The Adventure in the land of Crayons

January 6, 2011
By Angola BRONZE, Evanston, Illinois
Angola BRONZE, Evanston, Illinois
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“OMG. I spilled water on the floor again,” I sighed.
As I was walking to the door to get out of my room, I fell into a hole that seemed to pop out of nowhere. As I expected to fall on a hard, cold, dirt ground, but I fell on a floor that felt like pillows. I closed my eyes and counted to ten, and began thinking I was going crazy and needed a time out. But I woke up to feel someone poking me on my side. I opened my eyes and found a small elf-like person who looked like one of my best friends, Guia.
“What’s up, visitor?” she yelled at me.
OMG. I must be going crazy because she is starting to talk just like Guia, I thought.
“Hellooo!? Good Morning!” she yelled, while snapping her fingers in front of my nose. “Anyway, hi, my name is Guia and this is the Land of the Crayons.”
I really must be going crazy, I began to think. I closed my eyes and counted to ten.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, —” I counted inside my head.
“Hello. I’m still in front of you!” said Guia.
“Why am I here, and what do you want from me?” I yelled.
“Well, the prophecy said that our great savior would fall from the world above and battle the Dark ones to free us from them,” Guia explained.
“Wait, who are the Dark ones and why are you’re telling me that I’m your savior—” I began.
“And princess, but the Dark ones are a group of Crayonions that drains the colors of this world. They hope that all the colors will vanish so that they can rule everyone because colors are the only things that can keep us alive, but their leader Cynthiana plans to do much more. Oh, before I forget Crayonions are creatures like me,” Guia interrupted.
“What?! Princess! I didn’t even finish middle school, and now I’m a princess?” I panicked.
“Sssshhhh. The Dark ones are approaching,” Guia whispered.
Guia grabbed me by the hand and started to run. I didn’t notice before but Guia has light pale blue skin with pink freckles. We ran into a small pink and purple mud house and there were even more Crayonions. Everyone looked at me and got on their knees and started to bow to me. I noticed that they looked like colors of the rainbow.
“All hail the Princess!” they all started to yell.
“I’m not your princess; I don’t even know why I’m here!” I said.
As I finished saying that, a group of radiant blue people burst though the door. Their skin glowed as they entered the mud house and gleamed as if the sun was beaming on them.
“Get on the floor, and no one gets hurt!” yelled a girl who looked like my friend Kebrea. I finally realized it was Cynthiana. She had calm but fierce hazel eyes that seemed to shine even in the darkest room. She had black hair that fell gracefully past her shoulders and she seemed to look like a movie star.
I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there.
“Didn’t I tell you to get on the ground?” Cynthiana asked.
I didn’t answer back because I was looking around the room to see if there were any ways I could escape out of. I found a window that was not too far away from me, so I started running towards the window and jumped out of the window. All that I could hear were gasps and then cheering. I also noticed that the house was gray and black instead of pink and purple. I looked around and I finally decided to run again. I ran on a yellow brick road and hold on a second here, where have I heard this before? I thought. I needed to get back to my world as soon as possible, but I couldn’t find the way out.
As I was running I could hear Cynthiana, who was yelling for me to come back right this minute. As I was running, I tripped over something. I got up and looked to see what tripped me. It was…a cell phone! I picked it up and I looked at it I pressed the call button and a beam of light shot up into the sky. Out of nowhere Kebrea and her evil minions popped out of nowhere and it appeared I was in a battle. I had a purple tunic, that replaced my graphic T-shirt, on top my skinny jeans and I was surrounded by Guia and other Crayonions. I heard a beep coming from the phone. I looked down and the phone was now asking me to enter the pass code. I entered my name but nothing happened.
“Elly, find a contact to text. And START TEXTING!!!!! ?” Guia yelled at me.
I started to text my friends Guia and Kebrea. I noticed the more that I texted the more the Dark Ones disappeared. As I finished texting, the Land of Crayons was even more colorful than how it began. As I looked around I saw that Cynthiana turned into a fairy.
“I am truly sorry, Princess Elyzandra. I just was bribed to become the leader of the Dark ones and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t escape.” Cynthiana blurted out loud.
“Apology accepted, Honorable Cynthiana.” I told her.

As I was about to hug her, I felt someone shaking me.
“Elly are you ok? You kind of zoned out!” someone yelled into my ear.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was in gym class.
“You got hit in the head in dodge ball and you fainted,” Ms. Hodges said.
“I did. But all I remember is coming into gym class.” I said.
Just as I said this, I saw Guia and Cynthiana peek out from the Gym’s entrance, motioning for me to come.

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