The Fallen-Prologue

January 6, 2011
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It was foretold in the Book that those who are hidden among us would rise. A great battle would soon rage. Innocent people would perish. Women, children and men would all cry for mercy but for those of us actually from this world mercy would not come.
The story goes that in the city of Gold the war would consume the hearts of many. The golden pillars and bronze tower of Pure would crash to the ground. No one would survive. All would perish. No trees would grow, no water would flow, and no longer would beauty be known.
However, a page was ripped from the book, a page that would tell of how the battle would end.
The clock struck twelve as the creature crept his way through the corridors of The Toat Palace. Slowly, quietly he wormed his way through the darkness. Laughter filled the air and the creature leaped into the rafters and listened intently. The laughter got louder as two guards came into view.

“So I says to the gal I says ‘Hey beauty come o’er here for a little while and I’ll show you a good time’” Laughter emanated from the tall man who had spoken the words and he slapped the shorter man’s shoulder.

“What’d she say then?” Before the creature could hear what the ‘beauty’ said the guards turned a corner and walked out of sight. The creature listened for a half a minute more than slowly climbed his way onto the cold floor. He paused at the bottom of the pillar and listened once more before slinking his way to the Vault of Knowledge. He crept quietly, down a number of halls before turning and the Vault coming into view. He stopped and stared at the Vault door in awe.

“I’ve maaaade it.” He hissed. “I’m ffffinally here.” He leaned down slowly and reached out a charcoal-stained hand and gently touched the steel handle. He opened the vault cautiously, daring it to make one peep. It was dark except for one light shining. The light shone on a closed book in the middle of the dark room. The creature listened for any sound that someone was coming and when he heard nothing he slunk closer to the book. He stretched out his hand and gently traced a bony finger over the book’s spine.
“Ssssoooo dusssty.” He hissed. He blew the dust off quietly.
“Hey! You there!” A voice yelled behind him. “What are you doing?!” The creature cursed under his breath and quickly tore a page out of the book. He heard the person charge at him from behind and he ducked quickly throwing the man against the wall.
“Stop!” The man yelled. The creature hissed a hex under his breath and the guard fell asleep. The creature listened and could hear footsteps running down the corridor. He quickly leaped out of the vault and flew into the rafters watching them. One of the men, probably the leader, stepped into the vault.
“Butch! Butch wake up!” He yelled. The creature laughed inside. They must’ve found the man that had first attacked him. He didn’t stay to watch them find the missing page. He quickly stuffed the page into his pocket, slunk out of the corridors and out into the night. As he flew off into the night he grinned at the sounds of chaos behind him.

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Mango777 said...
Nov. 25, 2011 at 4:14 pm
This piece truly amazes me, Dei'Ja. It's the best I've ever seen from you.  It's utter pefection. :) I wish it would keep going cause I love it.
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