It was an orange dog with white fur on its back. He was dirty and looked like he hadn’t had a shower in months. He had a heavy Southern accent. The orange dog had crooked teeth and a wild smirk on his face that said CRAZY!? “Um hi...” said Slushie.
“Where am I?”
“Why howdy partner. You’re in Dansville, well at least that’s what we dogs call it. Aint that right?”
Dogs started laughing wildly from everywhere.
“My name is Steve Anderson. What’s your name lil fella?” said Steve.
“Uh my name is Slushie. What is this place?” asked Slushie frightened.
“This is Dansville home of the dogs!” said Steve proudly.
“What dogs? I thought we where in New York?” said Slushie.
“Outside is New York. In here it’s Dansville. Come out fellas! Show the new pup who you are!”

To be continued….

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