January 7, 2011
By Anonymous

One cold day in Brooklyn, New York. Everyday was in a rush. You heard a lot of traffic, and people arguing. It was like a regular day. It was a regular day until my cousin James got shot in a gang war. My cousin had been in a gang since his brother got jumped and killed from the dragon gang just went around and did whatever they wanted to do. James was the gang member of the snake gang. James was always wearing red; he was always sneaking out at night to hang with his gang. I started to think that’s his new family. I was concerned. I always tried to talk him out of being in that gang; he’s not ready to be in one. The stuff they hade my sixteen year old cousin doing was crazy.
One night, James sneaked out of the house. He was wearing all red, with a red bandanna over his mouth. At that moment, I knew something was going on. I was too tired to get up. It was 2:00 in the morning and I hade school morning, so I didn’t try to follow him. When I was in school I did not see James, and I started to worry. Then, in my last class, I just got a letter that my cousin got shot in a gang war. At first, I didn’t want to believe it, but a lot of people came up to me telling me my cousin James got shot. Right after school I went to a nearby hospital I asked if James was in and the lady at the desk told me that he didn’t make it. The funeral was a week later I didn’t go. I was too mad and hurt. The next day I was wondering who killed my cousin. I asked students in my school who had shot and killed my cousin, James. A lot of people said Kurt, from the dragon gang. I asked,” does he go to school? They said, “ no, he dropped out”.
At that point I wanted more’ information about Kurt. I wanted to know where he lived, where he hung out, what he did. I asked people from the snake gang, the gang James used to be in, they know anything about Kurt. They said they would show me where Kurt lived. They asked me if I wanted revenge for what Hurt did, and I said, ‘’yea”. They also asked I wanted to join their going, and I said ‘’no”. Since I now knew where Kurt lived, I spied on him. I always checked when he went home or left the house.

Then, one Saturday, I followed him to his hide out. It was during the nighttime, so no one could see me. I entered his hideout it looked empty. Nobody was around. I decided to go through the back door. I saw light, then, on the wall, I saw weapons, such as guns, bat, and swords I choose to pick one of the guns incase someone popped out. I walked further, then I heard a TV on, so I opened the door a little to see who was in there. I saw Kurt. Kurt was on a couch watching TV. So, I opened the door slowly, but the door was rusty, so it made noise. Kurt got up and saw me. He said, what one you doing here? How did you find me? I said, “don’t worry about that, I’m here because you killed my cousin James. ”Kurt ran towards me and just punched me. So, I punched buck and slammed him on the ground. Kurt looked helpless and I wanted revenge for what Kurt did to my cousin James. So, First I pulled out the gun I found and shot him in the leg so he wouldn’t get up. Kurt quickly pulled out a gun from his waist. Before he could react I just shot him in the chest. I checked If he was dead then I just left the hideout hide out so no one could know what happen. After everything I felt like I did what I hade to do.

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