What a day

January 11, 2011
Chairs were being thrown; Tables were tossed like they were nothing. Gangs started to form, one by one they fell. One had a bloody face from all the punches he had taken. Another had to be pulled out from a really bad beating. It all started in a Los Angles prison with a friend of mine who wanted to get this other inmate back for bringing him into the hell hole.
He snuck up behind him and grabbed him by the neck. He brought him down and started to throw punches. Then, with all the beef everyone had with everyone, a fight broke out. It started with two, then 5, then the whole cafeteria, finally it ended with the whole prison. I was involved because I had to protect my friend. Ya I mean I’m not the strongest person there and I haven’t been in a lot of fights as my friend but I will always have my friends back. He saved my a** a bunch of times before so I had to do something. About 15 minutes into the fight every guard on duty had to come in and control us. They threw gas, shot tazers, and rubber bullets at us, but that didn’t stop us at all. We turned our anger to the guards bringing them down brutally. Some of the guys were here for life, no matter what, so what did they have to lose? There were more convicts then there were them. We had the whole place on lockdown with everyone out of their cells and out “putting in work” as we call it.
Soon they had every LAPD police officer outside of the doors. After everyone had calmed down we started to plan how to get out of here. We knew about half of us had to stay but I knew I wasn’t going too; I was going to get out of here with whatever it takes. In a matter of five minuets my friend john and I was out. We were running for our lives. We both did not want to go back to that small cell with nothing to do all day. It was like being stranded on a tiny island with nothing around you. I hated that cell with my life. After john and I were in the clear we decided to make up a plan to get back with friends. We couldn’t go back to our family because first off they would turn us back in because that how great our families are.
While john was trying to figure things out, I was keeping a watch or any government officials. If we were caught we would be in prison for life or even worse. I looked back at john to see what he was doing and he broke into a car and found a cell phone and dialed a number. “Hey Coop we got Jimmy on the line.” A sign of relief came to me. Jimmy was a long time friend of us but when he got shot one day he left the gang and only talked to me and John. “He said to come on over to his house.” “Okay now we need something to get us there quicker because the cops are going to be looking for us all night.” I told John.
We were looking for something to ride on weather it’ll be in the back of a truck or on a bike, just something to get there faster. “I found something!” John yelled. I went running and it was a couple of bikes that were leaned against the side of the building. “Okay let’s take these for now and see how far we get.” We grabbed the bikes and headed down 7th street. Standing up and peddling as fast as we could, we reached a neighborhood where we herd sirens all around. I took a look behind us and there was a cop car right behind us. It was hurling toward us and we were frightened and had a little adrenaline rush in us. But all we could think of is that we couldn’t go back, at least not now. Before we knew it we were getting closer and closer to Jimmy’s crib and we were starting to lose the cops. “There’s a ramp up ahead!” John pointed out. I started to peddle harder and faster in order to make it. The ramp helped us cross a little river. I saw jump and he made it dead on, now it was my turn. I went faster and faster trying to build up speed and then I was off. The next thing u know I had made it was we both were away from the cops. Jimmy’s house was right there to. He lived in a very quiet place, but for us most times quiet were not good. We walked up to his house which was fairly large for a person like Jimmy. “Hey Coop is the door open?” “I don’t know why he would leave it open” John had told me. I walked up to the door and then I took a look inside. “John the whole place is trashed” and when I said trashed I meant broken glass everywhere. The furniture that was in the house was all over the place I didn’t know how this could happen. “What happened here?” John asked. “I don’t know I don’t know what went down in here.” To me and John it was a mystery for the both of us.

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