my life

January 10, 2011
By , Saint Louis Park, MN
My life all started at a far planet named mars. This planet was a rich and had a lots of trees. I was born on 100 BC; I lived with Thomas Jefferson, and sometimes chilled with Alexander the great. In my planet people would live until they choose to die, so I lived with many famous people. At the age of ten I was considered to be the best player in basketball, many collages offered me lots of scholarships to attend their schools. I was not an only sibling. I lived with twenty thousand brothers, and sisters. they were all actually robots. Our land was actually less populated then earth. Sometimes our people would come down to earth impersonating humans. George Washington was actually from mars, but he escaped and perused a whole new life as an earthling rather known as humans. He actually became the president and set earth to a straight path. I came down to earth at the age of two hundred and eighty four, many of my family members were disappointed that I left because simply our land was richer then theirs. Right after I left my home planet a civil war broke out between two leaders who chased after different values. So I had to go back to my planet and set things straight, many people say I was so strong I could lift a bull with one hand. So right when I went there, the two leaders feared my wrath and died on my presence. I was considered a hero in my hometown and they elected me, basically they forced me to become the leader so I can restore peace within our planet. I took the offer and they settled in and I became a living legend. I could never die, I had immortality. After I resigned from being a leader, I decided I should come back to earth and find a good career. And then it came to me I could play professional basketball since I was the best in my country. I decided not to show all my skills and just play like a human would. After playing hundreds of years of basketball I decided I should call it a quits and find a new one. Many of my friends came and went, since I had immortality I never died in my planet. The population increases because there are no death rates. So each thousands of years, we would call on a random person and send him to another planet. So he could impersonate their beings and bring it to our country so we could have different races in our planet. Our planet was considered to have the smartest people around, they had cures for cancer, and they had time machines, so they were way ahead of the human league.

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mikey said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 3:44 pm
wow... really creative
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